100 thoughts on “Common Push Up & Pull Up Mistakes – Quality Over Quantity

  1. everytime I try to do a pull up by body will lean vertically, and I can't stay straight. been trying to fix this for a while

  2. Hi guys, I have a question for you: When I was a child (nearly 29 years ago) I have a problem on my right shoulder working with my father…. In short, I have actually my right arm a bit larger than my left arm (and that's a problem with push ups, cause 1 arm gives up always faster…) In the pull up, I try pull in a simmetrical manner, but given the fact that the right arm is larger, thats impossible if the pull station is simmetrical. Any thing I can do? I understand that fix my shoulder is nearly impossible to my age… but I will get problems with pulls and push ups?

  3. i was wondering, for those who had shoulder injury before such as a broken shoulder etc. is it advisable to do full range of motion or half repping? because sometimes, when I wanted to do pull ups with full range of motion my left arm tends to almost dislocate..

  4. The swinging and kicking is not incorrect unless you are just swinging without form. They are called kipping pullups along with butterfly pullups. Learn about them man, don't be the average hater. smh

  5. What we are told to retract our shoulder blades throughout the bench press? The push up is a closed chain exercise requiring less stabilisation from the rotator cuffs but the movement is very similar. Would protraction at the top of a push up causes shoulder impingement?

  6. noticed Sven pulls his elbows back at the top of the 'correct 'pullup. Is this typical form? seen others keep the elbows down.

  7. My main problem for push-ups is about the shoulder blades, how do know if there protracted? Or how do I really do it, when ever I'm doing push ups I'm always shrugging my shoulders.

  8. I'm fairly decent with most workout techniques, but I can't so a single pull-up to save my life. Any advice on getting started or building up the right muscles to do it?

  9. The other mistake for push ups is some people don't wait for a second when they are down the go up so basely like they are going fast PEOPLE It's not a race guys do it slow but not too slow so do it slow to build more strength in your arms and chest I made this mistake when I was little I could only do 5 when I was 6 when I was 8 I could do 10 and when I Was 9 I could do 15 at 10 I could still do 15 and when I was 11 I could do 20 and now I'm 12 I can do 25 I am trying to do 35 now 🙂 And I'm a girl, not a boy but I want to be a boy xD

  10. I have no qualms about dropping to my knees when doing pushups if I feel that I am sacrificing good form – the common myth about "girl pushups" being somehow less of a workout is BS. I have gotten strong enough to do quite a few all the way up, but when I start to feel my stomach sag down and my upper back work more than it should it is no longer worth it.

  11. I can't do pushups with my arms behind like that… they just go straight to the sides no matter how I orient my hands on the ground.

  12. As for the second mistake shown here (the second example of half repping in push ups, where the elbows are not passing 90 degrees during the lowering part of push up) it is something I intentionally do in order to reduce stress on my injured shoulders.

  13. THE goal is to train the muscles, not the joints. ITS about time under tension which builds muscle. Therefore doing full range of motion limits your size and strength potential. Partial reps keep constant tension on the muscles, meaning the muscle tissue keeps tearing ! ITS, smarter and safer doing partial reps as fast as you can, i know cause its how i developed great density and strength with my physique. IF you do full rom with weights you will blow out your joints at some point in time. SO to those of you that want to remain weak, keep doing full rom. good luck !!!

  14. hello el egg sir master of the rings

    can you explain torque bending bar cue and what is active retraction and protraction first time hear that…. always hear active hang and active shoulder can you explain…..

  15. The shoulder blade one on push ups was what i was doing wrong i thought you had to do them that way and not the other way since in weight lifting you always have to bring back the scap first i guess its backwards for calisthenics lol

    Edit: tried it the correct way and my chest activation is way more efficient than before

  16. Good video! I think people focus too much on rep count, and not enough on strict form/ctrl. I like using slow negatives and pauses with chest at bar or chest to the deck. Pulling/pushing dead weight is much harder!

  17. It is necessary for the chest to touch the ground when doing pushups? I've heard conflicting advice from other channels and the trainers at my gym say that you really only have to go down until your chest is fist height off the ground or until your elbows reach 90 degrees

  18. I always try to do push ups, but my arms aren't strong enough for an ACTUAL, not half-assed pushup, what do I do?

  19. Excellent video. Thanks for posting, I'm gonna share the hell out of this. (194 dislikes??? Probably from cross-fitters and head dippers and half-reppers ha ha ha)

  20. i dont agree whit number 1 mistake, it depends if you do half rep for be lazy or you do for focus on a specific muscle, for example if you want to train chest and focus on chest so is better don block elbows

  21. But dejan stipke who is a calisthenics legend does push ups elbows facing forward . He says that it engages chest more . And he has a very nice developed chest . And don't have any elbows problem.

  22. Why shld we not retract our shoulder blades? I was under the impression that doing so actually helped targetting the chest more effectively

  23. Thanks for the videos. Continue to educate people on correct form, the most important part of training, especially as you age 👍

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