6 Dumbest Burpee Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! STOP DOING THESE!

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Today we’re gonna be talking, about the six dumbest burpee mistakes Sabotaging, your, gains now if you missed, my last video where i talked, about the dumbest pushup mistake sabotaging Your, gains I’ll post a link to that down in the info section below but i also Want to say because it spent a lot of time in the comments section i see a lot of you are asking for dumbest mistake Videos on exercises that i’ve actually already covered So what i’m gonna do for you is if you go to the info section and you click on the link for the push-up video I’m actually going to include the playlist link so you can, see every dumbest mistake video i’ve already done so Make, sure you check that out a few other things before, we get started Guys, if you’re, not following, me on instagram please come check, me out scott herman fitness on instagram i’m certainly getting more into Calisthenics and i’m gonna be posting a lot of stories on that And i’m always posting fun photos and memes and stuff there too so give me a follow If you, enjoy, my content and then last but not least if you were enjoying the dumbest mistake series make Sure you leave your comments below of what you would like to see in the future so i can Keep giving you guys what you’re asking for now let’s get started alright guys So the first mistake is not utilizing full range of motion of the movement i’d rather you guys be able to do five Amazing, burpees then, push yourself to do 15, and they look, like, junk cuz the junk burpees, not gonna help You, progress with the movement or get any stronger or maximize your calorie burn and if you think about the burpee You’re, pretty much doing four different exercises you’re dropping down into a plank from the plank you’re gonna do a Push-up, from the push-up, you’re gonna go into a squat And then after the squat you’re gonna Jump into the air and it’s the combination of these four movements, which Is what makes the burpee one of the best exercises you can, do to maximize your calorie burn Spike your heart rate and get amazing, results, so i’m gonna go really slow real quick and show You, guys, what proper form looks like and this is probably, what it’s gonna look, like for a lot of you Who’ve never done a Burpee before because you’re Not gonna be going full throttle out of the gate when you start with this movement i want you guys going slow Okay, so slow version of the burpee standing up straight just like this you don’t have to drop to the floor granted if you Want to go faster and once you’re stronger you can just kind of drop to the floor But if you’re, not there yet you, want to keep this as low Impact on your joints as possible so what you’re gonna Do from here is come down and get your hands on the ground and once you’re in this position you’re gonna Jump, back to the plank then as soon as you’re in plank position You’re, gonna go into your push-up so the push-up is all the way, down to the ground all the way Back to the top once you get here you’re gonna Jump forward thrusting, your knees either into your chest or to the outside of your hands whatever your flexibility allows you to do so Jump out to the side like this then as you come up you’re obviously Doing the top portion of a squat but as you come up from the squat you’re gonna jump in the air as high as you Can and that’s utilizing full range of motion of the movement Visually see these four different exercises that you’re completing throughout the entire repetition, and that’s what You’re, going to be working with as you continue with your repetitions Mistake number two is having a loose core throughout the movement a lot of people fatigue Relatively quickly, when doing burpees, because they’re, not keeping Their core tight and a lot of other people actually end up getting a lot of lower back pain For the same reason you guys, want to be as strong as possible When you’re, doing the squat and when you’re doing the plank and when you’re doing the push-up, and the only, way you can Stay super strong, is by keeping your core tight because a loose core this starts to happen is throughout the movement And that’s not what you want so for example when you guys go down into the plank position Usually one of two things will happen is you’ll go down, and Hit the plank but when they get to this position because it don’t keep their core tight you get a dip Like this and obviously a dip, like this is going to prevent you from doing a Proper push-up, but, also if you’re going Down kind of fast you see me doing a little bit more advanced with the burpees we’re able to do them a little bit faster If you’re, going really fast you jump down and do this all that impact hits your Lower back and you’re gonna start to really feel it now the other end of the spectrum is maybe you don’t dip down Like this but when you land you actually keep your hips nice and high and again the reason, why This, is happening is because you’re starting to fatigue and you’re not keeping Your core tight so in order to compensate for that you’re putting Your hips high in the air and then what this does is it actually changes the range of motion of your push-up Where instead of using chest and triceps to do the pushup, you’re up here like this and you’re hitting a lot More front delts a lot and a lot more going through your shoulders And what’s going to happen is your chest and triceps obviously are a lot stronger you’re Gonna, be able to do a lot, more burpees properly if you’re, utilizing your chest, and triceps during the pushup but if you’re Constantly pushing through your shoulders your shoulders are gonna fatigue much quicker and you’re Gonna have an even harder time holding yourself for the plank and also holding yourself When you go from here to here and then go into the jump so In order to get rid of all of this what. You guys, want to do, is make sure you’re taking in a breath Keeping that core nice and tight as you drop, down so taking a breath Keep that core nice and tight come down into a push-up, and maybe even reset your breath After the pushup, before you go into the squat depending on how fast you’re going You, don’t have to hold, your breath the entire thing you kind of want to breathe regularly but You, want to plan your breaths so your core can, stay tight as you’re, doing the movement so do the push up reset your breath and Then jump reset your breath and then go into your next repetition Mistake number three is something i like to call, stiff leg, dropping and this you see in beginners but you Also seat a lot as people start to fatigue Probably, what gets the fatigue the most for i would say the majority of people is the quads because you’re doing a lot of jumping And a lot of squatting and as soon as those quads that to get tight or fatigued Generally, you don’t want to bend them if you don’t have, to but that can lead to a problem to what i call Stiff leg dropping and basically instead of people Bending their knees to help you know Lessen the impact on their wrists to go into the movement so even if you were to bend your knees like This, and then jump back or if you were going a bit faster and you did a combination of bending your knees then Jumping, back at the same time it’s still gonna be a lot, better than this and this, is what the stiff leg Dropping is is basically people get tired And then it’s kind of bend over and they just do this and so their feet their their knees basically never bend and you Have the entire impact of dropping your body from literally this height and your hands hitting the ground Great that you can try to, absorb some of the impact By obviously bending your hands as soon as You, get there but it can Be a potentially dangerous thing to do especially if that impact goes through your wrist and also gets into your shoulders or? If you’re, getting so fatigued that you’re doing that that’s your hands affect. Your arms not giving out cuz They’re, tired from the push-ups you could potentially, stiff leg drop And then smash your face right off the ground and i got to tell you it’s probably not gonna feel too good if you Do that so mistake number three is stiff leg, dropping Guys, just make sure you’re bending those knees and at the end of the day if you start to get really tired Instead of skipping that part of the movement i would rather you just take it back a Step and literally bring yourself to the ground, and then jump back to the plank position before coming back And doing the upper portion of the movement mistake number four is landing on flared elbows and i’ll show You, guys, what i mean it’s gonna go down into the bottom portion of the movement now typically as muscles start to fatigue Which it can, be obviously your chest and triceps when, you’re landing on the ground in order to compensate for that Some people like to turn their elbows out. And they’ll land more on flared elbows Like, this versus landing solid and having their arms tucked in this way, now the problem with this is its twofold Problem number one if you’re landing on flat elbows you’re gonna feel a lot More tension and pressure throughout your shoulders and your rotator cuff and we talked about this in my dumbest mistake series when doing push-ups Also if you’re landing on flat elbows it doesn’t put you in the proper position to actually do the push-up Where you’re, utilizing your chest and triceps and you’ll be using utilizing a lot More shoulders and pushing through the shoulder joint to perform the actual movement So if you notice that when you land in the ground that you’re not landing solid and keeping those elbows tucked in for the push-up Make, sure you, make the adjustment Because you don’t want to be doing this and Then coming up and then trying to push through in order to get yourself back to the squat position To, do the air jump at the end mistake number five guys is not breathing properly and i talked about this a bit with mistake number one But breathing is more important than just core control you have to breathe Steadily throughout this movement in order to not fatigue so quickly as you’re performing multiple reps you got to bring Oxygen in and get it to the muscles and at the same time if you start holding your breath too long with all these high-impact Exercises your face is gonna turn red, you’re gonna raise Your blood pressure and like i said it’s gonna tucker you out really quick now There are crucial moments to where like i said in the beginning You have got to keep your core tight and you can’t keep your core tight as you’re breathing in or out So in the portions of the movement to where you’re dropping and getting the most impact on your core that’s Gonna, be the most vital portion of the movement for you to hold that breath, and keep it in so typically What i do because i’m a bit more advanced and i can go really fast with my burpees is i take in a brass at the very top i Go, down and i just hit, my push up right, away i’m still holding My breath i push up to here and then as i jump up That’s when i breathe out and then i just reset? My breath once on every single repetition but obviously guys as you’re Doing the movement and you’re starting to fatigue you’re not gonna be going As fast as you probably were when you first started so for example when i’m doing, these i’ll Do like 20 reps in a row i’m gonna start out you know Going really fast like this so i only need to reset My breath once but as you start to fatigue and your breathing obviously a lot heavier it is okay to go Slower with the movement and focus on your breathing for me with any exercise i do that’s bodyweight And i’m doing a lot of repetitions of it it’s almost like the breathing helps, me push, myself through the movement Where i’m more focused on you know Trying to get myself through it versus how, many reps i have left so if your satting to fatigue out Taking a breath Go, down to the bottom breathe out taking a breath then. Jump back Go, down breathe out on the way up Taking a breath Come back to here maybe breathe out one more time then taking a breath Push, through, to the top, and then land so It all depends on how fast you’re going With the burpee but breathing is super important if you’re holding your breath too much you will fatigue Much quicker and the sixth and final mistake guys is not Progressing with the movement now if you’re getting to a point to where you can, do 20 to 30 burpees No, problem i mean obviously, that’s pretty incredible but at the same time you’re really Not maximizing the effectiveness of the exercise because it’s getting to a point, where it’s getting too Easy, just like anything else you do in the gym if it starts to get to easy usually you Add more resistance to it and there is a way to do that with the burpee however i know Some of you guys aren’t there yet so as i go through these Progressions i’m gonna start off with the simplest one and the simplest way to start a burpee is to do Plank, burpees and the reason, why, you do a Plank, burpee is because you’re basically, doing the entire movement but, when you get to the bottom plank position you’re Not doing the push-up for those of you, who have a really hard, time with Push-up, so don’t have the upper-body strength to, do let’s say 10 to 12 burpees with, the push-up included the plank burpee is gonna allow you to Still start to work through those different ranges of motion and build the strength you need to get you ready to do the actual Push-up, position of their actual push-up part of the movement however i will say No, matter what burpee you are doing always Make, sure you’re jumping as high as you can at the end of the movement this is not a contest Where you’re trying to figure out or you’re trying to beat somebody, we’re how Many, burpees you can Do in like 30 seconds this is you trying to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise and if you’re just doing little Baby jumps at the end of every single repetition It’s not helping. You it’s only, gonna make it they make it so you Don’t progress as much as you could if you’re doing as Jump jumping, as high as you possibly can at the end of every single repetition Now once you’ve mastered the plank burpee obviously the next progression from there is the classic Burpee or the standard burpee now obviously you know full range of motion is for this movement because we’ve gone over it throughout? this Video however this still might be some some of you that get to this point to where you can Do the push-up and you either can, only, do let’s say, five burpees in a row With a full, push-up, but, by the time to get to that sixth one maybe you, still don’t have Quite the upper-body strength you need to continue your repetitions doing the push-up So, what i say to you is go to the go back to the plank if you need to or what you can Also do is do a push-up on your knees and i talked about this in my push-up video dumbest mistakes for push-ups, again Guys, make, sure you, check out that video if you, need help with Your push-ups but, what you can do is literally perform the burpee and when you get down to the plank position drop your knees to the ground Do your push-up on your knees then lift, your knees back up off the ground Back to the plank position then explosively thrust, your knees into Your chest to get to the position you need to be in in order to do the jump squat at the end the next progression Is the high knees burpee and this is where it starts to get a bit crazy, guys nobody likes doing, high knees and Nobody really likes doing, high knees at the end of a burpee but it’s great you’re gonna get a lot More core activation a lot, more lower ab Activation and it’s gonna fatigue the crap out of your legs especially your quads and the way you do this is you’re? Gonna perform a standard burpee however at the end when you jump in the air you’re, gonna jump and lift Your knees as high as you possibly can just be careful though because as you start to fatigue and lift. Your knees up You, want to make sure you can, get them down quick enough to, absorb the impact When you hit the ground the last thing you Want to do is jump so high and bring your knees up and then just kind of fall on the ground and hurt yourself so As you progress with this movement start incorporating the high knees into it and challenge yourselves to do more repetitions Like this the next progression, is the ting jumping lunge burpee now for this progression guys, you’re, gonna do the burpee the Same way you normally, would however at the end instead of just doing a Jumping squat, you’re gonna do an alternating jumping lunge so jump into the air land with Your left foot forward your right leg, back go down as low as you can Explosively push yourself into the, air switch legs land go as low. As you can explosively push yourself into the air again and then go into your next repetition for your next burpee, and Continuing continue to do this for all your repetitions the next progression is something i like to call a long, jump burpee Where essentially we’re taking the high knees and we’re just pushing it one step further so you’re, still doing a full Push-up, you’re, still doing full range of motion however this time instead of doing a. Squat jump and lifting your knees you’re, gonna Jump forward as far as you possibly Can and then as soon as you land you’re gonna turn around, and then do a. Burpee and then Jump, back now obviously if you have the room and you? Want to jump forward a few times that’s fine but if you have limited space Where you only can do one jump literally do a Burpee jump as high as you can and then turn around, and just keep going Back and forth until you complete all your repetitions and the last progression i have for you guys is the dumbbell Burpee it should be pretty self-explanatory What you guys are gonna do is hold a dumbbell in each hand i recommend starting off really light Maybe threes maybe fives and if you’re feeling really really strong, today maybe grab some tens and you’re Gonna, perform the movement the same way you normally Would however i do recommend that when you get into the down position That you really just try to lower yourself so that those dumbbells hit the ground correctly especially if you’re Using hexagons the last thing you, want to do is crank Your wrist because you landed the wrong with the dumbbells so take it easy on the way, down plant those dumbbells into the ground Jump, back, do your push-up get back to the squat position Explosively jump in the air and then push those dumbbells over your head as much as you can Now as you be pretty obvious that this is going to fatigue your shoulders much more than a normal burpee Would however if you’re cranking those burpees and they’re a, big part of your routine and you really Want to maximize the benefits of the exercise adding dumbbells the movement can really help you out and then if you Want to you can even stop maximizing This, exercise even more by incorporating the high knees the alternating jumping lunge or even the long jump While holding the dumbbells it’s totally up to you just make sure you’re, always pushing your limits but you’re Doing it safely so there you have it guys the six dumbest burpee mistakes Sabotaging, your, gains please if you enjoyed the video show, some love By smashing that like button subscribing if you haven’t already and obviously guys, make Sure you click in that bell so you, never miss a new, video upload hope, you guys, enjoyed the video leave those comments Below so i know, what you, want to see next and as always more good stuff coming, soon see you guys

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