Full-Body Workout Using Only Dumbbells | 只用哑铃的全身训练

Full-Body Workout Using Only Dumbbells | 只用哑铃的全身训练

Hi everyone I am Bruce Lately there are many fans commenting What to do if unable to go to the gym and not feeling motivated doing workouts at home Actually gym is not the only place for effective training Your home is just as effective Today I am going to show you Using just a pair of dumbbell To do a full-body workout Dumbbell bench press A classic exercise for the chest When lowering the dumbbells, ensure the muscles fibers of your pecs are fully stretched Then contract when pressing the weight away from you The dumbbell chest fly is a single joint exercise When doing this exercise Your elbow and wrist joints should remain secured It is the best exercise for the chest with full range movements Effective in building the outer chest muscles One-arm dumbbell bent-over row A classic exercise for the back Effective for developing the upper latissimus dorsi Take note that your back must be fully straightened Lifting and lowering of the dumbbell must be in a straight line Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover A classic single joint exercise for the back Lock-out your elbow and wrist joints To effectively target the inner end of latissimus dorsi During the execution Lower to the point where your back is fully stretched Move backwards until the dumbbell is right above your upper chest Dumbbell press One of the best compound exercises for the shoulder Lower your weight until your shoulders are fully stretched Then contract when pressing the weight away from you Dumbbell side lateral raise Best exercise for the middle deltoid It also involves only one joint So we need to lock our elbow joint As well as our wrist joint Raise the dumbbells until it is parallel to your shoulders Dumbbell curls Classic exercise for the biceps In the process of lowering the dumbbells Ensure your biceps are fully extended downwards Before you contract and curl up Seated dumbbell triceps extension Classic exercise for the triceps When performing this exercise try to maintain stability of your body at the same time secure your upper arms Squat is the star exercise for legs We shall use dumbbells for more weight Place the dumbbell in front of your body Your body’s center of gravity should be at the heels when you squat down Your back remained straight Dumbbell forward lunge Classic movement for legs It develops your leg muscles at the same Also targets your hip muscles Maintain stability of the upper torse when performing this exercise Your legs should be approximately 90 degrees when lunging down Dumbbell crunch A more advanced crunch Feel the contraction of your upper abs when performing this exercise Be careful not to completely roll-up your upper body V-ups with weights Effective for the development of the lower abs Try to lock your knee joints during execution To allow only your abs to contract

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