Day THIRTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

Day THIRTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer B’s, it’s Pahla
B from, and on tap today, I’ve got day 13 of the Weight Loss for
Women over 50 Series. You guys, today is a great
cardio and weights workout that has absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the ground, and does need a nice
moderate pair of dumbbells. Now, if you need a more
moderate or less moderate pair of dumbbells but that you don’t have, make sure you open up
the description box below and get my exact three pair
set that I got from Amazon that I use for all of
these weights workouts. You guys, when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready! Let’s go! (upbeat chime) All right, you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. Go ahead and have your dumbbells
completely out of the way while we get started with a warmup, and that means that we are
starting with arm circles and high knees, like we do, you know? 13 days in now. I feel like, I feel like this has turned into a Pavlovian response for
you at this point too, right? Unless randomly, you just
happened upon this series today, and today is day one for you,
in which case, hi, welcome! I’m Pahla B. This is my channel, and this is what we do for the warmup every single time. This, for me, is a
great way to get my mind and my body ready to
go, and I tell you what, today, are you ready to
go, are you feeling good? How are you feeling? Actually, this is a real question. How are you feeling 13
days into this series, this challenge, if you
choose to call it that? Let’s go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers. I hope that you are
feeling just as revved up and excited as you were on day one, but I also know, because I’ve
been around the fitness world for a while, that sometimes
here in the second week, things start to get a little bit shaky, they start to get a little
bit rough around the edges. It’s kind of hard to
make the time every day. It’s kinda hard to keep things moderate. It’s kinda hard for lots of reasons, and that’s why that’s a real question. I would love to know how you’re doing and how I can help you,
because here’s the main way that I help you, by putting out workouts that are just right for
women of a certain age. My friends, this, this is how
we lose weight at this age. In fact, I have an entire free ebook, go ahead and do some welcome to my homes, that is meant just for us,
that helps you understand the science of it all,
the mindset of it all, and the mechanics of it all. Make sure that you open
up the description box and get that free resource so
that you can understand why I keep talking about
moderation so so much. The other thing that I’m gonna
tell you real quick right now is about our day, you guys. We are going back and forth
between cardio and weights. It is a MetCon kind of workout. I’ve got the handy dandy Gymboss here set for intervals of 20 seconds, and it’s gonna move pretty quickly, which is sort of my
favorite thing in the world. We’re gonna get started with cardio, and then we’ll take a brief break, and then we’re gonna do some weights, and then we’re gonna come back to cardio, and then we’re gonna go back to weights. I do, however, have a longer
interval of cardio for us, which means that we’re gonna need to think about taking things at a moderate pace so we can sustain for the whole workout. Let’s go ahead and get started with something I call can-cans, which is hands just about
wherever they’re comfortable, we’re gonna do a knee and a kick, and I’m gonna go ahead
and get my timer started. Knee and kick. Knee and kick. Now, 20 seconds is just
long enough to really kinda get into this, and we’re gonna transition directly into something else. Low swinging tappers is next, which is exactly what it sounds like. We’re gonna have our hands swinging low and our feet tapping from side-to-side. And here we go right now. So hands swinging low, feet
tapping from side-to-side. You’ll notice I did not come
out of the gate swinging. I am swinging, but not too fast. We’ve got one more cardio exercise. We’ve got skiers next, which
means that we’re gonna run our hands up and down in front of us while shuffling our feet back and forth. Ideally, you’re going across
your body with a opposite hand and an opposite foot, but honestly, whichever way you got started
is the way you got started. Don’t worry about it. I frequently do this one wrong. I’m actually kind of excited that I did it correctly this time. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest, and that’s honestly just long
enough to pick up our weights, ah, 20 seconds of rest,
just long enough to pick up our weights, because here
comes the strength part. Coming up next, we’re gonna
do two intervals in a row of the same exercise. It’s reverse lunges into a press-up. Now, you could do this all on
the same side if you’d like to or you can go back and forth. Don’t feel like you have to do a lunge. You can do a step back into a press-up, and then step back into a press-up. We’re getting kind of like a little bit of a bonus biceps curl
here in the middle as well. Whew, and I got started at a cardio pace, and I tell you what, I already warned you that we’re doing this for two intervals. So I’m gonna slow it down a little bit. Whatever feels moderate to
you is moderate, my friends. The next time it beeps, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest wherein we’re gonna put our dumbbells down and we’re gonna do this
little set one more time. This is a repeating
no-repeat day, my friends. Ah, awesome job. So, dumbbells down out of the way so that we don’t hit our
tootsies while we’re doing our three cardio exercises again. Starting again with those can-cans. You notice how your heart rate came up no matter how slowly we were
going on that first set? It’s going to continue to
come up during the day. So remember to take this at
a pace that feels just right, maybe even on the lower
edge of just right. My friends, this moderation thing, it takes some getting
used to, I know it does, but hopefully here, almost two weeks in, you’re starting to get the hang of it, getting into the swing of it with these low swinging tappers. I knew that was coming, and I totally like had that planned out. I know, I crack myself up. (laughs) My friends, coming up next
we’re gonna do skiers, but I’m also gonna tell
you a little something about weight loss, and moderation, and this whole kinda new
way that we’re thinking about losing weight at this age. Here we go with skiers. You know, for so long we’ve
heard you have to move more and eat less, and now here
I am over 50 telling you that we actually have to eat
the right amount of calories super consistently and move moderately to get results at this age, and I know, 20 seconds of rest while
we grab our dumbbells, I know that that can feel so
hard to wrap your brain around. We’re gonna do those reverse
lunges into the press-up. I’m going back and forth. If you picked a leg on the first round, go ahead and do your other leg this time. When we’re done with this set, we’re not coming back
to these reverse lunges, but here’s the thing
about doing something new and about losing weight at our age. It’s not a fast process. You know, when we were younger, you could, you could eat less and
move more for a week or two and drop a couple of pounds. I mean, here’s our first beep. We’re gonna do one more interval. I vividly remember being in my 20’s and thinking about dieting
for maybe a couple of weeks, and I would drop weight. It wasn’t the way it is now. Now is not necessarily
harder, it’s just different, but because it’s so
slow, I want you to know, 20 seconds of rest while we get our dumbbells out of
the way, coming up next, we’re gonna do rainbow jacks,
which means that we’re going to have one knee out to
one side while our hand is swinging up overhead like a rainbow. My friends, two weeks into this. If you have lost a half a pound, a pound, here we go with rainbow jacks, you are successfully losing weight. I know you want the scale to say that you’ve lost five
pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds. I mean, you know, we’re 13 days in, can’t we lost a pound a day? You know what? I mean, technically
speaking, maybe we could. Coming up next, we’re gonna do kick jacks. Hands are doing jumping
jacks, feet are doing kicking. Just like they do. At this age, at any age, we can expect the scale to move the way it’s gonna move. Sometimes it’s really slow. Coming up next, we’re gonna
do windmill tap backs. Hands are wide, feet are wide. We’re gonna reach our
opposite hand down towards our opposite foot while tapping
back with the other one. Excellent job. If the scale is moving,
you are successful, and I want you to know that
it’s a really important part of this process, ah, 20 seconds of rest, to acknowledge that, to acknowledge that you
are being successful. Slow success is still success. Go ahead and grab your dumbbells. Coming up next, we’re gonna do a front raise side raise combo. So feet are just nice and
about hip width apart. Knees are soft but strong. Core is pulled in tight. One of your arms is gonna do a front raise while the other one is doing a side raise. Palms face your body and
then they face the ground. We’re switching the position each time. Front raise, side raise. Oh, do you feel that
work across your body? Make sure your core is
pulled in nice and tight. There’s our first beep. We’re gonna have one more
before we get our rest, and then we’re gonna do
this set one more time. You are doing such a good job, and I know I tell you that
every time we work out, but I hope you tell yourself that too. You know, acknowledging your wins. Here we go, with 20 seconds of rest. Go ahead and put those dumbbells down, and when it beeps again,
we’re gonna get started again with those rainbow jacks. I know it feels silly,
honestly, to praise yourself, especially at this age,
maybe like, I mean, you know, gold stars are for kids, but truly, being able to keep up with something, here we are with our rainbow jacks, being able to keep up with
something consistently that feels tough, or different, or new, that is a huge accomplishment. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do kick jacks. You deserve a gold star for that. You deserve praise. You deserve to tell yourself,
here we are with kick jacks, that you are doing awesome. One of the best ways to
stick with a new habit is to give yourself some kind
of treat or praise for it. When it beeps again, we’re
doing those windmill tap backs. Excellent job. Feeling this one with our
hands up nice and high for basically the entire interval
while we’re working here. Awesome job, reaching
down, really thinking about having your core pulled in tight, moving at a pace that works for you. Might be faster than me,
might be slower than me, might be at my exact pace. 20 seconds of rest. Okay, now this pace,
everybody can do this one. 20 seconds of rest while
we grab our dumbbells. Although, I know some of
you, some of my B friends, are gonna try and work
through the rest intervals. I know you, I know you. Yes, I’m looking at you. You guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing that side
raise, front raise combo. Trust me when I tell you that I know how hard it is to cut back. We feel like we’ve been doing
stuff for so many years. I’ve been exercising, I
mean, I’m gonna tell you, I’ve been exercising off and on. I don’t get to say I’ve been
exercising since I was young. I took many a break. There’s our first interval. We’ve got one more. But I have been consistently, daily exercising since my late 30s. It’s hard to cut back. It’s hard to admit that
our bodies have changed, that we have to do something different. For some of us, and I’m
talking about myself here, 20 seconds of rest, it
feels like admitting defeat. It feels like we’re saying
I’m old now and weak now, I can’t do as much now. Coming up next, we’re gonna
do something that I call forward hinge arm flappers,
where our feet are gonna be about hip width apart,
core is pulled in tight. I’m gonna turn to the side so you can see. Arms are flapping, I mean, like flappers, like jumping jacks, but
we’re forward hinging like a deadlift. Wherever you can get to that feels like you are pushing your hips back before you bring them back forward. Coming up next, we’re
gonna do the letter K’s. Gonna have hands over head. One leg and one arm come
out to the side at a time. You guys, doing something different, here we go with letter K’s,
is not the same as saying you can’t do something anymore. Coming up next, we’re gonna
do high hand oblique crunches. Oh, my gosh, hands still up overhead. Gonna bring one elbow down
to your opposite raising knee at a time, coming across
your body like this. One hand at a time,
one elbow to your knee, one knee to your elbow. Heart rate is up, up, up,
because your hands have been up. The fact is, we’re not doing less because we can’t do what we used to, we’re doing less because
it’s the right thing to do. 20 seconds of rest, which is
also the right thing to do. Go ahead and grab your dumbbells, because coming up next, we are
doing squats with side kicks. So the dumbbells actually,
you can have just one in your hand if you would
prefer, or none frankly, but the dumbbells are just gonna sit right about your shoulder height here. We’re gonna squat, and when
we come up from the squat, we’re gonna go right into a side kick. So squat and side kick. Oh, yes, there’s a little bit
of balance work, isn’t there? My friends, if your
goal is to lose weight, I think we all understand
that we have to do something to lose weight, you know,
and the fact is by doing the right thing, we’ve still
got another interval here, that that’s how you’re
going to get your goal, and just, the fact that it’s
less than maybe you used to do doesn’t mean that you are less than. In fact, it makes you a better
person to do the right thing. That was our two intervals. Go ahead, put those dumbbells down, and here we go into
that set one more time, starting with those
forward hinge arm flappers, which is truly one of
my favorite exercises, if only because it’s the silliest name, maybe not the silliest name, one of the silliest names that I have. Arms are gonna be flapping
like jumping jacks, hips go back and come
forward just like deadlifts. That’s actually why it’s one
of my favorite exercises. I love deadlifts also because it’s so good for your rear chain, and it’s a little bit of flexibility work, which
is something I struggle with. You guys, when it beeps again, gonna do those letter K’s. Hands up, of course, because that’s all we’re
doing this set I think. Letter K on one side, not the
letter K on the other side. I think by reframing the way we think about what we’re doing, coming
up next is those high hand oblique crunches, when we
use the phrase I’m doing the right thing for weight loss, I think it’ll help you feel
like a moderate workout is more of an accomplishment
rather than stopping when you still have more energy, stopping earlier than you used to, doing less than you used to. Thinking about something,
20 seconds of rest, in a specific way that makes you feel good will help you keep up with it. Go ahead and grab your dumbbells. Coming up again are those
squats with that fun, super fun, side kick. Actually, I like side kicks. It is kind of super fun. It’s also super difficult for me. Balance, particularly lateral balance, truly something I struggle with, which is why we practice it. You know, the time to practice
our balance truly is now before we really need it. We always need balance, but
as we get a little bit older, we’re gonna need balance even more, which is why I remind you frequently, 20 seconds on the clock, 20 seconds more before we
finish out these squats, that’s why I remind you
frequently to hold in your core. The more you practice
holding in your core, the easier it gets, and you’ll be able to call on that yourself
in a moment of crisis when you find yourself out of balance. 20 seconds of rest where we
put those dumbbells down, and my friends, this is our last set. We’re gonna start with something, again, one of my favorites. I do like lateral motion. We’re gonna do big arm side shuffles. Help yourself to as big or as
small as you wanna make this. I usually go like two, maybe
three, steps to the side, which is why I started way over here. As long as you have your
hands and your feet moving. My friends, you are always
doing the right thing if you are moving and doing
something when we’re working. If you don’t like this specific exercise, pick something else, it’s all good. Coming up next, speaking of something I might not like to do, leg twister jacks. We’re going in and in and out. So here’s the thing. Your leg is twisting in and out. Your hands are just doing jumping jacks. If the coordination of this is beyond you, as it frequently is beyond me, do something else with your
legs, don’t worry about it. Coming up next, in fact,
we’re doing a different kind of jumping jack, it’s a goofy jack. It’s a little squat and then hands come up and one foot comes out. So your hands, once again,
doing jumping jacks, like we do, but your lower body is doing a tiny squat and then a tiny side kick. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest. This was our work interval before we pick up those dumbbells and do the toughest thing yet. I say it’s tough because it’s upper body. My lower body is pretty
significantly stronger. You might find this to be the easiest thing we’ve done today. Feet are gonna be about hip width apart, knees are soft but strong,
core is pulled in tight. We’re gonna make the
letter X, half at a time. So you’re gonna have
your hands in the center, we’re gonna make the
top half of the letter X and then back to center, and then the bottom half of the letter X. Now, here’s the real key on this one. Your core needs to be
pulled in super tight. Tuck your tailbone under. Don’t let your back sway in any manner. That might mean that you’re
making a smaller motion, and that’s totally okay. If you feel this in your middle
back, not your lower back, your middle back, then you are pulling from the correct muscles. The next time it beeps, we’ll be done with this particular exercise. You are doing so good. Woo doggies, that got sweaty, I know. 20 seconds of rest while we
put those dumbbells down, and then we head into the
final time for this set. I do love a repeating no-repeat
when we only repeat twice. I feel good about this one. When it beeps again,
I’m gonna scoot on over, we’re doing big arm side
shuffles from side-to-side, shuffling as big or as
small as you want to go. You know, if you’re not worried
about downstairs neighbors and you don’t mind a
little bit of jumping, you could actually kinda
get this one rocking, and that’s totally okay with me. Whatever feels moderate,
whatever feels good, whatever works. When it beeps again,
those leg twister jacks. They work, but they’re tough. Good thing we’re tougher, right? Out and in and in and out. Twisting your leg in and out, finding some sort of
rhythm that works for you. I do love this exercise
because it’s work for my brain as well as my body. Coming up next is goofy
jacks, thank goodness. That was the end of
those leg twister jacks, and now we just have these goofy jacks, oh, my gosh, standing between
us and being done with cardio. What a great job you’ve done
managing your heart rate, finding a pace that works best. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 20 seconds of rest while we pick up our dumbbells and get prepped for the final
time for those letter X’s. This is why we do such a
thorough warmup, truly. This is why I do so many arm circles. This kind of sort of lateral
overhead work is tough. We’re gonna start with our
feet about hip width apart, core is pulled in tight. You’ll notice that I have a
little bit of bend to my elbows. Totally okay. You want your elbows soft but strong. If you have the strength with
whatever dumbbells you chose to have your arms straighter
than mine, totally fine. Just don’t lock your elbows into position. That was our first interval,
and then the next time it beeps, my friends, we will be done. What a good job you have
done with this workout. I know, I know, you’ve
been around for 13 days. I’m not gonna surprise you with this. We are gonna be done when it beeps, but we’re not gonna be finished. My friends, you have the choice. I’m gonna give you 20
seconds of rest right here. You could put your dumbbells down or you can keep them in your hands. In fact, I’m deciding right now. I’m actually gonna put mine down. You can keep yours in your hands. Coming up next, we’re
gonna do some balance work. It’s around the world taps. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Pick a leg to stand on. We’re gonna tap forward,
we’re gonna tap to the side, we’re gonna tap back. It is 20 seconds of standing on one leg after our heart rate
has been nice and high and then maneuvering that other leg basically all the way around your body by squeezing those glutes,
pulling in that core. This is all balance, which I’m sure you’ve
noticed at this point, go ahead and switch sides,
is something I really like to challenge after we’ve done a high heart rate kind of workout. This, again, it’s the time
to challenge your balance. When we can control it is
the time to practice it and control it. The next time it beeps, my
friend, is the last time. That was it, oh, my gosh. I’m gonna do some tappers here. That was good stuff today. Let’s do some arm circles to cool down. Oh, my gosh. Whew, already feeling
that work in my shoulders. I always feel those letter X’s. They always, they always
say thank you the next day. Even when I choose moderate weights, that particular exercise,
that and curtsy lunges, I always, always, always
feel the next day. Those are muscles in my
body that just need work. They have gotten as strong as they are and they can use more. That’s what we’re working
on during this series, is finding parts of our
bodies that are strong, finding parts of our bodies
that need improvement, and I don’t mean looking-wise,
I mean what you can do, and, my friends, you can do a lot. Did you see what you did today? That was awesome, and I’m
super, super proud of you. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers where we open up wide
and then we close ’em up and give ourselves a big, big hug. We made it through 13 days
so far of this 31 day series. That’s exciting. For lots of us, 13 days
in a row is, I mean, that’s gold star worthy right there. I do hope that you are giving
yourself lots of praise, lots of kudos for your work. If you would like a longer cool down, I keep these nice and
short just in case you need to get on with your day, but
if you like a longer cool down, I have one here for you on screen. I also have the playlist that
includes all 13 days so far, but by the end of the month
it’ll have all 31 days so you can repeat this series
again and again and again to keep getting weight loss results. Down at the bottom of the
screen there’s the letter P. That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where you can make a
monthly pledge that helps me make free workouts for all of us, and I so appreciate your
support if you choose to do so. On the other side of the screen, that’s me, that’s a subscribe button. Make sure that you click that
and the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video. Thank you so much for
working out with me today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

39 thoughts on “Day THIRTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

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