What’s going on Nation? I’m Scott from And today I’m going to show you the only two exercises you need to build a bigger back, if you missed the other video I did I’m the only two exercises you need to build a bigger chest I’ll link to that down in the info section below as well as in the end cards of this video. So make sure you watch the entire thing and check it out. Now when it comes to the back a lot of people think that because it’s such a big area of muscle that we have to do a lot of different exercises to hit it properly when in reality if we break it down and think about it in the most simplest way. There’s only two main functions that we need to focus on when training our back and that’s shoulder extension which is when you bring your arm down and behind you like this, okay, and then also depressing and retracting the scapula or shoulder packing so this right here and we can accomplish these two very specific movements with two very specific exercises and we’re gonna go over that right now. But before we get started if any of you are looking for a new program to bust through a muscle building plateau or just to start seeing some serious gains go down that info section. Check out the link to my cheat and recover program and I’m also gonna put a link down there for you guys to sign up for my app. It’s coming out very soon and if you get on this list, you’d be one of the first people to know when it drops and you can download it right away. The first exercise you guys should focus on as they pull up or a weighted pull-up and what makes this exercise so great is the fact that you cannot only overload on it a lot more than any other exercise but you’re moving your entire body through space versus doing a lat pulldown or reverse pulldown where you’re only moving your arms and if you do the weighted pull up correctly you can disengage your biceps by not gripping the handles as hard as possible. A lot of people grip the box so high that they instinctively flex their biceps throughout the entire movement. Try taking your thumb and going on top of the handles and then pulling up that way and the pull-up does work through those functions that we just talked about as you pull yourself up you’re getting shoulder external rotation then as you get to the top portion of the movement, you’re gonna also be retracting and depressing your scapula. So you’re working through those two major functions that you want to hit and guys when doing a pull-up you should be taking a one-second pause at the bottom so you can really get that deep stretch in those lats. If you remember a few months back I made a video where you could literally just do a dead hang weighted pull up and see lat growth. Zero reps just literally hanging there for as long as you can with as much weight as you can and a lot of you reported back that you not only saw growth, but you were able to finally start doing bodyweight pull-ups as well. So I’ll link to that video if you missed it down in my pin comment below But overall pull-ups should be number one. And now for the second exercise it’s going to be the t-bar row, but before we get started. Smash that like button and if this video gets over 4,000 likes, I’ll continue with the series with other muscle groups. So the t-bar row guys, what makes this the best? choice out of any other exercise we could do in order to grow a bigger back. Well, number one whenever your palms are facing together and your hands are close together that is always going to be your strongest position to pull as much weight as possible and when it comes to the bent over t-bar row you can put a belt on if you’d like to but for the most part as long as you’re sitting in between your legs like this not like this this is not proper form guys bend your knees and sit between your legs like that. You can overload with a lot of weight and avoid lower back pain and you can get not only a deep stretch on your back, but when you pull up you’re getting that shoulder extension and you’re also getting that scapular retraction you need to spark that muscle growth. Okay and proper form is literally bending over as much as you can pulling the bar all the way up and repeating for reps. And for those of you who have done my cheat and recover program when doing this exercise you’re able to overload with four or five maybe some of you freaks six 45 pound plates and get eight repetitions out of your chi traps because of the position you’re in you’re able to really overload for growth guys when it comes to the way to pull up like I said it’s an exercise that you can overload with a lot of weight when it comes to the t-bar row you can overload with a lot of weight and they’re safe exercises to overload with and you’re going through the main functions that you need to in order to spark muscle growth so these are the only two exercises that you need when doing your back workouts and you can literally do five to eight sets here five to eight sets here, trying to get eight to ten repetitions per exercise and your back workouts going to be done and one last thing before I let you guys go if you cannot perform a weighted pull up or you pull up in general right now I still would rather you guys do jumping negatives and then you literally jump up control the negative on the way down. Hold it for a second at the bottom and then reset yourself for reps versus going just to a lat pull down if you’re not able to do a pull-up you need to eventually be able to do one to maximize the efficiency of one of the best exercises you can do for your back and yeah, maybe sometimes in your workout go to the lat pulldown just to switch things up but overall you should be doing pull-ups as much as possible. So give them a shot let me know what you guys started the video down in that info section below and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “BACK: The ONLY TWO Exercises You Need For GROWTH! | THICKNESS & WIDTH

  1. Can you build muscle at a maintaince like let's say I eat 2344 calories just to maintain my body weight can I still build muscle.

  2. I don't have machines….so for my back. I do bodyweight pull-ups, weighed pull-ups, T-bar rows and dip rows.. We speak the same language… Thumps up..

  3. Kind of true. I kind of agree. I like the dead-hang idea. Didn't know that. But, lower lat work has improved my, well, lower lat area, so I would put that in any essential rotation.

  4. I have trouble with body weight Pull ups despite a decent sized back that came from a lot of row exercises. Do you feel assisted Pull ups are a good place to start?

  5. T-bar row is an excellent exercise but I would also consider the Barbell row particularly the Pendlay Row. Athlean X's Jeff Caveliere also gives us a similar exercise to the Pendlay, the Dead Row (starts out as a deadlift then into a row instead of a hip hinge to lift).

  6. can I use assisted pull up instead? like thosepull up machines with weight to assist you since I cant do a normal pull up myself. Thanks Scott, great video

  7. Lol Before we get staaaahhhhted. Wow and all this time I was doing probably 5 different exercises plus dead lifts at the end. Two hours later….

  8. These are the only 2 exercises i do (for back) except i use straps to add weight i spend as much time on my pull up bar as possible.

  9. I can only do 3-4 pullups with slow, good form. I will try some tricks to increase my strength, but it's not easy to say the least. I don't think I will ever be able to do weighted pullups though.

  10. Love that jumping controlling negative pull up…seen an increase in strength and gains love it. Since another nerve injury I’m getting new gains. Great stuff Scott 👍🏻

  11. You're using improper form on the pull up it's all upper back no lats…. on the T Bar Row improper form not working your lats… it's upper back again! The people that don't know anything you can tell them anything!

  12. Is there an alternative to the t bar row you suggested, Scott? At the gym, I have the chest support one. I don’t really feel the back muscles working with that.

  13. This is by far the best, most informative and least time consuming fitness channel ever! I have started following your 2 exercises only programme recently and it’s the best thing that I ever experienced at the gym. Keep up the good work man. And don’t change that accent. It’s awesome and all the guys imitating your accent in the comments are equally awesome. You’re a great sport and all this adds to the charm of your videos💪🏻

  14. Bodybuilding is not a performance sport… doing weighted pull ups and narrow grip T Bar rows using the most weight possible is bad advice… you're promoting ego lifting….. you know nothing and they've learned nothing!

  15. I used to look at this guy as if he's some cliché gym guy that speaks alotta bro science now i really like him, very informative and straight to the point and i can confirm the effectiveness of this serie,.

  16. Hey for some reason, the barbell hits my balls when doing the tbar row and its annoying… how can I fix that? Thank You!

  17. Your back is easily your least impressive body part. Some of your videos are good but your back training vids are weak.

  18. STAAHTED?! Accent sounds strange?! I’m from UK so haven’t heard it before. It’s either an accent, a speech impediment or a result of years of muscular gains? I’m not sure! 🤔

  19. Ok, I may have missed it. Since at the moment I cannot do a pull-up should I just be doing hanging pull-ups first? Great series of videos Scott, thank you.

  20. Using T bar for 1st time after this video. Great workout I feel all my back working but for other newcomers to this exercise be careful not to hit your nuts

  21. Soo if we do a t bar row we don't need to do a single arm bent over row? Because I feel it really hits the lats.

  22. Thank you. I had to rewatch it after a year because I was getting lost in exercise selection. Bringing these 3 exercises (including the weighted hang) back into my workout!

  23. only half right.. pull ups yes.. t bar rows.. no thanks.. knee height rack pulls or pendaly rows are more bang for your buck..

  24. Scott, for the pullups, is it alright to stop pulling yourself up when your elbows are at 90 degree angle? Or does your chin actually have to go above the bar?

  25. I usually skip a minute ahead so I miss when he says "STAHTED" but I missed the mark this time and cringed so hard I dropped my phone 😂

  26. Doing these 2 exercises each full body workout for back gains. Just on of them per session. And to keep things interesting, alternating t-bar for back row. On pull up back sesh, including some 1 handed lat pull downs. Back is growing like a mothafucka! 😀
    Good vids Scotty!

  27. Been doing only these two excersises for a couple months now. The overload you can Do is serious stuff and I can confirm getting lots stronger and seeing growth. I also superset the tbar with regular rowing so i dont have to change the plates 👍🏼 Amazing vid and greetings from germany

  28. great video ! i am inspired . however my first weak point is my grip. how to improve it ? i feel my hand can't hold enough and is painful… thanks a lot !

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