CGI 3D Animated Short “Cheat Day ”  – by Diem Tran | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short “Cheat Day ” – by Diem Tran | TheCGBros

what do you think you’re doing? uhh It is not what it looks like well, it looks like your cheating… with little miss muffin top you did not just call me fat! I am twice the woman you’ll ever be! hah…literally he wants someone who’s easy on the eyes honey please, it’s all about the cup size… he’s mine! no, mine! whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I think I’ve got it how do you two feel about… carrot cupcakes? uh huh… You are disgusting! yeah! what kind of cheap food do you think we are? let’s get out of here men are such pigs!

100 thoughts on “CGI 3D Animated Short “Cheat Day ” – by Diem Tran | TheCGBros

  1. Ok but..why the cupcake aka black girl had to have the typical weave hair do and be "baldheaded" underneath and the carrot girl had to be the skinny Caucasian with…you know what..nvm 😒👀
    (Let's see how many likes this gets smdh )

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