Come with me if you wanna live | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

Come with me if you wanna live | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

SARAH [ON TAPE]: This is tape number 28
of Sarah Connor to my son, John. What’s most difficult
is trying to decide… …what to tell you and what not to. Should I tell you about your father? Will it affect your decision to
send him back in time to protect me… …knowing that he is your father? And he’ll be younger than you.
Only a teenager when you meet him. God, a person could go crazy
thinking about this. But if you don’t send Kyle,
you can never be… …and Skynet will win the war. [COMPUTER CHlRPlNG] KATE:
You want to talk about him? Kyle is out there somewhere alone,
and Skynet is hunting him. What about the signal? What do you think? KATE: lf it works, it’s incredible.
JOHN: Yeah. KATE: We have to be careful.
-l agree. -But we have to try.
KATE: Okay. All right, start with something small
that we’re familiar with. We should capture a Hydrobot,
bring it in for testing. JOHN:
Yeah. What is it, John? Kill Kyle Reese, reset the future… …no John Connor. [SHOUTING]
Hey! [CREAKING] [GRUNTlNG] Come with me if you wanna live. What is that? [SHOTGUN RACKS] She doesn’t talk,
but you need to start. [KYLE PANTS] Where’d you get that jacket? -The other guy didn’t need it.
-Oh? You see that red? It stands for blood.
It’s a symbol of the Resistance. You’re obviously not
a Resistance fighter, so take it off. Take it off! You point a gun at someone… …you’d better be ready
to pull the trigger. Now, l’m gonna ask you
one more time. -What the hell was that thing?
-Terminator. T-600. What day is it? What year? 201 8. What happened here?

40 thoughts on “Come with me if you wanna live | Terminator Salvation [Director’s Cut]

  1. I've seen behind the scenes stills, concept art, and action figures of this Terminator with a full all head over rubber skin that I thought looked cool and was like the 600s that were described in Terminator 1. I really don't know why they stripped it down to the skull with very little rubber skin, but I wish they kept that look cause it looked cool and fit the T-600 description in T1, what a shame they didn't use it.

  2. Man, I really love the T-800, but I think the T-600 looks great in this movie, maybe the Terminator models in this movie are the best.

  3. This movie is so underrated. I absolutely loved it. The terminator designs, Sarah's tapes, Marcus and Blair, John and Kate. There were so many elements in Salvation that fans just couldn't understand, simply because they wanted the franchise to end with the second movie.

  4. Salvation outdoes T3, Genisys and definitely Dark Fate. There’s no goofy scenes, just all seriousness like Terminator 1 and 2.

  5. Part of this is okay. Part isn’t. I am pretty sure that John figured it out after T2. He already said that his mother missed Kyle in T2.

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