Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.1

Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.1

super request is bar muscle-ups why haven’t you done a bar myself well because I haven’t had time but now we’re on it and here’s what’s going on we have a couple steps the goal here is to take the muscle up that we see on the Rings and utilize that skill of clearing an obstacle to bring it to the bar there are a couple drills I want you guys to practice and I’ve actually posted some of these before if you go back in time and you look at ring rows and then kipping ring rows everyone thought that was kind of a joke but the kipping ring row is a big part of the kipping bar muscle-up the goal is to take the whole arm component out of the way and just utilize the changing of position of your body from this bowing and deflection in order to create rotation around the bar so the first thing you must be able to do is chin over the bar pull up so if you come over here with me you should have a good chin over the bar pull up where all I’m looking at is can I do chin over the bar without throwing my chin up if I have chin over the bar I should be able to do Chester bar but not me driving the chest up but ripping the elbows behind my back that’s just guaranteeing that I have this full range of motion shoulder strength for pulling so if you watch the Chester bar I’m hanging chin is in elbows behind the back once they have that here comes the tricky part that’s kind of your strength component if you have that you’re pretty good to go the third part is can I get my hips up what’s gonna happen is as I do my Kip once my feet are in front and I’m in this position this little banana position this hollow body position I’m gonna do a slight pull that pole is gonna slightly bend my elbows but not all the way it’s here slightly bent the elbows but where the magic happens is hip-up to the bar so it’s a hip drive not an arm pull it looks like the same concept it to the bar slight arm pull stroller position is good but what gets me up is a hip drive practice those what you’ll see for some of you guys is that you can’t get your hips to the bar watch part two I’m going to show you some drills

33 thoughts on “Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.1

  1. Carl Paoli really has the best tutorial videos, my CrossFit box had several of his videos at their blog!

  2. After watching this 3 part videos i went and did my first muscle up the next morning. I knew i had the strength to do it because i can do a lot of pull ups and dips. It's just a matter of getting the technique down. Most people that can do muscle ups suck at explaining it. Thanks for the videos.

  3. I'm still having trouble with the stage of bar-to-chest.

    Also, do you have any videos on single-arm-pullups?

  4. I just got my first muscle up today! Feck yea it felt good. Thanks man, this is the video that taught me how to do it. YEA!

  5. @Tadlas Jempt  Totally agree with you.. I was Ms. Skinny here and was lost so
    much confidence that i cant wear clothes as much as i wanted
    too because im too skinny. Good thing I found this program and
    was able to cope up with it in just a short weeks period. I was able
    to managed my diet eating habits properly.

  6. I've been able to do bar muscle-ups for over a year but I'm watching this because everyone keeps asking me how to learn them.

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