Day 1 Total Yoga Body Workout | Yoga Dose

Day 1 Total Yoga Body Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey welcome to your first video. So I want you to have a solid
foundation for your practice. We’re gonna start off
with some of the basics. It’s still gonna be a challenging video you don’t have to worry about that. But once you build this foundation I can start to teach
you more advanced things the exercises will start
to become more difficult same with the postures and the sequencing. Alright, so I hope you
enjoy this first video. Let’s get started. (mellow music) Let’s begin in child’s pose. Big toes together, knees wide enough for your ribs to fit in between. Stretch your arms forward,
let your head drop down. Take this opportunity to
shift your focus inward. Watch your breath. Breath in and out through the nose. Feel the ribs start to
expand as you inhale. As you exhale, notice how everything draws back in, root down. Then inhale, come up onto
your hands and your knees. And we do a few breath
with movement exercises to help to warm up the
joints and the spine. So first one, we’ll do cat cow. As you inhale lift you sit bones wheel your chest forward. Exhale tuck your buttock under, round your back, look back. Two more times. Then inhale into neutral. Now imagine there’s a line
down the middle of your mat that you’re trying to
stay along that line. Without letting your body
swing from side to side stretch your right leg back behind you. Then extend your left arm forward. Stay long through that imaginary line. As you exhale, bring your
elbow and your knee together. Inhale, reach back out. Exhale elbow and knee together. Inhale reach back out. Exhale elbow knee together. Inhale reach out. Exhale lower your hand and your knee down. Balance yourself, stay
long through the line. Take the left leg back. Extend your right arm forward. Exhale elbow knee together. Inhale reach out. Exhale elbow knee together. Inhale reach out. Exhale elbow knee together. Inhale reach out. Exhale lower your hand and knee down. Alright now take your hands
like a hand print forward. And let’s go to slightly
wider than shoulder distance turn your fingers out just slightly. Stretch down into your
middle three knuckles. Lift through your forearms
so the arms are active. Last thing turn your inner armpits forward outer shoulders back. Now I want you to keep that rotation, keep the chest open. Curl your toes, lift your knees. Reach down the hands, turn the inner arms, chest open, now lift your hips and stretch as far back away
from your wrists as you can. Hold here for five breaths. The hips pull up, the hands stretched out, I turn the inner arms
forward, outer shoulders back. Let the head drop. Keep lifting up up up to the hips. Alright now keep the lift on the hips. Draw your thighbones back. Then let’s do breath with movement, create a little more heat. Inhale plank pose,
shoulders over the wrists. Lengthening your plank. Exhale dog pose. Inhale plank pose, open
your chest, legs firm. Exhale dog pose. Inhale plank pose, open
your chest, firm your legs. Exhale dog. One more time, inhale plank pose. Exhale dog. Then walk your feet all the
up to the front of your mat. Inhale reach your chest forward, lengthening your spine. Exhale, fold forward. Stretch down into your feet. Inhale, come all the way up. Raise your arms. Exhale the arms to your
sides, stand in mountain. Take your feet hip distance apart balance in between your
heels and your toe mounds press down evenly into your feet and stand tall up over your ankles as if your were being picked up through the crown of your head right up over your ankles. Chest open shoulders back. Good, then staying tall
up over your ankles without leaning back or
forward raise your arms up. Inhale. Exhale fold forward. We’ll do a surya namaskar variation. Inhale flat back. Step back to plank pose. Chest open legs firm. Lie down on your belly. Stretch your toes back, press the tops of the feet down. Reach your heart forward,
stretch your arms back. Plug your shoulder blades
back onto your back. Reach back through your big toes, draw your navel in and
open your upper chest. Spread your collarbones. Keep your chest open slide your hands next to your waist. Blades on the back again. Collarbones broad. Legs firm. Turn the hands around. Press the knees down, navel in. With strong arms strong core engage and press straight up keeping the spine long. Try that one more time. Lower down halfway. Hold, spine long, tailbone reaching back. Neck long, squeeze engage your core and press straight back up to plank. Stretch back to down dog. Bring your feet together, raise your right leg up
from the inner thigh. Shift into plank pose, knee up round out. Step your foot up. If your foot doesn’t go all the way up, pick it up and put it between your hands. Lower your back knee, point the toes back. Hug into the midline. Imagine that line down
the middle of your mat. Raise your arms up, stay
long through that line. Exhale dog pose, step
back downward facing. Feet together and now
raise the left leg up. Shift into plank pull
your knee up round out. Step your foot all the way
up in between your hands. Lower your back knee
and point the toes back. Long through the midline
come straight up through it without sinking side to side. Downward facing dog. Step back. Alright let’s do one more
salutation like that. Breath in dog. Look between your hands. Walk all the way up. Inhale flat back. Exhale fold. Reach down into your feet, inhale come all the way up. Exhale samasthiti. Alright one more salutation
to build some heat. Inhale your arms up. Exhale fold. Inhale flat back. Step back plank pose. Strong in your plank, firm your legs. Press your middle three knuckles down lift your wrists forearms. Lie down onto your belly. Stretch your toes back, arms back. Locust pose, chest open. Lift your inner knees. Spread your collar bones. Slide your hands next to your waist. Then turn the hands around. Press the knees down, navel in. Without your shoulder heads dropping, blades stay on the back. Pull the spine long, engage your core and lift straight up. And lower down half way. Lift straight up. Lower down half way. Lift straight up. Lower down half way. Press straight up. Downward facing dog. Bring your feet together. So that’s building
strength for chaturanga. Eventually you’re gonna be able to do that pose with your legs straight. Take your right leg up. Shift into plank and pull your knee up. Step your foot up. Lower your back knee. Inhale reach up, low lunge. Exhale to dog. Inhale the left leg up. Shift into plank pull your knee up. Step and lower your right knee. Inhale reach your arms up. Exhale down dog, stretch back. And breathe. Look in between your hands walk your feet up to the front of your mat. Inhale heart forward. Exhale fold. Press into your feet. Inhale come all the way up. Exhale samasthiti. Alright, good, now let’s practice our first balancing standing pose. Vrksasana, tree pose. Take your right heel up
to your left inner thigh. Then bring your palms together. Still stay tall up through
your tadasana line. Try not to lean right to left. Chest open and take your arms straight up. And bring your arms back down. Lower your leg down. Bring your left leg up. Place the heel way up on the
inseam of the right thigh. Take your palms together stand tall. Chest open and take your arms up. Breathe through your nose. So as we go through the 30 days the holds will start to become longer and standing poses start
to be more challenging. And bring your arms back down. Leg back down. Stand in mountain, chest open. Alright, step your feet wide apart. Spread your arms. As you stand here, make sure that you’re pressing
down even into your feet. The heels, the big toe
mound, the little toe mound all pressed down even. There’s a lift of energy
up through your legs. Then turn your left toes in a little. Turn your right leg all the way out. Inhale open up your chest. Exhale reach and put your
hand onto your ankle. Turn your right inner upper thigh forward to point to your big toe. And as you pin the hip
in, open up your chest. Stretch into your back leg. Keep pressing down evenly into the feet. Breath through your nose. The tail goes soft eyes straight ahead. Neck free, no neck draw tension. Let the breaths circulate
evenly through your body. Then press down into your
feet and help come back up. Turn your feet to the other side. Turn your right groin, inner upper thigh spin and reach out over your leg. Put your hand down, open up. Reach into your feet, inhale back up. Parallel your feet and stand tall. Alright let’s go right into side angle. Turn your back foot in a little right leg out. Inhale open your chest. Exhale bend your knee. Put your forearm down onto
your thigh, shin knee. Take your top arm all the way overhead. As you press down even
into your right foot, make sure your not rolled
into the inner or outer foot. Plug the outer thigh
back in, outer hip in. Stretch your back leg and
reach past your fingers. Then come back up. So I’m also doing like a
little more modified variation of these postures too. Not their full depth, full expression. Set the forearm down. Take your top arm overhead. Make sure that you’re even on your foot. Your knee is pointing straight ahead. Pin your hip in and stretch your back leg as you reach past your fingers. Let your lower belly release back to the front of your spine
and up towards your heart. Press into your feet, come back up. Turn your feet in. And step your legs together. Adjust the shorts. (laughing) Alright stand tall. So when we practice asana,
the standing postures, you’ll notice that each posture gives you a different
feeling, a different effect. So as you stand here for a moment, just be mindful of what is happening. Notice the shift. You can feel, like I could feel I feel like energy moving
through my body better. I feel my awareness of
my breath is enhanced. I feel more open. So notice are you feeling some
of these similar feelings. I don’t want to tell
you what you’re feeling, you should have your own experience. But just notice what is happening as you stand in mountain. It’s powerful if we can start to observe. Alright, let’s do a few more. Separate your feet wide apart. Stand tall. Turn your left toes in. More than halfway as you
turn your left leg out. A little more that 45 degrees. Open your chest, spread your
arms, turn your palms up. Reach the arms all the way up. Now zip up the front of your spine. Back leg straight, look up, press your palms together. Keep the lift through
the front of the spine as you bend your right knee. Pull up, bend your knee deeper. Pull up and move your upper spine up into your hands, up off your butt. And bend your knee even deeper. And then come back up. Parallel the feet, stand tall. Oh that’s a powerful one. Turn your back toes in a
little more than halfway. Turn the front leg all the way out. Chest open, turn the palms. Lift, zip up the front of the spine. Press the palms. Now bend your left knee. Keep lifting, go in and up. Bend deeper. Lift up. Let the thigh drop. Good, inhale come back up. And parallel your feet. Hands on your hips. Parsvanatha and turn the foot in again. A little more than halfway. Right leg turns out. Inhale lift your chest, look up. Exhale tip forward halfway. With your hands on your
hips you could feel how much of the movement
is coming from your pelvis. So I want you to get more
tipped from the pelvis. So that you can lean further, instead of just rounding your head down. Keep length in your spine
and keep tipping the pelvis. Then plug the navel in like we did earlier to the front of the spine. And put your fingertips down. I always have blocks and a
strap when I’m practicing, it it’s difficult for you
to get your hands down put your hands on blocks. If you don’t have blocks at home, you could order some or just use books or whatever you got at home. Alright now let the head drop. Stretch your back leg like down dog. Plug the thighbone up. Draw the thigh back. Let both hips release back. Let the head drop. Inhale flat back. Exhale hands to your
hips, come up to standing. Turn yourself to face the other leg. Chest open. Tip from your hips, fall forward halfway. Hold there, breathe. And as your navel goes in, go all the way out over your leg. Wake up your back leg, pull
from above the knee up. And draw the thigh back. As that thigh draws back, the left hip crease releases back. Navel in, drop your head down. Inhale flat back. Exhale hands to your hips,
come up, parallel your feet. Open up your chest. Alright, last standing pose. Fall forward halfway, feel the pelvis tip. Set the fingertips down. So just notice as you’re
becoming more in-tune with your breath and
how your body’s moving, how it’s really like a moving meditation, there’s an inward focus
coming the whole time. And that’s the point I
wanna keep coming back to. The total yoga body is
not just a physical thing, but it’s also something
that starts to happen to your mind as you practice longer. Alright, start to walk the hands back. This starts to become more
of a moving meditation. Let the head drop. So not only are you getting
the physical benefit, but at the end of your practice when you go to start your day, you feel much more clear. Then inhale flat back. Especially with a pose like that. Just notice the head change that comes. Alright now turn your left foot out take the escape route out of this one and walk your hands to
the front of the mat. Step back, down dog. Okay, then set your knees down. Cross your legs behind you. Let’s leave the block. Cross legs behind you and sit back. Lie down on your back. Alright, so we’re gonna practice strengthening our core
and our leg muscles. So if it’s difficult for
you to straighten your legs with the legs up like this. It can be very tight back body. But also weak quads and core. So let’s just practice lengthening through the lower back. Chest open and start to
stretch the legs straight up. Press through all four corners
of the feet straight up. The navel draws in. Then let me see if you can
stretch your arms overhead and work for this perfect 90 degree angle. Neck long, arms reach,
strong legs strong core. Then bend your knees, put you feet down. Hands at your side, lift your buttock up come into bridge. Set the hips down. Take your legs straight up, arms up. Arms back down, come into bridge. And lower yourself down. Hug your knees into your chest. Let your back spread and release. And then set your feet down and stretch your legs out one
at a time for corpse pose. Just relax completely. Let go of any tension in the body. Alright, then gently bend your knees. Roll over to your right side and press yourself up to seated. Sit up straight and tall
with your chest open. Bring your palms together
with your eyes closed. Just notice how good you
feel after your practice. The shift in energy, how calm yet energized you feel. Thank you, namaste. Alright, good job today. You’re off to a great start. I’m so glad that you’re
trying this 30 day challenge. Everyday I’m gonna keep
giving you a free video. And ways that you can help
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