Conor Mcgregor Training & Diet | UFC 246 Conor McGregor Donald Cerrone

Conor Mcgregor Training & Diet | UFC 246 Conor McGregor Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor is arguably one of the
best UFC fighters of all time recently he announced he’s going to be back in
the Octagon on January the 18th to fight Donald Cerrone in UFC 246 in Las Vegas now what
makes this more interesting than normal beyond the usual media hype and
speculation that surrounds Conor McGregor he is the fact that he hasn’t
had a fight since October of 2018 so it’s gonna be very interesting to see
how a guy who’s basically been sitting around can get into the best shape of
his life with just over 30 days to go for the big fight now in this video I’m
gonna show you some of the tips and techniques that Conor McGregor will use
to get into the best shape of his life so you can use them to improve your
health and conditioning as well my name is Sergio Toronto and I’m a
competitive bodybuilder nutrition coach and first and foremost a husband and a
dad asked to be bullied a lot as a kid I was fat and out of shape and going
through that experience I decided to make it my life’s goal to help as many
people as I can to get into shape and improve their quality of life and now
without further ado let’s jump straight into it
in this video we’re going to cover the four key elements that Conor McGregor
will have to cover in order to get into the best shape of his life in just 30
days number one endurance and conditioning
training number two power and strength training number three nutrition and
number four mindset and mentality leading into the fight a lot of the
things that Conor McGregor will utilize to improve his endurance and
conditioning is going to be fight related he’s gonna be doing sport
specific training designed to build his cardiovascular capacity and also he’s
threshold to withstand the constant jabs kicks combinations and groundwork that
he has to do throughout the match now I’m not sure if you guys have seen the
last fight but he basically gassed out he couldn’t keep up so that was a key
factor so this time around Conor McGregor has to improve his conditioning
and that’s going to come from playing close attention to gradually building
that up and he gets to the fight building that cardiovascular capacity
we’ve done in many ways we can go running at a high intensity we can do
high-intensity activities like boxing and skipping even bell-ropes and sled
pushes they all push the cardiovascular system to the max and that’s what you
need to do to in order to build that capacity to especially in a fight
scenario now for someone who’s a fighter strength and power basically comes
secondary to endurance and conditioning there’s no point being super strong
if you gas out and don’t have the capacity with a fuel to last all the
rounds that are required in a fight but he does also want to maintain the muscle
that he has obviously more muscle that he has the harder he can punch so he’s
gonna have to at least hold on to the muscle mass that he has and not lose too
much as he gets closer to the show now that can be done by heavy compound work
that doesn’t have a lot of volume so what does that mean basically it means
that you should be spending as the least amount of time in the gym as possible
but training intensely as possible that’s gonna make him hold on to the
muscle mass that he has and it’s not gonna burn up his energy doing weights
which isn’t a priority for him he should be focusing more on your support
specific fighting and conditioning at this stage the third component is going
to be nutrition and nutrition is going to be very key for Conor McGregor here
why number one the nutrition has to support the training so he can’t just go
on a starvation diet and expected to train his balls off every single day for
the last thirty days of his truck he’s gonna have to have enough fuel on board
to support his training and recover secondly number two is that he’s gonna
have to shed some body fat to make weight
he can’t just show up to the show weighing whatever he wants so he’s gonna
have to make sure that he gets rid of as much fat as possible from his body
without getting into some crazy dangerous water manipulation which can
be done at the end which a lot of fighters do just to make weight so the
nutrition has to be built around supporting you straining and getting
some body fat off so how do we do that the first thing is making sure that we
have enough protein so I like to recommend about a gram for gram and a
half of protein per pound of body weight that’s usually enough secondly I like to
recommend about half of that in terms of color hydrates that’s usually a good
starting point for most people from there we can adjust and see if it’s a
little bit too much or it’s not enough thirdly is going to be making sure that
the fat content is dyed isn’t too high that’s going to enable him to continue
to train hard but it’s also going to make sure that he’s going to shed the
body fat that he’s gained over the last year so that he can make weight
successfully for the fight number four is going to be mental and emotional
preparation leading into the fight to be a champion need to think like a champion
you need to act like a champion you need to believe that you can achieve that
goal there’s gonna be days where you’re tired days where you’re hungry that is
when you don’t feel like training you don’t feel like getting up early in the
morning that’s normal that’s the natural that happens to all of us but it’s how
you deal with it up here that’s gonna make all the difference
someone like Conor McGregor yes he gets paid and he gets paid well to do what he
does he has an enormous amount of pressure behind him and that pressure
can be very tough emotionally so he has to block all that noise out and he has
to focus in on his goal and that’s what we can do as well we may not be fighting
in the Octagon but we may have our own personal goals and wanna achieve whether
it’s losing some weight whether it’s improving our
that can all be achieved with the right mindset so mental and emotional
preparation is key and always think positive thoughts stay focused stay
disciplined and let nobody else talk you out of your goals now if any of you guys
have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share to get in shape really fast
just like Conor McGregor has to do in the next thirty days please share
comment below and we’ll make sure to feature in our next video if you’d like
to find out anything else about health fitness nutrition or training be sure to
check out some of my other videos on our Channel

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