Bicep Building Supersets | Female Muscle

Bicep Building Supersets | Female Muscle

Let’s build those biceps together with
supersets in 3 2 1 intro. (Intro) What’s going on all my no
frill fitness friends? My name is Leah Atz welcome back to my channel where you get no frill fitness from a no frill female. Welcome to any new subscribers
who are out there and of course if you haven’t already make sure you throat
punch that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any future videos. As a
female it can be challenging to build muscle but let me assure you that it is
possible. We’re gonna jump right into this bicep building superset workout so
let’s just get straight into it. Cross body cable curls. This superset is really
going to put a big focus on the brachialis muscle.
I set a pulley to a low position and grab on to it with no attachment. I
proceed to do a hammer curl but bring the arm across the body. Try to keep the
elbow pointing down and against your body the entire time. I immediately go into a cable hammer
curl. I do this one second because I’ll be fatigued from the unilateral curl and
with the arms working together I’ll be able to bang out more reps. At the top of
the curl I split the rope and pause for a second. Reverse grip curl. You are
mechanically weaker in the palm down position which is why I started with
this grip first. I aim for around eight to twelve reps.
The pronated position also will put more work on the forearm and brachioradialis.
The second part of the superset is to change my hand position so now I am in a
supinated or palms up position. This could also be done with a barbell or
dumbbells. This last superset is going to hit both the short head and the long
head. Lay on an incline bench with your arms hanging off. Perform a bicep curl
but be sure to keep the upper arms perpendicular to the floor, elbows should
not move. The only movement should be them bending as you curl the weight up.
The arm in front position is going to put more emphasis on the short head very
important to not start swinging. We then flip around on the same bench and
perform an incline dumbbell curl with the arms behind us. This will put a
greater stretch in the long head. Unlike the last exercise where I keep my
hands in the supinated position I actually start in the neutral grip and
as I curl up I rotate my forearms so at the top of the movement my palms are
facing up. The bicep isn’t just responsible for bending the elbow but
also forearm rotation. I should point out that that I do a lot of super sets in my
workout routine regardless of what muscle group I’m working. I actually made
a video of different types of intensity techniques for muscle growth and I’ll
actually link it down in the description box below and I’ll have it up here
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the way out and I’m gonna see you all of course next time. I do alot of supersets in my workout splits regardless of what exercise err. (siren) Well that’s not good. It’s a tornado siren. Well…….what do I do? (sirens) Doesn’t look bad out. Gotta love Minnesota
we get tornadoes high humidity heat really frigid temperatures blizzards
rain ice. It’s great it’s great. Thanks again for watching everyone make sure
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