1. Another great work out Chris. Would be interested in knowing what make of dumbbells you use whilst working out as I am thinking of purchasing some.

  2. Workout

    1:06 Reverse Sumo Walks 20 reps
    1:55 Dumbbell Jumping Squats 15 reps
    2:40 Stationary Pause Lunges 10 reps each leg
    3:57 Dumbbell Calf Raises 20 reps
    4:37 Dumbbell Side Squats 10 reps each leg
    5:37 Assisted Pistol Squats 8 reps each leg
    6:37 Hip Thrusters With Dumbbells 10 reps

    Total of 4 rounds.

  3. You are great … Your channel is outstanding … I had been in search for a fitness trainer and my search finds you … Thanks for such a great work … Love from INDIA ❤️

  4. 😍 😍 woo babyy. It’s so crazy to see how much you’ve grown in a couple of years!! Now if you’ll just come out with more women’s apparel 😬

  5. Make a tour of Pakistan .. we will provide u famous food here so that u can tell us more fat burning exercises from back home🤣🤣

  6. And another question… why the hell haven't you been uploading the rome and berlin vlog from last year??? please do it!

  7. coming from an acl and meniskus surgery back in december, that’s a great workout to regain my strength in my leg. Can’t do all of the excercises yet, but i’ll get there!

  8. Hey chris I'm 15 and skinny, but i started to notice that I had a bit of a belly starting to form. I also used to eat anything but the past year i have started to put on weight. Not a big amount but a bit. So i decided to start working out because one of my friends who's the same age as me is f** muscular and he doesn't even lift. I am a freediver and own a couple belts with 4kg each of weight and started training my hole body with them at home. I have also used a few of you're workouts. now it's been about 2.5 months and i already see my abs and also i have developed a toned chest, biceps, legs, forearms and realy built pretty nice triceps overall. I also been improving my diet. anyways i hope this can espire people to get off there ass and thanks man for the help.

  9. Yo. Sup Heria team. Please make videos on leg workouts. Like leg series 1 to 4 just like six pack abs series.

  10. Hola Chris! Excelente entrenamiento 💪💪👏🏼 Excelente 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    2020 THE YEAR OF JHUST GRAVY!!!!!!!

  12. Chris heria, faz um vídeo com a evolução dos inscritos. Eu evoluir bastante com os seus vídeos, me motivaram bastante, me fez sai da zona de conforto. Parabéns meu Amigo ❤👏👏👏

  13. Hey Chris you are blessing to my life and to my family 🙏 It been a month now that I been watching you’re videos . I like how you explain ever workout step by step 🙏 thank you . 160 Pounds right now my goal is to be 180 pounds by the end this year . I been going to the gym for 6 months already Monday through Friday for 1 hour . I see big change . I’m getting stronger . Thank to your workouts Chris 🙏 this month and the next month I’m not doing any weights for 2 months I’m Push-ups sit ups and pull-ups and lakes what out weighs. I want to be stronger .do it right so thank you again 🙏 god bless you I love you my brother – keep it up

  14. What type of foods do you & and don’t eat?
    How many times do you eat a day ?
    How many times do you work out a day?
    How often should you do legs day a week?

  15. Hey Chris big fan I would like if u can do a work out routine for calisthenics. To learn everything step by step. I wanna be as goog as you in calisthenics still a beginner and have tried everyone work out sessions.

    Bud it doesn't feel like I'm making progress like a 30 day routine or 60 i don't now what work outs is before others.

  16. I keep sharing your workouts to friends that can't go to the gym because it's raining or too cold to go out. I just wanted to thank you for making theses videos. You have no idea how much you help. You rock Chris!

  17. His workouts don't seem terribly hard to do (with some exceptions). Then he says to repeat the workout 4 times lol

  18. What a nice places, can't wait for the video. I have to try that Workout but I need to wait bc of the 30day challenge. I saw that video on the 18th of January so I still have a bit to go🙌. I instantly activated the notification bell after that xD. Keep up the good work and stay strong💪

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