Backstroke swimming practice workout #1. Beginner. Backstroke technique

Backstroke swimming practice workout #1. Beginner. Backstroke technique

The goal of this channel is to help you swim
better. On this video we will go over a roughly one-hour-practice
that will help you to swim a better backstroke. It is 1800 meters (or yards) long. You can download the pdf of this practice
on the link in the description. We start with a 100 easy freestyle plus 50
backstroke kick. This is to warm up the muscles, specially
the legs since we are going to use them a lot. Do this twice to complete the warm up. This next set is going to help you improve
your backstroke technique. It consists of 4 x 25 drills and 2 x 50s backstroke. You will do this 4 times changing the drill
each time. For the first set of 4 x 25s drills you will
do rotating kick. This is a very important drill to help you
focus on the rotation and it will also work on your core. Then do the two 50s backstroke focusing on
rotation. Resting around 30 seconds or so depending
on how you feel. It is important to do the drills well so rest
a little bit more before continuing the next set of drills. This time you will do one 25 with one arm
and the next with the other arm. Now do the full stroke on the 50s focusing
on the pull of each arm. The third drill is almost like full backstroke
but you will make a pause after each stroke. While you are gliding continue kicking about
4 or 6 time. Now do the two 50s focusing on the rotation
of the shoulders. The next drill is a bit more challenging. You have one arm by your side. The other hand goes out with your thumb first
and enters pinky first, then the hand goes back and then you do a normal stroke. Now you change arms. To stay a float make sure to take a good breath
before the arm goes out. The air in your lungs will help you float
better. Now do the two 50s focusing on how your hans
break the surface and how the enter the water. Now we move on to a little bit of speed. Do 4x25s plus a 50 easy twice. The first 25 should be the slowest. Then you increase the speed. The last 25 should be the fastest. The 50 easy can be freestyle if you wish. It is meant to help you relax your muscles
a little bit. The third set is to improve your underwater
dolphin kicks. do 4 x 25s reverse dolphin kick. This is very helpful to practice this kick
without holding your breath. After you finish this try this. Do one wall push plus one underwater kick. Go back to the wall doing backstroke. Now in the next push do two underwater kicks.
on the third one do three and finish the last push with 4 underwater dolphin kicks. To finish do 100 backstroke focusing on good
technique. Now do the warm down. 4 x 50s easy relaxed freestyle. Don’t forget to stretch. To download the pdf of this practice see in
the link description. Check out this backstroke video that might
help you out. See you next time! Swim fast!

32 thoughts on “Backstroke swimming practice workout #1. Beginner. Backstroke technique

  1. I'm a fairly new subscriber and lately on occasion you guys upload videos on the strokes and problems that I've been trying to address. This really helps because backstroke is the stroke other than free that appeals to me most.

  2. 배영 수영 연습 훈련 #1. 초보자. 배영 기술

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    이 훈련의 PDF 파일을 내려받으시려면:

    Skills NT 가게:

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  3. Amazing!! Thank you SO SO MUCH for this. Please keep uploading more "full workouts" with circuits and sets. 😁 🏊🏼

  4. 수영에 있어 중요한 부분 많이 배웁니다^^~ 물속에서 노는법도 함께
    이런 귀한 동영상에 번역까정 넘넘 감사합니다^^

  5. you need to make a video on head position in backstroke. either its not tagged on your channel or you never made one for it, but i feel like it's the most needed

  6. I'm trying my best to follow backstroke's techniques but still i got sinked and sinked. And one other, it's hard for me to breath because the water lets me sink. Are there some suggestion ? What should i do to solve this ?

  7. We have a 10 workout program available now. It is focused on short freestyle training. It will help you gain speed and also put in practice a good freestyle technique. Click here to learn more about it:

  8. i tried to swim backstroke today, and i found that i cannot breath when the arm came out of the water, and the drills are maybe a little difficult for me now, because i began to swim backstroke today. and my left shoulder pains today, is it because of the lack of rotation? look forward for your replying!

  9. Cool work out. Don't practice backstroke as much but this workout gave me a better understanding on how to properly do backstroke and definitely increased my speed. Abs hurt a little after but enjoyed the workout. Struggled with the dolphin kicks but going to try to improve on that. Thanks for the workout routine.

  10. Hi
    When i do backstroke i just go here n there i dnt know why but it happens all the time.
    How to do on one line like u do …pls guide.

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