Alessandra Ambrosio Shares her Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout | ELLE

Alessandra Ambrosio Shares her Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout | ELLE

Train like an Angel. Train like you are worth it. Train like your Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m here today, at Tracy Anderson’s studio
to “Train Like An Angel,” with a Victoria Secret Angel. I feel very, very nervous actually so wish
me luck. Hey!! Hello! I’m here ready to train like an Angel. You are ready to train like an Angel, first
of all she’s got the best smile to train like an Angel. I do, I feel very nervous. Well you’re already an Angel, but now you’re
going to work out like an Angel. Yes! I’m going to work out like an Angel. Ok here we go, so I’m just going to ask that
you put these tiny ankle weights on. We’re going to go nice and easy. Usually she make us go with both weights,
there’s no choice it’s like it’s the 5lb and the 3lb. Ankle pressure. Yea. We’re going to just really work on the butt,
and thighs from here. So you’re going to start, you’re going to
cross your right leg over your left leg. You’re going to start with both of your hands
up, but then as you reach your right leg up to the ceiling, you’re going to come down
on your left elbow…and then back up. Ok? So we’re going to do this one, 5 times. One… Do I look the same as Alessandra, doing this? I would have you do this 30 times, we’re going
to do it 5. Then you can take this tape home, and you
can work up to 30. Good job, now you’re going to come to a plank
position here. You’re going to lean in on to your right hip,
you’re just going to push up into a plank position. Cross that right leg over the left. So drop, and lift. Good job, now we’re going to switch to the
other side. Take the left leg down, and push it up. One… Argh, ok! Yup! And two… It takes a few times, to get used to the moves
but then…you know. And then you can’t live without! Yea exactly! I’m going to actually have you grab a 3 pound
weight. Ok? Get your 3 pound weight, and then you’re going
to bend over to the side. Down, and then you’re going to place the weight
down, and lift the leg behind you. Ok, so… Ok now you’re going to switch and go to the
other side. Take your weights, you’re going to stay kneeling,
and you’re going to lift up to a high V. Here, down, and then a bent V. K? So we’re going to go one… Nicely done. Good job, I think you can do arms really well. Last one you’re going to balance on this weight,
and we’re going to lift the right leg up, and we’re just going to extend it back, with
a little pulse there. So bend, extend, pulse. Bend, so we’re balancing, extend, pulse. Like it works every muscle in your body. Like this exercise… I don’t have abs! Can’t the close camera be on Alessandra this
is really unfair. Yes, all the cameras should be on Alessandra,
exactly. So bend, extend, lift. Bend, extend, lift. Good job! What do you think Alessandra? I think she just earned some wings! Right!! I think so too! You just trained like an Angel!

13 thoughts on “Alessandra Ambrosio Shares her Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout | ELLE

  1. I actually appreciate how you used someone who showed that the workout was actually challenging and didn't make it look easy!

  2. I might try this, looks like a good workout. I can't imagine the show without her, I hope she enjoys her retirement! ❤

  3. Three pound weights, Why do women use those little weights ? They don't do anything, why even make three pound weights? At least 10 pound weights. Any adult human being can lift 10 pounds even little models, and if you can't please go to the doctor you need iron.

  4. She dude in real life no back boy male body bones so look it up she over extends to be girl overly fake all that no but lol

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