28 thoughts on “2011 CrossFit Commercial (Super Bowl)

  1. a bunch of roiding faggs that never achieved anything in other sports.

    but cross fitness itself isnt the problem, its cool to possess overall fitness. its more like some of the exercises, which are extremly fucked up and gay (like the pull ups). and the people which obviously roid but still are allowed to compete. And some bad form

    and then again, its doesnt make you big if thats your goal. All those pros are roiding like hell. Crossfit makes you stay lean, if thats your goal, then you should do it. Nothing wrong with it. But most crossfitters destroy their body by using way to much weight and not proper form. So i wouldnt recommend it unless you are mentally strong enough to also use less weight and train for your own with proper form

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  8. I agree with the controlled lowering, but these aren't steel plates. They are rubber "bumper" plates. You drop them, they bounce. I try not to drop mine, but that's just mental conditioning from lifting weights.

  9. Hey Mikey,

    You CAN train everyday since the exercises are different every day. They target different muscle groups and different skills to build your overall fitness. That said, the recommended training routine is three days on and one day off.

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  12. Bad, Bad and Bbad again.
    Forms, Technics, and the Weight ratio all bad.
    The only thing I really see they getting from this kind of workout are:
    Good Cardio, Mental toughness, not even strength.
    No: Agility, or flexibility.
    Above all: a lot of injuries.

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