Fitocracy – The Social Fitness Network

Fitocracy – The Social Fitness Network

Finding the motivation to get in shape can
be tough. You know it’s important, but life is busy
and that couch is so soft. Plus, with so many programs and methods out
there, just getting started can feel overwhelming! Truth is, there’s no one fitness plan that
suits everyone… but there is one fitness place that does! Welcome to Fitocracy, the health and fitness
social network that empowers you to succeed — from beginners needing guidance, to experienced
people wanting more. Fitocracy combines engaging workout routines
with addictive gamification elements that make fitness more fun. Earn points for your workouts, unlock achievements
and watch your progress as you level up past those bad habits
while enjoying encouragement from the best fitness community on the planet. And now we’re taking you even further with
Fitocracy Team Fitness: online, personal fitness groups led by the best coaches in
the world! You select a team based on your goals and
your coach creates a tailored nutrition and training program specific to you. They’ll tell you what to do, how to do it,
how often, and keep tabs on your progress. Schedule your workouts when it’s best for
you. Small group sizes and lots of online discussions
offer you plenty of access to your fitness pro, all for a fraction of one-on-one coaching
prices at the gym. Everyone has a goal. Fitocracy Team Fitness
can help you reach yours. Join us and discover your own personal formula
for long term fitness success!

7 thoughts on “Fitocracy – The Social Fitness Network

  1. this is cute! Though I agree, I would have liked to hear one of the staff members do the voice over. <3 fitocracy

  2. I want to like this since I've been a member since the early days but this is just stupid. Fitocracy is great but this video is dumb. If i weren't already a member it would not get me to join.

  3. I would like to point out that there is the free version and there is the paid version.  I have been doing it for free for over 2 years now and I have a group of people that all encourage eachother.  There are plenty of lay people able to help anything you need.  Just yesterday, I hit level 37 and it feels like a real accomplishment to get that high.

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