Do This! To Get a Shredded 6 Pack

Do This! To Get a Shredded 6 Pack

100 thoughts on “Do This! To Get a Shredded 6 Pack

  1. The more I trained myself more I am getting fat so my friend help me my height 5 feet 8 inch weight 84 ,
    ahh hope for the best comment

  2. Hi!I am new to your channel!But i really like your videos,they are very helpful and inspiring!I would like to ask you a question..Do you think that i should take rest days or no?…because i really want to get stronger but sometimes my muscles get really tired after 5 days of workout..😔So..i dont really know what to do..😅

  3. What is his current height and weight? And where can you find his measurements. He seems like he used to be think like me, I want to achieve his physique, his BMI. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. I would love a video of you explaining how to “regulate your breathing” I have been doing your workouts for 2 years and I get gassed super fast even though I have good endurance, I find myself almost holding my breath, can you explain how to maintain smooth breathing while in extremely tense positions?

  5. Hello Chris.If I have finished the whey protein, can I continue with the exercises without taking it or do I hope to buy it again?

  6. 70lbs lost since I found this channel. My abs are comming through and my physical appearance is insane compared to my 260lb fat body. It was hard as fuck to keep up with Chris 7 months ago, I can actually keep up with him now. It used to hurt me to complete these work outs, now I find myself starving to complete another workout… and another one. Thanks Chris, you changed my life my dude.

  7. Hey Chris Heria, I have an amazing idea in my opinion that you could you use in the future. My idea for you is a challenge for all of your subscribers! The challenge is that everyone starting at a certain day or time have 1 year to train calisthenics and a mix of other workouts to get to a certain skill level. Then by a certain day before the year is up, everyone has to send you videos of their physical transformations and where they are in skills with calisthenics. After, you and other judges choose multiple individuals that qualify for the next step. The next step is to have all the chosen individuals that were qualified to meet you at your gym to compete in the finals. Keep to note, there is only one winner. And the winner gets to be part of your team.

  8. 2 months ago I was seven percent body fat have not checked since but have been doing ab workouts and workouts for all other muscle groups since and eating healthy but I can’t even see a 4 pack can someone help I can’t get an answer anywhere pls help me

  9. All Chris heria fans are lazy, unhealthy, fat and sluggish. Look at the comments of people saying they can't do easy exercises Chris does!

  10. I like ur ways and trying and doing at home, but can you make a video to gain bigger muscle only with body weight like biceps, triceps, chest, wings, back, oblique… ill be waiting for it.

  11. Hello!
    I want ask why i can't turn around when i want do advance plance am i not strong enough?(sorry my english is not perfect)

  12. can u please a new video for fat burning for the ones who joined the gym but left it due to some in convenience but still want to get shredded

  13. Hey Chris, I use your app, fantastic!. I want to ask you one thing. Now I'm kinda fat, have around 26% body fat. I want to focus on the techniques and doing such stuff like pullups, pushup etc. because it is more fun and I like it however it is hard because of my weight. So should I focus on fat burn at the beginning?

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