15 Amazon Coats Under $50!

15 Amazon Coats Under $50!

– Wow. – Who needs an imaginary
friend when you have fuzzy? Where’d he go? – It’s perfect. I never want to take it off. – That wasn’t English, but you know. – I’m taking this off.
– I am too, I am really mad. – This is a disgrace. (laughing) – Welcome back friends to Clevver Style. – You guys, is it cold where you live? Because it’s not here, we live in LA it’s literally 65 degrees. In order for me to wear this coat today, I had to wear it with a bra. – We know that so many people
need coats this season. And we all travel, you
know, some areas are cold, some offices are cold, so we felt like we should do coats. – All of our coats that
we’re wearing today are from Amazon, shocker. And then also, get this, they’re under $50. – But don’t worry you guys, everything we try on today will be linked in the
description box below so you guys can shop
for yourselves as well. We’re gonna rank in five
different coat categories on a scale of one to five chosen emojis. And we’re gonna rank in
quality, comfort, and fit. – That’s right.
– So you won’t have any questions by the end of this video. – I’m gonna go with the
little smooth criminal man who’s like elevated off the ground. – I’m gonna go ahead and
use the snowman emoji because snowmans need coats too. – No they don’t, they’ll melt.
– No, they’ll melt Sinead. – Like literally they’ll die. – I didn’t think it all
the way through, okay. – Drew really wants me
to go with the poodle which I feel like is an underused emoji, so I will go with poods. But I think it’s time
that all of us bring you so much joy in trying on these coats. Let’s go. – Okay, first one. (upbeat instrumental music) – Growing up I loved Inspector Gadget because he wore trench coats. – Literally I sat down, I was like da da da da, Inspector Gadget. – This is the trench coat round. I feel like it’s a wardrobe staple for those of you who are coat fanatics. I went for like a lighter, more like versatile style
trench, if you will. I really like this a lot. I really like this color. I really like the cut. I feel like you could wear this in a climate that’s not super cold. I think it’s just really versatile, you can dress it up, you can dress it down
which is what women love to say about outfits. And I really like it. The only thing is I feel like the fabric is a little cheap quality and I’m running into a sleeve issue, which is always an issue for me, so. – I really like it and I love
this color with your hair. – I do too. – It looks really good. – It’s like a mauve. – So this coat was $30,
dare I even call it a coat. For quality, I’m gonna give it three. – Poodle.
– Poods. – Stop. – Three poods because it
really just doesn’t feel very expensive, it feels very cheap. For comfort, I’m going
to give it five poods because it’s so comfortable it’s like I feel like
I’m wearing my own skin. For fit, I have to give this two poods because it just doesn’t
fit me unfortunately. I’m a have to give this
away, which is really sad. – What do you mean it doesn’t
fit you, because the sleeves? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – But the sleeves, I feel
you can get away with that. – I think you can get away with it too. – If I was home alone,
I’d wear this and rock it. – So you went for a duster and I kinda went for a
similar type of duster feel but it’s actually like a cardigan. There’s not a lot for me to say about it. It’s really comfortable
and soft but it takes a lot for animal print to look
okay, in my opinion. And whenever it looks like
illustrated or painted or like, you know what I’m saying? – I don’t feel like the
leopard print bothers me. I just feel like the
lining really bothers me because it’s so like not printed. I like it for like pajamas, but I don’t know if I love it in public. – I think you naturally
make things look cool. So it’s like your outfit and
the way you’re wearing it is making me think I like it. But if it wasn’t on you,
I think it’s more sort of just wearing around the house. – But you know what,
it’s only $25, which is– – A lot.
– It’s not worth $25. – It’s kind of a lot for that. – Yeah, I was gonna
say, it’s not worth $25 cause it’s not even a coat really. So for quality I would give this, I give this like a three,
right in the middle. It just looks like one of
those things that’s gonna get really fuzzy after awhile. – And really faded. I think it’s gonna just fade away. – And faded, yeah fuzzy and faded. For comfort, it’s super comfortable. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at five snowmen for comfort because I’m not uncomfortable
even in the slightest. It’s super soft. And for fit, yeah it fits me where it should so five, five snowmen. So really like, it’s not
even that bad of a rating. I just don’t like it. – This is the trench that I chose. – So freakin’ cute. – Like very typical trench, you know. Like in my mind, when I
think of a trench coat this is the prototype, you know. I got this specifically
because I love a moment where you like show up to the
guy you’re dating’s house. – I knew she was gonna go there. I knew it. (laughing) As soon as I saw her in this, I was like she’s going to talk
about undressing herself. – Yep, you wear lingerie
or nothing at all. You put this on and you show up in like the little stockings. – Yeah. – So cute. – You look like you should
be taken very seriously. – Yeah.
– Thank you. – You look like a detective. – I love the way it feels. There’s so many adjustable moments. There’s a lot of–
– Can I see the lining? – Oh it’s a Burberry ripoff. – Fake Burberry, you know. – I’m pissed, I’m taking this off. – I am too, I am really mad. – This is a disgrace. – For quality, I’m gonna give it five full smooth criminals. And for comfort, I’m gonna
give it five smooth criminals. – Yes. – And then for fit, I’m gonna give it five little smooth criminals. – Good. – I think the audience
would also give it five. – And if you guys would
like to purchase this coat. – It’s too late. – It’s only $45 guys. – Damn, I might hit that link
in the description below. – Shall we move on? (upbeat instrumental music) – So our next category is moto jackets. I went in a little bit
of a different direction. I went with more like a suede, like a cropped suede with fringe. I think the concept is
exactly what I wanted but the execution is so poor. It’s like construction paper. You know, I like the fringe element. It feels very like Westerny. I like that suede is like an
alternative look to leather, which I do a lot of leather
anyway in the winter and I don’t have anything like this. – It looks really cute, but
the quality looks really bad. – Yeah. Like the idea of this coat, so cute. – I know. – But like I don’t even know if they, like the audience would be able to tell. It’s one of those things
like you almost have to see up close to see
just how poorly made it is. – Yeah, if you guys actually
have a coat like this and you own it, let us
know in the comments cause I wanna buy this but just like one that
actually looks good. – Yeah. – So for quality, I
would give this a zero. Can I give something a zero poods? – Stop, Erin I can’t handle
it every single time. (laughing) – So for comfort, I give
it, I give it four poods. – Yeah. – It’s still comfortable.
– Yeah. – For fit, I have to give it one pood because it fits me sort of, but again the sleeves
are too short cause I’m– – Do you have like
gargantuan arms or something? I don’t understand.
– Yeah I do. – So for the moto category,
I went with a very like stereotypical leather moto
because it is like the exact fit that I would want a leather moto to be and the exact structure. I think it is like really different than anything else I own but it’s very me. I usually don’t like bells like this. Also, this one’s really jingly jangly, but for some reason, I
think it works with this. Yeah, I don’t know, I love this coat. – I’m so jealous. It like is standard in
its shape, like classic, but all the zippers and
everything look so expensive, it looks so good. – This was only 40 bucks, which is crazy. – That’s a good deal.
– That’s awesome. – And you know what, I think it’s also a super lightweight surprisingly enough, but because it has a nice very breathable satiny type lining, it’s definitely going to keep you cooler. – You look like ♪ You better shape up do, do, do ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I need a man. ♪ – Oh, yeah I know like. – Oh. – So for quality, I
would give this a five. I mean just the fact that
they’ve done such a good job of making it look expensive, I feel like deserves
a high quality rating. I’m super comfortable in this. You could ask me in two hours and I could be like, I need
to take this off so bad cause I am getting a little bit hot. But you know in terms of comfort, I have to give it five snowmen as well. And then I think it fits me great. – Yeah.
– Yeah, it does. – It’s the perfect type of
fit you want for a jacket where it’s not too tight, not too loose, so for fit I’ll give it five snowmen and so we’re doing fives across the board. – This is the moto jacket I picked. I’m disappointed because in the photo it was like very form-fitting and this isn’t doing that and
I feel like it looks cheap. But I do really like this collar part – I was gonna to say. – This collar buckle. – When you’re like riding on a motorcycle, you need to like not have a
lot of extra things going on and that neck collar
thing is very reminiscent of like a motorcycle jacket. Like that’s what it comes
from, moto comes from motorcycle jacket, right.
– Yeah. – So this is actually–
– What (laughing)? – I didn’t know that. – What did you think it came from, like Motorola or something? I don’t think it looks
cheap, I really don’t. – Really? – I really don’t think it looks cheap. It’s not shiny, which
I think makes it look– – Real.
– real. – I do love that there’s
a bunch of patterns too. – Me too.
– Like all the patterns– – The textures.
– The textures. – going in different directions. – I do like that. – You have long arm
syndrome in that one too. – Yep, look at that.
– Yeah. – Wow you guys.
– I know. – How much was this? – This was $40, which I
think is a little steep for what you’re gettin’, to be honest. – So how would you rank it? – Three and a half. Three and a half smooth
criminal emojis for quality. For fit, I’m gonna give this
three smooth criminal emojis cause this is disrespectful. – It’s a crime, it’s a crime. It’s not okay. – For comfort, I’ll give it a five ’cause it’s extremely
comfortable, I mean it’s a jacket. Okay, umm let’s try something else, yeah? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it. – It can only go up from here. (upbeat instrumental music) – So for our next category, we went for the faux fur/
teddy look for these coats. I picked this. I thought the color was
gonna be a little different. It’s a little like – Rust. – Yeah, burnt orangey and
I don’t love that on me. I think it’s really soft. It fits me really really
well, except for here. But you know what, I feel like
because it’s so comfortable it’s also kind of like a nice like just throw on and go kind of coat. It’s not a coat you’re like stylin’ in. I think I could make it work. It is lined, it does
have some little layover of the fuzz right here
so it makes it look like it’s fuzz all the way through even though it’s not which I like. – It’s just the color I
don’t like for some reason. It’s like bear like, you know. – It is very bear like, but
I also think you’re wearing the wrong like color pants
maybe, like maybe if your jeans were lighter blue, you
know cause the white boots look really nice with
it and the white top, I just think it’s the blue that’s making this look really orange. – Yeah, but my hair too. Like I think my color scheme of who I am as a human doesn’t work. – Like genetically. – For quality, I give it five poods. For comfort, I give it five poods. It’s just for fit, you
only get three poods, ’cause it doesn’t fit my arms
and it’s just a struggle. – Put it in your pockets. – Pockets, there you go. No one would ever know. – Okay, so for my faux
fur/teddy category pick I actually have way too
many long fur coats, so I wanted to go a little
bit different and get this. It almost looks like a little
bit like matted or something. But it is incredibly soft. I hate to break it to you
Erin, this is short on me. – Weird.
– Which is crazy. – Just give us more wrist
fabric, I don’t understand. – You’ve come so far, just
come a little bit more. – Just push yourself. I like the color, it looks so soft. I don’t think I like it
when you’re not holding it. – Right. – When you’re not messing with it. – It doesn’t fit the way it should. Like what about, what about open? – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, that’s cooler. – Yeah, I like it better like that. – But then you’re gonna
freeze, cause it’s cold. – Have you looked outside? – So for quality, I have to give this, I know that this is not
going to last very long. I think I have to give this a three. I was gonna give it a four. (laughing) – Erin was hurt. – For comfort, I have to give it a five because it’s literally
like a dream come true. It’s like wrapping yourself
in a freaking cloud. And then for fit, I would
give it a three too. It’s just like something’s
not right in here. It’s almost shorter in the back. What is this weird– – Oh, Rihanna. – I kind of like that though. – I wish it was shorter in the front too, I like, I like that it’s higher up here. It feels like it should be
higher up here too you know. – It’s when you want to go to the movies and sneak your snacks in. – So this is my little faux fur number. It’s fuzzy right. – It doesn’t look like
it’s as soft as it is. – I agree, it’s very, very soft. – Oh yeah. – I like it because it’s
very, like Erin said, like going to the movies,
just like kick back or going to the gym, whatever
throw on top of anything. It doesn’t, again, like look
like it did in the picture. Like in the picture, it
was kind of like poofier and tight where I’m holding it. That’s why I’m holding it like this, cause if I don’t hold
it, it’s just kind of – It looks like a hoodie. – It looks like a hoodie and I want it to look very
like Jenny from the block, like early 2000’s. – Right, right, yeah. – It should be cinched in
the waist a little bit. – Yeah. – Also I wish that the hood
was like fluffier and it’s not. – Aw, I like the hood though. I think you would get a
lot of use out of that. – I think so too. I can throw this over anything. – I was gonna say, when you’re at home and you need to run anywhere, that’s the coat you’re gonna pick up. – This is the one. For quality, I’m going
to give it five, right? – Yeah. – Cause I think I’m going off of what it probably looks like. It probably doesn’t look like
it’s the best of quality. – I think it looks like good quality. – I think it looks like
it’s really good quality. – And then for comfort,
I’m gonna give it five just because you can’t
go wrong, it’s wonderful. And then for fit, I’m going to give it, it’s a three for me just cause I wanted it to fit shorter and more JLo. – Yeah. – I knew you were gonna say that. – I’m not JLo yet. – You are what you believe you are. – Thank you. – Except for in that coat. – I don’t believe I’m JLo in this. (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) – You guys, this round
is the puffer round. I am obsessed with this coat. This is a coat that I feel like people who actually live in really
cold places could wear, like a New York. But it’s super warm. Oh, it’s like I couldn’t
hear myself in there. It is so thick, it’s
like really good quality and it’s so warm in here,
the sleeves are long enough. – Yeah.
– Oh nice. – That’s what it’s supposed to look like. – Yeah and I do feel
like it gives me a shape which again is really hard
to find in a puffer coat and there’s pockets and this
hood is so cute and warm and I like that it’s kind
of like a neutral color, it’ll go with anything. The inside has this little
like, it’s like a faux fur, – Oh wow.
– Like velvet lining. – Yeah, it looks like, oh, it looks like crushed
velvet a little bit. – Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s so soft. – Oh my gosh, nice. – This is good quality. – Yeah, the zipper is really good, the quality is so good on this. Oh no.
– Oh shh– – I think it looks really great. The hood reminds me of like a
very specific time in my life. – I know exactly what you’re about to say because I think it’s what I was gonna say. – Are you talking about the
Hollister/Abercrombie jacket? – Yes, It looks like it was
from Abercrombie and Fitch. – The navy blue coat. – And the fur, the fur
how it’s like ombre’d. Like that was their thing. – Yes, it was their thing. – It still looks good though.
– Thank you. – It just reminds me of that. – Okay, well I liked it before, but now I’m questioning everything. So for quality, I do feel
like if it was at Abercrombie, you would get what you pay for because it feels very expensive. All the fabrics feel really
nice, so for quality, I give it five poods. For comfort, I give it five poods. For fit, I give it five poods. It’s a pood party. – This is the happiest I’ve ever been– (laughing) – I’m so jealous.
– It’s so cute. – during any of these try on videos. – You’re messing up the audio, touching yourself so much. (coat rustling) – I am obsessed with this coat, but I also feel really
bad because when I went to select this coat for
this video, it was $48. And I did notice that it
was a very high end brand. This is like Vince Camuto and
it’s usually really expensive. I just figured it was out
of season or something. But when I went to go
check today it’s back up to its regular price and it’s
more than double than that. So that’s a little unfortunate
but maybe that’s a good thing because maybe this will
continue to be one of the coats that they put on sale
every once in awhile. – Yeah. – I love everything about it. It is literally the softest
coat I think I have ever worn in my life and especially
for a puffer coat. You always expect it to be
like a little bit more solid and this like kind of– – Yeah, it collapses.
– It collapses. – Oh, whoa. You could pack that in
a suitcase so easily. – Yes. – Feel it and it kind of like
immediately comes back up with – Oh weird. – That’s like really good quality. – My favorite part are the drawstrings. – I love the drawstrings because
it kind of like gives you an option to have a more
like fashionable shape. – You look like a snow
bunny waiting to happen. – Yeah. – I just, I love this so much. So for quality, comfort and fit, I have to give it five,
five, five snowmen. It’s perfect, I never want to take it off. – My puffer is a different
party, like you said. I love the color, I did pick
that specifically for it ’cause I love how extra it is. But this takes me to a very
specific time in my life. I grew up in the Bay area and Raiders when they were still with Oakland, I think they’re with Vegas now. – Oh yes.
– Whatever! – But my family was a big Raiders fan back when they were still in Oakland and that was my first football game I ever went to with my dad and I had a huge silver puffer, it was bigger than this. And I associate this color with Raiders always
because of that reason. I thought it was gonna be
a little bit more puffy, but I’m happy with it. – It’s just–
– I like it. I think the color is great actually. – Look, look.
– Oh, yeah, that’s a bummer. – You pointed out that
there’s drawstrings, I didn’t even notice. – Yeah.
– Where are they? – On the sides.
– Oh, they’re right here. – Oh my God, so it does like. – Yes.
– Oh, that is really cute. – Oh, okay, I love that. Cool, cool, cool.
– That’s a game changer. – Oh yeah, oh yeah.
– That’s a total game changer. Yeah, for quality, I’m gonna give this five smooth criminals because
I like it and it feels good. – I like it. – For comfort, I give
it five smooth criminals because again, it’s a
jacket, can’t go wrong. And then for fit, I’m gonna give it four because the sleeves and it is what it is.
– So sad. (upbeat instrumental music) – So this is our wild card round and Sinead and I basically
picked the same coat but opposite. And I was a little
worried after her review of this coat that the
sleeves were gonna mess me up and it won’t fit me very well. But I have found that
it’s long enough for me. – Crazy.
– So cute. – And I actually feel like it fits me a lot better than I thought it would. It feels very comfortable
and flowy and breezy. – Do it again (laughing).
– Breezy. – Yeah.
– That was fun. – It’s crazy how inconsistent
it is with sizing. When you change a size, all the elements change along with it, which is just wild. – Yeah.
– But I do think it looks really good on you. – I think Sinead and I are
onto something, I like it. – I like it too. – So for quality, I’m gonna
say, I’m gonna give it a four even though I do believe
it will fall apart. It feels very much like
quality at this point and time. For comfort, I’m gonna give it five and for fit I’m gonna give it five. I just love it so much. – Like Erin, I got the same
coat that she had chosen for her faux fur. But I chose it for my wild card. It is $36 which I think
is really affordable, actually for a fur or a faux fur coat. And I chose an olive color
instead of the rust color. I actually liked them both
online in terms of color. Both of them are not right in person. But I do like olive, I think it goes with more than orange does. – I love this color actually. – Yeah.
– It’s almost like a sage. – Yeah, exactly, which
I don’t necessarily love that part about it. I love olive, I like
dark, dark olive colors. But I’m not mad at this color at all. I will say it is really comfortable. The sleeves fit really nicely. It’s a good coat. It’s not like the highest quality, I don’t feel like it looks expensive. – I like the color olive, but I think ’cause for both of yours, even though they’re different colors, they remind me of the lady
in Home Alone, the bird lady. – Kevin. – Could I try this coat on? – Sure. – What do you think is gonna happen? – I just want to know if you
think it looks better on me. (laughing) than it does on Sinead. – The two of you. – No, but like look, do you think that the color looks better
on like with the hair– – With your hair.
– And this coloring? – You guys both should
not take this coat home. – Well, I guess I will rate it. So for quality, I’m gonna
give it a, I’ll give it a two ’cause I think that’s
where this lacks the most. It’s still made fine, but I think that it looks very low
quality and I hate that. For comfort, it’s really
freaking comfortable so you have to give it a five, like I can’t lie and say
it’s not comfortable. And for fit, like I think
it fits fine actually. Yeah, the sleeves fit me really well. I know you had a sleeve issue with yours, but they fit me really well. Yeah, it’s fine. I give it a five for fit. – I’ll happily take it off of your hands. – Girl, you can have it. – Okay, are you sure? – I feel incredibly naked now cause I’m literally in
my bra, but it’s fine. – This is cute (laughing). – Thanks girl. – Oh my God.
– You’re gonna sweat bullets. – I love it so much. – For my wild card round,
I did a bomber jacket, just because I love bomber jackets. – Me too. – And I also love this print. It reminds me of Mari from Smosh. It’s a very Mari bomber jacket. – Yeah, yeah.
– And I love Mari’s style. Again, this is horrendous.
– I know. – That is the worst one we’ve seen today. – It’s so bad. – Oh my gosh, it has fuzzies on it. – Friend.
– Wow. – Who needs an imaginary
friend when you have fuzzy, Where’d he go? There it is. – Because it’s such a
very out there print, it’s actually a really specific
style that I dig very much. – I actually feel like you could roll, or like pull the sleeves up on it and it would look like it
was supposed to be like that. – No, totally. – That’s like, that’s how
you should style it anyways. I don’t think the length is a huge issue. – I really dig this. I feel like very much so myself. It’s probably the most myself I’ve felt throughout this whole episode. – Yeah.
– Wow, see how soothing I got? Let’s rate this. So for quality, I’m going to give this, well with the exception of
the little furry friends, I would have given it like a five, but now I’m gonna give it a four. – I can’t wait til you cut that off, it’s really buggin’ me. – I know, stop looking at my friend. For comfort, I’m gonna
give it a five, per usual. And for fit, you know
I’m gonna give it a five even though the sle6ves are too short because if I roll it up like this, it looks like it was supposed
to be that way, you know. – Okay, well as fun as
this is for all of us, I’m gonna go put a coat on my body, so let’s put our favorites on. – Can I wear two favorites? (upbeat instrumental music) – Okay favorites, y’all. This is my favorite, I
feel the most me in it. I feel cool, I feel like I
can go sell some perfume. That wasn’t English, but you know. – Umm, yeah this is obviously my favorite. I don’t feel the most
me in this surprisingly but I should because it is amazing. Literally the most comfortable thing ever and now it is my new favorite coat. – Yeah, this is my favorite because you’re getting a
lot of bang for your buck. Under $50 is really hard
to get a quality coat. – Yeah.
– That’s gonna actually keep you warm when it’s cold. This will keep you warm. (relaxing instrumental music)

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  16. In Minnesota I couldn’t wear any of these😭 Temps literally have hit -50 degrees F I would actually freeze with those “coats”

  17. buying coats and jackets is always hard for me because my arms are sooo long. I even take out the sleeves as much as possible in alterations. Still short. *cries..stupid fashion designers thinking women all have short arms. :b

  18. I ran across the street to my Guy's house in a leopard coat with nothing under it….my biggest fear was that I would slip on the ice and get hit by a car. He WAS surprised.

  19. Shenae I disagree on that blue one the shorter in the back for a person who has no but I’d like them to be shorter in the back or a jacket just kind of swallows me

  20. Where’s Loryn? Since these vids are highly sponsored and they have to lie about these products, I noticed Loryn stopped participating.

  21. I actually thought erins puffer jacket looked too small. Anyone else? It’s cute but generally you’d wear that for the cold weather and you have something thicker underneath so that would never fit properly.

  22. The red puffer that Sinead wore is absolutely gorgeous. But it literally is $115 right now… I so want to buy one. Hope they offer a discount on it soon. 🙏

  23. I LOVE seeing my OG queens!!! This video makes me so happy! U have no idea. Also y'all are too funny I'm just fuzzy warm feelings all around! Thank you so much for existing!!!! 💖❤💖❤🧡💛💛💛

  24. Sinead's puffer coat's price varies GREATLY/RANDOMLY by size and color.
    Small red and platinum is 115.83 but blue is 45.46
    Extra small platinum is 115.83 still but red is 114.74 and blue is 72.73

  25. i just checked sinead's puffer coat and it's $115 now lol & she definitely makes it look a lot cuter than the model on amazon.

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