Cable Machine Exercises : Cable Machine Exercises: Chest Press

Cable Machine Exercises : Cable Machine Exercises: Chest Press

Working the Chest Press with the Cable Pulley
System works the pectoralis major and minor. It is through horizontal adduction, so it’s
another reason why I can control my bio-mechanics and a piece of equipment is not going to be
doing that for me. Line up your mid-body with the point of attachment with the center of
those plates that are in need to side reveal. You want to come slightly forward, so we can
take shoulders out of the picture, and contract and release. We don’t let the torso come back
or forward but we maintain about a thirty degree hinge from the hip, wide stance, you
can be here, or if it’s more supportive for you, you can have one leg behind the other,
whichever works best for you, just as long as you’re taking control over the momentum.
And we contract and release. And you can see the pecs kicking in, right there, there is
no need to bring these handles together or cross because after I hit peak contraction
here, muscles aren’t going to resist that rotation. There at peak contraction, they’re
going to shut off after that and by bringing them back up with my elbows align with the
shoulder and a little higher and keeping the contraction starting the movement, raising
and lowering. Again, working ten to fifteen reps, one to three sets to fatigue.

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  1. the funniest part is the fact that its a downward crossover therefore its working more pek minor than major it would be close to doing a decline press

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