100 thoughts on “Biden Challenges Trump to a Push-Up Contest

  1. What's worse: Joe Biden's response OR the image of Donald Trump attempting a push-up? Leave a comment below.

  2. Too bad MTV got rid of celebrity death match. That would be one hilarious episode of these two old men duking it out.

  3. Screw ol' gropes-a-lot biden! He's NOTHING compared to Obama, who joe was nothing more than VICE president to!

    Vote @BernieSanders #BernieSanders for someone who cares about the typical working class Americans and does not receive corporate donations!

  4. To be honest? Joe Biden can certainly best me in a push-up competition. 😏 (Now, if he wants to get on a bicycle against me….)

  5. What Biden said is the most stupid thing a candidate can do. He must be kinda retarded. What, you are now trying to outdo Trump in the game he invented? So cringy.

  6. I definitely want to see that push-up contest! Two candidates for the "greatest country in the world"'s presidency breaking a tie like that! That would make history! Laughing stock for centuries.

  7. Biden's assertion that he'd kick Trump's ass for bragging about molesting women has a lot less value after watching Biden caress and sniff so many little girls.

  8. Can you imagine that fight. The fight would be 10 minutes in neither would have landed a shot both would be out of breath

  9. Biden trying to use Trump's "tactics" against him just makes me think Biden is way too much like Trump. God I hope Biden IS NOT the Democratic nominee

  10. trump would self destruct if one of the candidates focused on his appearance with insults…. his bald spot, that his weight is 250 lbs, his tiny hands or the white around his eyes… how much more handsome Obama is compared to him, that most women find him repulsive… we would see Spontaneous Human Combustion of him on stage! #CTFU

  11. This shit is like a live-action version of Frankie goes to Hollywood music video "two tribes go to war".

  12. I hope they both try to do a bunch of push-ups on stage and they both die trying to outdo each other.
    I'm not joking. Fuck 'em. They're parasites and are in the position to slaughter billions of us by making chaotically dumb decisions.

  13. Best case scenario:
    both collapse and die of a coronary from going two week without sexually assaulting someone or something.

    (The Flag will show you on the doll where Trump touched it.)


  15. Great from one demented child to another ,why don't you mesure each others dicks to be sure. Talk about childish shitholes…

  16. Why does it feel like I've heard this story before? Like, I wanna say it had to have been early on into the last presidential campaign that one candidate challenged another candidate to a push-up contest.

  17. Traitor trump couldn't do more than 2 push ups, sissy style with knees on the ground!! LMFAO

  18. I disagree. It was very cringy. It might be a man thing, I don’t know, but as a woman, it sure makes me roll my eyes. They might as well whip them out and measure. If Biden really cares about the country, and he thinks he can beat Trump, then he should primary Trump. He’s basically a 1980s Republican anyway.

  19. I love it,,go toe to toe with the orange meanie(wimp) who couldn't do five pushups for a million bucs,or a jog,,trimp wouldn`t make it one city block.

  20. There better not be a push-up debate, cause Tulsi is gonna leave all of ‘em collapsed in a heap.
    …jus’ sayin’

  21. Personally Biden is a terrible candidate but what he said jokingly is relevant, there will never be an adult in the room or any debate with Donald because he is incapable of discussing any topic he's far too ignorant. Name calling, ad hominem attacks & lies are his entire arsenal & unfortunately it means having to get down into the Trump-swamp & fighting dirty.

  22. Forget Joe Biden! Bernie Sanders
    could kick Trump's sorry ass ten
    times around the block just for
    drill and not even brake out
    in a sweat!

  23. When it comes to helping the American people, it does not matter worth a you know what how many push ups you can do. Good grief, you tyt folks are scraping the barrel now. Trump 2020 with 100,000,000 votes.

  24. It would be a circus if the two creepiest candidates end up on the debate stage together. The election would be based on who you dislike the least; advantage Trump as republican voters are OK with creepy, support racist, liars, conmen, cheats,…basically everything Trump is in a nutshell. Biden has no chance rallying the left to counteract Trump's base. You need someone who gives an alternative to going back to the status quo; someone you can trust to push for actual change; only one candidate had the track record to meet that requirement: Bernie Sanders.

  25. Actually Biden knows how to get under Trump’s skin. He is dealing with a grown manchild, and he is pushing that child button

  26. I heard a great commenter on NPR (sorry was driving and didn't catch the name) who said that we desperately need an adult in the White House and not any more middle school/high school macho nonsense. Biden LISTEN to the people!!!!! Listen to us Joe.

  27. Biden vs Trump in push-up contest is stupid. Just like the time he did that he could knot out Trump and the Trump called him on it and he passed.
    Trump is a disaster for America. Biden is a joke for America.

  28. I wonder why Trump hasn't already accepted the challenge and then excused himself from those push ups because of his bone-spurs?

  29. Actually, I like Joe's idea. Trump has such a bloated ego that impugning his physical abilities might really get to him. That said, Biden is not my choice for Dem nominee at all. Of course Trump might, in desperation for a reply, have to borrow a line from Ed McMahon: "I don't exercise. I have people exercise for me."

  30. Pushups. Really Biden are u fkn kidding me this goof Ball is another Clinton 2.0. Avoid this asshole at all costs

  31. The entire world is falling apart and this is the best that he can do. Something is not right.We should be talking about the US funded Honduras police going into a college and shooting 8 students because they refuse to continue to work for free and asking for food and medicine.

  32. I'm 71, Trump has 100 pounds on me. I challenge him to a boxing match. LOL On the serious side, I would beat the living shit out of that fat fucker. Biden was joking and it was my kinda humor. I still would never vote for him, but it was a fun challenge. Trump couldn't do one single push up.


    "I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

    The oath of office of the President of the United States is the oath or affirmation that the President of the United States takes after assuming the presidency but before carrying out any duties of the office!

  34. Settling political disputes by arm wrestling is about the level we're at today. Who's got the biggest biceps ?

  35. I just stumbled to this channel! Great combination! A very smart guy and a gay white guy. Very good perspective offered. I love it.

  36. When ever Biden gets scared ! He talks about a stupid push up contest😂. He does this many times with people he's afraid of! Long history of this routine he does! Full Blown Loser ! Like His Druggie Son!
    Where's Hunter? 😂

  37. Biden is that creep annoying guy at the bar bragging about how much he lifts, push ups he can do and he hasn't done them in 45 yrs since high school.

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