Dmitry Klokov – World Weightlifting Championships 2015 / part 2

Dmitry Klokov – World Weightlifting Championships 2015 / part 2

Я помню, видел тебя в 1996 году, когда я только начал заниматься тяжёлой атлетикой и поехал смотреть первые соревнования И 5 месяцев назад после 20 лет в спорте я официально ушёл из профессионального спорта “Я знаю какого это” У меня было очень много твоих фотографий и плакатов с Олимпийских игр и ты был везде на рекламных досках “Знаешь, это был очень интересный опыт, потому что из ребенка я стал чемпионом мира по пауэрлифтинга, а потом и тяж.атлетики за 7 лет” “И за такой короткий промежуток я смог поднять 500 фунтов в общем, но сейчас,20 лет спустя, 500 для меня звучит как очень много” “Я люблю тяж.атлетику и всегда поддерживаю этот спорт” “Сейчас я уже 20 лет занимаюсь реслингом, и здесь карьера тоже подходит к концу” “Я был в 3 разных видах спорта и доволен своей карьерой” В чём отличие между американской и российской системами обучения тяж.атлетки? “Мне нравиться, что в России смотрят как играют дети и после оценивают какой спорт им подходит” “Нам нужно перенять эту философию в штатах” “В штатах же есть баскетбол, бейсбол, американский футбол, но ты выбираешь то ,что развито в твоей стране” “Но надеюсь, что будут люди, которые будут ‘снабжать’ олимпийские тренировочные базы талантами” Ты ещё любишь тяж.атлетику?
“Конечно, пока не окажусь на том свете, я буду любить этот спорт” Можешь пожелать что-нибудь людям, которые любят атлетику так же как ты и я, а так же те кто только начал заниматься ? “Для тех кто никогда не поднимал веса и не соревновался в этом, это то что позволит Вам избавиться от страха и почувствовать себя более полноценным” “Поэтому если Вы хотите быть бесстрашным и достичь чего-либо, занимайтесь тяжёлой атлетикой” Большое спасибо тебе! “As I expected US will do a great show with this championship, colorful and beautiful show and big audience” “Lots of emotions here and I’m on the edge, cause I wanted to lift on that platform too” “Our team is performing great and we take this world competition as qualification for Olympics to get quotes then we’re very successful” “I want to note great performance of Oleg Chen and new world champion Artem Okullov, you can feel that he has more reserves after 6 attempts” “We’re a little upset by Apti Aukhadov,but he has back issues” Do you think he lifted his maximum?
“I guess for today, taking into consideration his injuries he lifted max., cause I didn’t see any reserves there, but back injury is the reason” “But he didn’t give up and was fighting and luckily enough got the bronze with solid result in C&J” “I was fairly surprised by 94 kg category, cause we didn’t lift those weights at that weight” “And I think that first 3 athletes from today’s 105 category wouldn’t lift what some of 94 did ” “Today we’re cheering for Bedzhanyan and Ananyev and I guess they will have a good competition today ” “I didn’t get surprise by Kosov and was actually forecasting that he’d win in snatch” “And I was telling to guys here that he’d probably jerk 205 or 210, but he couldn’t lift 210” Do you think he was nervous “No,I don’t think so, I was already discussing that issue with Dima Lapikov ” “And I think that if his coach can’t teach him to jerk and he doesn’t progress then most probably they need someone else for a jerk” Who should teach him?
“We have lots of coaches in team,so I can’t name you the one” “We have tendency in national team that personal coaches are stuck to athletes and don’t let no one else give advises” “So, they need to allow more freedom so someone could improve his jerk” Well, he has lot of time in front of him anyways
“Of course,but it’d disappointing when he snatches that much and can’t compete for a gold” It recalls me of Mashkovetz,cause he was the last to snatch and first one to jerk
“Well, there’s plenty of athletes like this,Andrey Rybakov had the same issue,but then he improved C&J and won world championship” “Getz had a great performance in 77 kg and just came little short victory,but he’s very young and has a lot ahead of him” “Talking to many professionals here,they remarked that he’s a warrior and has a strong will and Olympian confidence in him” “He comes to weight and lifts it without any back thought” “And I always say on seminars and to my students that if you’re on a platform then you have to be confident in your lift” “Getz has no problem with confidence, so he need a little more time and medals of world and maybe even Olympics one will come to him” “We talked about Kosov in 94 and forgot to mention the highlight of belarusian athlete ” “Everyone thought that competition will be between Kazakhs,but he was able to ‘mix’ the cards” Are you aiming to mix someone’s card in near future?
“Only to you”
OK! Let’s prepare for watching 105 category
“Good luck!” Comment on what you saw “We had a discussion with you recently that Bedzhanyan will be major competitor, but it’s clear today that the best in snatch is Klokov” “Honestly,Kazakh and Uzbek athletes surprised me,but I guess we’ll see real competition in C&J” “I know that the most interesting will start now,cause I know that Bedzhanyan will be jerking a lot” Are your palms sweaty?
Touch the screen “Kazakhs and Uzbeks are surprising me and I guess Bedzhanyan should jerk 250 kg now to compensate for snatch” “Honestly, I thought that it’s going to be a piece of cake for David and everyone says that he was lifting a lot on trainings” Well,I guess you could perform here with your recent 170 snatch
“170 and 200 for C&J” How are Apti?
“Well,I’m cheering and got disappointed by snatch results” How much would they jerk in your opinion?
“Well,I thought they should snatch better, so…” When we talked recently you said that both were prepared well and when David hardly snatched 180 I had some doubts “Well,it depends on how you feel on the day of competition” How do you feel these 2 days?
How about going to 105? Dima,how does it feel to be a youtube star? You got more fans now after setting youtube channel, you didn’t have so many even when you were snatching 215 “I snatched 217 and biggest weight only when you were nearby and supporting me”
For sure “Those who commented that Dmitry Klokov is not sharing his charisma are wrong”
Well,they got too insolent Can you comment on your look and what are you wearing today? “I was waiting for this day to wear this national shirt for 7 days”
Is it Kaliningrad wear?
“No,they gave it to us before Olympics”
I know,just kidding Where did you meet that girl?
“She was sitting with you though and I just sat between you”
Why do you interrupt our relationships?
“Cause I swore to Grigoryevna that I will keep you away from temptations as you’re always away from home” “You can’t treat the bar like this” No comments My hands are exhausted “Hold it!” “He has 1 attempt yet, but bar doesn’t forgive bad treatment, so we’ll see 3rd attempt now” Nice job! Well done! Let’s see how kicked bar will answer him “Bar always answers the same, you can not disrespect equipment that makes beautiful and strong” He got up from bottom
“Use your legs” I won’t be surprised if he’d jerk 245 kg Well done, he was fighting hard “C&J brings victories, but you have to snatch enough weight too” “I feel empty now and ,of course, wanted Bedzhanyan to win,but you could see from first C&J attempt that something was wrong” Why did it happen?
I don’t know, but I knew that he wouldn’t make last attempt even though I had some hope inside When he was fighting at the bottom of squat jerk,did you believe that he’d make it?
“No,cause he usually doesn’t goes that low and it’s very difficult to get up from there” “But anyways it was a great competition and we congratulate new champion from Kazakhstan” Did you know about him?
“No, till now, but it means that when you have a great leader in the team like Ilya Ilyin there’s healthy competition” You need to lead our team in snatch
“Well, we’re leading them already by snatching 200 etc., so they’re following us” “As you can see all the flags there are of former USSR countries like Kazakhstan,Latvia,Armenia etc.” “I wish us all to be united and all of the political issues should be solved on platforms,boxing rings etc.” Do you have any questions to me or Berestov, maybe we should compete on Klokov Power Weekend?
“Why not?” How does it feel to be a star,Dmitry?
“I don’t know, I just know that it’s a good feeling when you get recognized” “It’s interesting though that there’s no such thing in Russia as here,we don’t get recognized that much at home,so it’s a food for thought” Apti is still eating fries,are you moving to 94 or 105? It was a disappointing day today “David didn’t get much in snatch and had to compensate in C&J, but didn’t succeed, even though he was close” You told me that he was in great shape, what went wrong? “Well,he cleaned 242 really good,but jerk it little bit in front and snatch didn’t go well for him,unfortunately” And what do you think about Timur?
“Well me he burned himself out” Is this his first adult competition?
“No,he was competing at european championships” New year is coming,can you wish something to your fans? “Thanks to anyone who supported me, hopefully I will reach my top shape” “First, I’ll take care of my health and then I will get in shape and if you’re supporting me,I’m not going to let you down, see you at Russian championship” And at Rio de Janeiro
Good luck!
“Thanks!” “Vyacheslavovich,you were asking everyone today about results, so comment on what you think about what happened in 105 category” In 105 category happened the same thing that happened with my pants We got busted, but we’ll be back “You was so nervous” I guess that guys will do better at Rio,but it’s was a reminder to think about I wear this jeans 2 years already and they wear out after flying that much and got ripped today at the most intensive moment Timur,I’m sorry for bothering you,but you should be in contact with your fans and they wish they had an opportunity to do it But since I’m here, I’d represent them and ask you some questions Is that your first adult championship? Or you competed at world championship?
“I did” What went wrong today?
“I don’t know the reason,I was in good shape” What was your training results?
“I was snatching 180 for 2 reps from blocks without straps” “When we were discussing his attempts yesterday, I was thinking that he should start with 180 & 225 according to his results he lifted at training” What was your training C&J?
“I was jerking 230”
You didn’t expect this result, huh? Yesterday you told me that you need to lose 1 kg and how much did you lose in total?
“3 kg” So you can’t explain the reason for now, right?
“No, I don’t know why it happened”
Don’t be depressed, it happens “As I was telling before there’s no special algorithm in weightlifting, even if you make your plan perfectly, it’ll depend on how you feel that day, so it is what it is” What are you future plans?
“I don’t have them now already”
So this championship spoiled it a little, huh?
“Yup, it spoiled my mood and plans” Did your brother tell you something?
“Not yet, but he will have a lot to say”
He’s shocked to probably Well, I don’t remember how you perform, but looks to me like you didn’t get turn up, maybe you got burned out? Burn out is something that we don’t like to admit,but it happens
“You were better at Russian championships and visually looked better” ‘I didn’t have mood after snatch’
“Me too, I knew that I had to C&J, but snatch spoiled my mood” “It comes with experience, in case of Apti he snatched 168 and chinese snatched 178,which is 10 kg difference, but he didn’t give up” “So, you have to squeeze all of the juices out of your attempts and then you would get the medal” “Don’t get depressed, Timur, you look good on a platform, maybe you need to be little more aggressive” “Maybe I had some technical mistake? Cause I felt good at snatch” You see how athletes are feeling and sharing their emotions
In last video you saw how Artem Okullov was sharing his emotions and today other guys did the same And I want fans not to claim someone a winner or loser too early, cause as Apti Aukhadov said it’s always different And my father was telling me the same and after each competition he’d tell me to forget the result and start from the beginning So when you say that someone’s is winner or loser beforehand it’s all bullshit, don’t do it Sport can end in one day, someone is always laughing and someone is crying And there was a girl today that probably could win, but didn’t continue because of injury and she was receiving standing ovation, cause she was fighting to the end You’ll see it now

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