Fried Salmon Patties and Tuna Cakes Recipes EASY | PLUS Sauce!

As you can tell about the date on this video This was filmed during the corona virus and
we’re all doing our part and staying self Quarantined and like you we’re going a little
bit stir-crazy Really, stir-crazy Great really started And we’re looking for something really good
to make that we might already have in our pantry or our freezer And so today we’re going to make Salmon patties and tuna patties and we’re
gonna make a special sauce That’s going to be very good. It’s gonna be very good. So let’s get started Welcome back to cooking with shotgun red and
I’m Sheila and I’m Jennifer just like you You’re probably at home being good and being
self quarantined, you know This pandemic going on and we’ve got things
that are stopped in our pantry in our fridge and you know We’re just trying to find things easy meals
that we can make for the family and that Can be stretched and that anybody if you got
these things in your cupboards or pantries you could pantries Everybody’s got a pantry now. I don’t know. What’s it like that closet. They won’t put it in. Yeah a Closet a shelf a cupboard, you know a fridge
with whatever you have Hopefully you have some of these ingredients
and you can make this at home Hey, if you love these recipes and you like
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to ring the bell and you will get notified each time that we come out with a new Recipe, but the first thing we’re gonna do
is make our special tartar sauce And we want to get this nice and chilled before
we make our salmon patties and our tuna patties So we’re gonna start off with some mayonnaise
and you’re gonna need about a half a cup of mayonnaise have any kind of mayonnaise? yeah, any kind of Managed you like and Then we’re gonna put some dill relish and
you’re gonna do equal parts to this so whenever you put in mayonnaise, you’re
gonna put the same with your dill relish and I’ve got all that measured out already. So you’re another half cup relish. Sheila’s gonna put some parsley. Yes We’re gonna put a teaspoon of parsley you Can use fresh if you have it, but if you don’t
you can use dry You know, we’re using what we have in our
cupboard and you’re gonna use a half a teaspoon of lemon Juice, if you don’t have any fresh lemon and
all you have is just a little bottle. That’s okay so ratings a half a teaspoon of lemon juice Half a teaspoon of pepper We have a half a teaspoon of just plain old Granulated sugar you be either use chopped
onion or we’re just going to use one teaspoon of onion powder, you know And we’re gonna mix all that together And so we’re gonna put this in the fridge
to get chilled and we’re gonna make our salmon patties and tuna patties You gotta your cover some saltine crackers You can use those and right now we’ve got
2/3 cup of salted crackers to go in this and she would just put them in A bag and crush them up. You can put them in a food processor Whatever is easiest for you, and we’re just
gonna start with that in the bowl Two-thirds cup and then we’re going to do Chopped green onions now. If you don’t have fresh green onions, you
can always use dried green onions And so we’re gonna do it. You would not cut those out. I know we’re gonna do two tablespoons of those So we’re gonna use about half that because
we’re gonna never have for our tuna patties So we got our salt and pepper, you know teaspoon
just 1/2 a teaspoon of salt 1/2 a teaspoon of pepper, right? Okay, so we’re gonna start with our salmon. Yes, and we have two cans right here of plus
1 egg. Pink salmon and there’s six ounce cans with
two of them or you get the big tall can whatever is easiest for you Also Add 1 Egg! Whatever you got in your pantry. Yes use whatever. You’ve got your pantry So and the thing is with salmon is you just
you know, some people eat the bones. We’re not eating the bones Yeah, some of the little bones that are in
there you can keep those in there but what you want to do is you just want to
gently peel this apart and Don’t get rid of the juice because we’re gonna
use the juice So you could just gently Put the pieces in there and pick it around
the bone. Yeah, just blank it out You just want to flake it out But you’ll see there’s a core right in the
middle and you just want to pop that core out and leave that core That’s the core bone part And sometimes there’s skin. It depends on what salmon you get so you just want to make sure you get most
of the skin off and Most of the big bigger bones the little bones
are not going to hurt you. They’re very soft And actually a lot of people will eat them
for like calcium they do so it’s fine and you know salmon is great I don’t bet you but I love salmon if it seems
a little dry You can take a little bit of that juice and
just pour that in there a little bit So that it gets nice and sticky what we’re gonna do is make sure that we have
these just separate the bowl because this will make about four good-sized patties and So I already kind of separate the bowl So I kind of know, you know So I can make them kind of even and I just
round them up You can now you can use an ice cream scoop
or whatever you want around I just use my hands I get em, I will get dirty. I mean also we already turned on our Heat on our stove back there to get that pan
warming up because we’re going to be putting it in the pan You got to be a little gingerly with these
because they tend to want to fall apart if if they don’t have enough moisture In them, so be careful So they don’t fall apart little onions want
to fall out and everything. It don’t look good. Mm-hmm And if you’re shy a little bit on one of the
other you can just add a little bit more and Pat it in there And we’re gonna do the same thing with the
tuna We started off with two tablespoons of olive
oil and one tablespoon of butter We already had the pan hot. So it’s going to start browning up. It’s going to take about three to four minutes per side Maybe a little longer and you may have to
flip them a couple times to get them browning up. It depends on your stove What you’re cooking on if you’re cooking with
gas or electric what kind of pan you know, some people use cast-iron skillets I’m just using this stone pan. I love the stone pan. My favorite pan. You could probably tell you loved that kind I do know that pan and will let that Brown
up and then we’ll flip them over Just getting nice Yeah, and you can tell because they flip over
really easy when they’re brown, you know They’re very easy to flip if they’ve been
if they’ve been face down long enough So you really want to make sure that first
side cooks, well, you know so that they hold together. They don’t fall apart on you Yes differently Just a little bit grayer in color, you know
as opposed to the pink Look at that doesn’t that look good? So we’re gonna let that cook for another Maybe two three minutes make sure it’s nice
and golden brown and then we’re gonna take it off the heat Well, this looks absolutely Oh my gosh, and the smell guys this is so
easy and it didn’t take very long maybe four five minutes Society exactly, you
know and Once it’s browned on the one side. It’s very easy. Just gingerly flip that over and let it brown
and that’s done and All right. I’m ready. So let’s try one. So we’re gonna try a salmon salmon cake Yes, our salmon salmon patty salmon cake I’ve heard called different things And one of the other and this is the tuna
and then the sauce and then you got a sauce there’s a song for you and I’ll take a sauce and I’m gonna try one of these delicious golden-brown
salmon cakes, and I’ll try one of these Well salmon patties and Santa cakes and Penny. Are they pretty much the same thing or anything? Yeah, and then tuna and Try it. Are you gonna try the tuna? Okay, I’ll take the Salmon, you take the tuna. Okay. We’ll try that first and see how this is This looks just delicious and it’s just so
nice and flaky you Dip it in our little special sauce. Oh Yeah, mm-hmm We’re gonna like this. Mm-hmm. This is delicious Well, I’m really good. You try the other one. Yeah, okay, that’s great Okay, so I’m gonna try the salmon now and
she’s gonna try the tuna. That’s really good Mm-hmm That one is really good no really good both
of them Wow Yeah. Oh Yeah, I think it would you like this. Yeah, I was like making sandwiches out of
things Yeah, you know that it would make a good sandwich. Yeah. Yeah, you can put a tomato on top Let us know I thought about that. That would be really good. Well Steve would say is this the best? salmon patties tuna patties if it ain’t it
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