69 thoughts on “3 YEARS at the GYM…But I’m Still Skinny

  1. you're not skinny mate! I've been hitting the gym on and off for 7 years and would consider myself on about the same level as you, so you're doing it right!

  2. You're still small because you care about your abs and striations on your cheeks. If you bulk and move up to 17% body fat you'll be a fucking tank.

  3. Доброго времени суток, Mike, у вас прекрасное телосложение, вы схожи во внешности с Kevin Levrone, ну я думаю вы не в первые слышите об этом)
    Подскажите название песни, в самом начале этого ролика, буду очень благодарен)

  4. i didnt even track my calories and proteins and i have gained 20 kg by eating Clean and train hard. i have trained for 1 and half year

  5. Not to be rude but why would anyone want to be huge anyway? I think the skinny cut look is better than the huge ripped look.

  6. Im 6'0" 210 lbs. and I hover about 12% bf or 17% now while bulking. Luckily my body bulks easily. No idea why. I've been consistently training for 4 years and if your sole purpose is to gain muscle, you need to not have your body in calorie deficit, but a calorie surplus.

  7. I deal with this as well. I started at 118 lb and now weight 150 but I still feel like I am skinny even though i have gotten stronger and put on obvious weight.

  8. Hello. im 16 and im trying to look good. Ive been building muscle by weights, bench, squat etc. but im fat. I play basketball, do loads of cardio, eat healthy but i cant lose any weight!! its so annoying. WHAT CAN I DO! I tried using myfitnesspal but it doesnt work since i eat home cooked traditional food which doesnt show up on the menu. im 158 pounds. 173 cm

  9. Before watching…you gotta eat bro, and i mean eat, as much as you can…forget the lean bulk for now, you gotta train your body to take as much food as possible. Eat your favourite foods, but double the portions, once you start gaining weight, then make changes to your diet.

  10. Not skinny just lean and shredded it could be that you have a lower fat intake or that you are of African descent and have a more athletic than muscular build

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