Bien muscler son dos avec banc lombaire: des muscles du dos en bon état pour éviter le mal de dos

Bien muscler son dos avec banc lombaire: des muscles du dos en bon état pour éviter le mal de dos

Hi everyone, Today, Gwen is going to show us how to do a back extension on a lumbar bench. In the 1st part of this video, we’ll see how to be on the bench and how to dp the exercise the right way. Then Gwen will explain why back muscles workout is important. Finally we’ll see the common mistakes to avoid when doing this back extension on a bench. Are we ready Gwen ? A lumbar bench is a piece of equipment used to work out the muscles in our back. Usually available in every gym, or that you can by on Amazon or any sport shop and have one at home, when you realize that having strong back muscles is something very important. You can practice gently, every day, and have healthy and strong back muscles. This helps preventing back pain. To get on the bench use both handles located on the front. The pads at the top of the bench need to be set right below the hips. Lock your feet into place Against the pads in the back. Cross your arms, hands on the shoulders Top op the thighs firmly against the pads Feet locked… Back as straight as possible… And go! Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… This exercise involves the Biceps femoris muscle, Which helps moving & rotating the knee And extending the hip. And the Gluteus maximums muscle, which is The most powerful muscle in the human body. It allows us to stand up straight, walk, And transfer the body weight from one leg to the other Without collapsing. But there is another muscle group which directly Benefits from the back extension exercise: the erector spinae muscles, Sometimes called deep muscles of the back. The deep muscles of the back play a major role in maintaining a good posture. The deep muscles are also involved in the flexibility and rotation of the spine, And the help us standing straight. Alors pourquoi les muscles érecteurs du rachis
So why is it so important to work out the erector spinae muscles, And practice back extensions? Just take a look… It’s a group of muscles starting in the lower back Down in the lumbar region And going up to the cooer back And the base of the skull, Along the cervical spine. If one of these muscles is not working properly, It’s an open door to a Series of problem that will never end. Lower and mid back pain, Cervical pain and headaches, and sometimes all of them together. The is why if you go to the doctor With a back pain, And he can’t tell you what the problem is, He will always send you to the physical therapist. He has to, You never know, If you’re lucky, It could work… It is really, really, really important To keep the back straight during the whole exercise. …as if you had a wooden board attached to your back. Be sure you do not cross that straight line On the way back up. Take your time, be sure to breathe. The breathing controls the speed of the exercise. Watch out! Be sure to avoid the common mistake Consisting in going to fast. No being cautious on the movement Not paying attention to your posture throughout the stretch . If you cross that straight line, You’re putting your lower back into hyperextension, And that is the most likely reason of hurting yourself or be injured. If you go too fast you won’t control the movement, You end up like this… And your just going to hurt yourself. Don’t do that. Do this exercise at your own pace, You do not need to go all the way down. What matters is working out the correct muscles, And keeping a straight back. There are other exercises that can be done with a lumbar bench. Exercises that work out Different muscles groups, We’ll try to illustrates those in a next video. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, Subscribe to the channel and hit that bell, to get notifications when the next video is out. See you in the next one 😉

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  1. Excellent, j'ai vu vos autres vidéos toutes d'une excellente présentation, d'une clarté limpide, et on voit le connasseur ! .

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