[Basic eng subs- don’t judge] Victon Weightlifting fairies (weekly idol)

[Basic eng subs- don’t judge] Victon Weightlifting fairies (weekly idol)

(Big Byung- Stress come on ) (consists of BTOB Sunjae, Vixx N and Hyuk also Got7 Jackson) (Created by Doni and Coni in 2014) (previous record of lifting doni and coni is 23 by Big Byung) (Byeongchan and Hanse caring for the hoverboard welfare instead of Coni’s) (Coni getting pissed) Doni: One Doni or two Defcon? (Victon asking leader Seungwoo to pick) Seungwoo: I pick Jeong Hyeong-don sunbae-nim Doni: Who is the weakest? (Victon picks Byeongchan as the weakest) Ready?
Byeonchan: wait Seungsik: fighting Byeonhchan: I’m for real (can’t handle the burden) (Victon: you can do it) Byeongchan: I have a favour sunbae-nim Doni: Yes? (Victon to Byeongchan: Don’t cry) Byeongchan: Can you please jump? Doni: Ok Doni: 1…2…3 Doni: Ok Byeongchan got zero Subin: Hanse Seungwoo:Hanse you can do it Seungsik: right Hanse: (squishy squishy?!) Doni: I’m embarrassed 1…2…3 Coni: You need to go down Coni: aigoo, fail Doni: Subin-ie Subin: Yes? (Something about it being weak here) Coni: Subin-ie Subin: Fighting Rest of Victon: fighting Coni: Now three have failed Doni: They needed to sit more Doni: They can do it. Sejun-ie’s body is good. Seungwoo: Now its the Hyung-line fighting Coni: Sejun-a use mind control. Coni: Think about someone you love Doni: start 1….2…3 4…5…6 7…8 9.. Sejun: aaaaaaa Don’t move me 1,2,3 10 11…….12 Coni: He has good strength Coni: Sejun-ie is strong Chan: How do we do it? Doni: Everyone. Its hard for me too Doni: Subin, Hanse and Byeongchan Doni: Stupid (did he say that??????) Seungwoo: Chan fighting Coni: good 1 2 3 4 5 6….7….8 12+8=20 Byeonchan to Chan: Are you okay? Coni to Doni: I know its hard Coni: Ok from here everyone now Coni: tall (is that what he said?? to Seungwoo and Seungsik) Seungsik: Can I hold you for a sec Coni: Yea ok. Start. Coni: We’ll start with Seungsik Doni: 1 2 Doni: it hurts to much here 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11…12 Coni and Doni: Good job Coni and Doni: Seungsik is a man Doni: He has a good body Coni: Sejun is currently first and Seungsik is second Coni: easy or hard way? Coni: I’ll jump for you (Subin: Jump and then collapse) Subin: Fighting Coni: start 1 2 3 4 Seungsik: oh this is actually ok! Doni: Victon success Doni: leader Seungwoo Subin: fighting Seungwoo: Ta da Seungsik: ah please Doni: The gift Victon has won is ….. Doni: A drone! Seungwoo: Thank you

24 thoughts on “[Basic eng subs- don’t judge] Victon Weightlifting fairies (weekly idol)

  1. Please click the = button for the english subs to appear. These subs aren't 100% finished. Any help is welcomed to complete it.

  2. hahahahaha "stupid" 😂😂😂 i didn't expect sejun to be this strong and hanse to be so weak lmao! i thought hanse will at least carry him for 3 or 5 times but… 😂😂 heo chan is just so irresistable, my focus kept drifting to him heh! he makes my heart go doojoon doojoon 😂😂😂

  3. So their strength ranking is Seungwoo > Sejun > Seungsik > Chan > Subin > Hanse > Byungchan (?) Seems to me that it is like this. Sejun struggled less while doing 12 of squats compared to Seungsik. Subin & Hanse are very close but Subin could still hold on to Doni while he squatted but once Hanse squatted he dropped Doni 😂

  4. his seungwoo….woww….in pdx his so bright and innocent…but the true..his so charming and sexy wkwkkkk

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