7 Reasons Why You Need to Do Planks Every Day

7 Reasons Why You Need to Do Planks Every Day

Seven reasons why you need to do planks every day. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. They don’t take much time or effort. And you don’t have to wait long for tangible results. Several incredible changes will happen to your body if you do this exercise regularly. For instance, it can help give you a mood boost. Watch the video to find out all the benefits of regular planks. 1. Your core muscles strengthen. Planks involve all the major groups of core muscles, including transverse and oblique abdominal muscles, and the buttocks. Their strengthening will give you an increased ability to lift heavy things, form a waistline and provide support for your back. 2. The risk of back and spine injury reduces. If you want to exercise regularly without discomfort, you first should make your muscles strong. Planks are an exercise that allows you to strengthen muscles without unnecessary strain on the spine. Perform them regularly to reduce back pain significantly and provide strong support for your spine, especially its upper part. Also, the plank is a safe way to increase overall muscle mass. 3. Your metabolism accelerates. Did you know that everyday planks burn more calories than other exercises? Planks are especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. A daily ten-minute workout at home before or after work provides a higher level of metabolism throughout the day, even during sleep, 4. Your posture improves. You’ll start keeping your back straight more easily. Planks strengthen the abdominal, back, neck, shoulder and chest muscles. As a result, you’ll no longer wanna stoop. 5. Your coordination improves. Have you ever tried to stand on one foot? What happened? If nothing good, then your abdominal muscles most likely weren’t strong enough. Perform the side plank regularly, and you’ll learn to keep your balance. 6. You become more flexible. Flexibility is the key advantage the plank provides. Working out in this way you stretch the muscles around the shoulders, scapula and collarbones. Biceps and hip muscles also develop, and your feet and toes become flexible. 7. Your mood lifts up. [thunder] The planking exercise affects your nervous system. It stretches and relaxes muscles which are usually stiffened due to stress, creating tension throughout the body. Planks help to get rid of anxiety and symptoms of depression, but only if you make them part of your daily life Do you perform the plank exercise every day? How does it work for you? Don’t forget to hit the like button below and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life.

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  3. Umm my idea is in 14 days or two weeks

    Day 1- 20 seconds plank
    Day 2- 20 seconds plank
    Day 3- 30 seconds plank
    Day 4- 1 minute plank
    Day 5- 1 minute plank
    Day 6- 3 minute plank
    Day 7- 2 minute plank
    Day 8- 30 seconds plank
    Day 9- 1 minute 30 seconds
    Day 10- 2 minutes
    Day 11- 3 minutes
    Day 12- 50 seconds
    Day 13- Rest day
    Day 14- 5 minutes plank
    I suggest you to do that guys🙂

  4. Okok so if you trying to gain weight and keep a flat stomach can you do different planks like 4 days a week n 3 times a day will it make u loose weight? bc I'm just trynna keep a small waist and flat stomach

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  7. Planks drives me crazy 😜 and I keep pushing farther for better results. Gosh I tell you, those planks are paying off. Seeing results really motivates me to work harder.

    Your core muscles strengthen 0:55
    The risk of back and spine injury reduces 1:20
    Your metabolism accelerates 1:58
    Your posture improves 2:23
    Your coordination improves 2:45
    You become more flexible 3:12
    Your mood lifts up 3:37

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  11. 4:14 shore, I was doing it before watching your YouTube channel, and now I understand how helpful and healthy It is…
    Thanks really ❤ Now I won't stop doing it. I'm really grateful

  12. I do 5 minutes of a plank every day for gymnastics and sometimes I just do it if I feel bloated and I realized I have a lot a muscle now but that could be just the conditioning from gymnastics

  13. I told my mom I done with working out I just going to do planks and she has hold it for five minutes I said duck that I holding it for 2 minutes haha this is my day 2 of doing good it

  14. I usually do 7 minutes a day, or try to at least. I’m going through some mental changes I’m trying to make, I have been really negative torwards myself, I lock myself often, and shun myself away. But I’m trying to re-wire my brain to be more positive and lead to happier life. I’ve done so sound waves to increase positivity in the brain, yoga, regular exercise, and doing what I love which is either exercising or gaming :P. I usually combine both into a session depending on the game. I just like to ramble on at times. I’m doing a lot better to say the least what I’m going through is pretty much, when you believe to have cleaned out the clutter, but there is just a bit you missed, ya know. I’ve become aware of it and will clean it. I usually start with the standard plank for 1:10, usually 5-10 second pause between each one, elbow 40 seconds, elbow one footed each side 40 seconds each, side planks elbow 40 seconds each, reverse plank 40 seconds, standard plank 40 seconds, the elbow plank 1:30 seconds.

  15. My Gym class had us do planks for 8 minutes everyday of the week and when the week was over i saw my chest muscles improving very slightly

  16. I’ve been doing planks everyday and I can do them easy now my goal it to do 2 mins and try to do a full plank with my arms up. I skipped yesterday cause I was busy .

  17. I do planks everyday, different variations and they do help.
    Honestly though, you will not see a significant difference. I only do because I watch my portions and do daily workouts.

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