Bollywood Full Body Fat Blast Cardio Dance Workout! SIMMBA – Mera Wala Dance ft. Alisha ~ Emi

Bollywood Full Body Fat Blast Cardio Dance Workout! SIMMBA – Mera Wala Dance ft. Alisha ~ Emi

100 thoughts on “Bollywood Full Body Fat Blast Cardio Dance Workout! SIMMBA – Mera Wala Dance ft. Alisha ~ Emi

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

    (and answer your questions + repost your progresses with my workout videos!)

  2. Emi u look so lean,fit & healthy.. awesome figure.. your friend Alisha is so graceful as well..bth of you are so beautiful souls 😊

  3. Lot of people think only how to have a perfect body…..but they dont look on your soul…….Lot of them have forgot the judgament day . Of them follow the Satan….The God love us……..come back to God and dont follow the desire .

  4. Can you please explain to me why after eating my stomach looks huge and stays like that for the rest of the day even though I don’t weigh that much and how can I fix it.

  5. U r too good emi. I’m following u from last two years n u helped me so much to loose my weight after having my two kids❤️. I’m from Nepal 🇳🇵 Lots of love ..keep going 👍🏻

  6. Please do how to get smaller breast and how to not grow really big breasts pleaseee, hope you understand women thing and I really wannna know how to keep a small breadt like some girls have

  7. Hey Emi so I am following one of your workout videos but I want to follow more than one videos but would that be ok? or it would be to much workouts for my body?

    Sorry my English is not that good 🙃

  8. Went on the treadmill today but negated all my efforts by eating too much shit for dinner! So I’m here… seeing if I can shake someth off before going for a hot bath later! Shan’t kill myself mentally 🙁

  9. Hi Emi I feel a little bit disappointed cuz you didn’t reply my insta messages😭 but big support to you as always!!!!!!!

  10. My fav about this video has to be the big smile on your face even though you claim not to be good at dancing you clearly still enjoy this type of work outs 💜☺️

  11. It's so easy to follow and short so I am motivated! I do the routine multiple times, which feels easier than doing one long workout. Thank you!

  12. Hey try hyderabad biryani from telangana state if you get a choice… It is not one of the heath conscious food but it is one of the foods you have to taste at least once in your life…
    And loved your song and I am motivated to do it…..

  13. this song is really energetic and really suit for beginner .i have been started to follow your bollyhood dance like osaki saki . i really love that song and when do the dance with you. i always think of you said no pain no gain. i wish one day i also can be like you have a fit and healthy body. PLEASE DO MORE BOLLYHOOD DANCE

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