100 Calf Raises Workout Challenge!

100 Calf Raises Workout Challenge!

one two oh hey guys I didn’t see you
come in welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel or just hi so I’m
just good with my intros so this will be a workout challenge but I wanted to do
something new and try doing 100 reps of something because I’ve seen other people
do it and it works so I’m hoping this works for me and I decided I want to
target my calf muscles because nothing nothing is sexier than a woman with some
great calf muscles TV is really distracting it’s the Netflix homepage
okay no you stop watching this pay attention to me okay and you know what
else I have another curveball for you instead of doing a 30-day challenge I’ll
be doing these calf raises for only two weeks because first off I’m kind of
looking forward to having a little bit of an easier challenge but let’s face it
okay whenever you think about getting in shape it always happens to be two weeks
before the event two weeks before summer vacation and I
don’t know why but it just hits you then and it always feels like it’s too late
but maybe it’s not so let’s see if I can get some sexy delicious okay I’m
starting to think of my food not like a chicken leg I’m talking about a firm
strong juicy okay I am hungry okay you know what just come with me for a second
here okay so whenever I have done calf raises in the past I’ve always had this
be my workstation okay hope you enjoy the pictures of me that are all around
my house so right here this little Chimney part is perfect for me to put my
feet here and have them hang over the edge then we get up here look oh that is
a nice mantel I get to grip that all tight and then I am perfectly erect
doing proper form with my workouts okay google play hair tie by niki and
gabi alright hair tied by niki and gabi here it is on Spotify okay so what okay
who cares if you can’t see my eyes this is cool still okay I’m gonna squat down
for you guys first thought wow that’s intense I expect to be sore tomorrow for
sure maybe the next day to lightly put it my first week was extremely rough
this is embarrassing but here is the backstory with it I have done calf
raises started in high school and I used to like be able to do like 200 plus calf
raises I never had an issue with doing that my calf muscles were solid but you
know what like I will say that when I would examine them like when they were
were not flexed I was always like super impressed by them they looked so good in
the high school I did swimming I did field hockey I love to dance around a
lot more so I get it I was a bit more active so I really didn’t think to
evaluate myself prior to setting up this workout routine so I did the 100 reps
and I guess I just destroyed my calf muscle so apparently when I did my 100
reps of calf raises I hurt myself now it wasn’t
to the extreme where I had to go to a doctor or physical therapist or that I
was like super highly concerned but at the same time I couldn’t really walk I
think what really screwed it up is the fact that it’s about doing it every day
so then by day three my muscles were so sore and just extremely sore that I was
like do I do it do I not so instead of a hundred I did fifty but I was like you
know what I’m not gonna screw up my muscles but then the next day day four
they were so tight and painful like I almost felt bruised when I even touched
them slightly I hurt like a bruise it was the weirdest thing I couldn’t walk
I’d have to stretch him out and then I could walk but it still wasn’t that
comfortable and then as soon as I sat down it took about five minutes for them
to tighten back up again that’s like I don’t I don’t know what to do because
stretching hurts and then walking or it’s like I’ll just read I just stayed
on the couch for the majority of the time my mom served to me dinner on a TV
tray since this was a type of muscle soreness I had never experienced kind of
like I said I know that your muscles are sore when you massage them but I was
just like touching and poking my calf muscles and they felt bruised like like
it hurt really badly so pretty much during this downtime I tried my best not
to walk a whole lot I did some gentle stretching here and there I took a
shower and really let the hot water get on my calf muscles but that was kind of
it like I needed a little TLC obviously I wanted to wait till my legs felt
completely normal like absolutely no soreness before I got back into it and
that happens to be today which is day seven which is halfway through this
workout challenge so yeah I’m a little disappointed and the I didn’t do my
workout this morning and I decided to start off with fifty calf
raises because I am scared so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow and I can evaluate
from there if I should do another 50 maybe 75 maybe a hundred I’m not for
sure now there’s also a reason that I am on my trampoline and this was the
research that I did that I thought I was just gonna be talking about on day seven
I did not know I was gonna have all this drama happen but it did
so pretty much I kind of wanted to look in about like the science behind calf
raises and go from there if you though weird noise you heard that that was from
the trampoline okay just just saying so I found this really cool article online
that explored the research behind calf raises and it talked a lot about
evolution because when way way back in the day humans used to use their calf
muscles to their fullest potential and that is because you know you were
exploring the lands on like rocky terrains and up hills down hills you
were constantly walking or you were running let’s say you were hunting or
running from an animal or you were lifting and gathering things for your
home we just would use our calf muscles all the time but now it’s not like that
because technology and of course I know we do work out
but wouldn’t we do that we set aside like a specific amount of time a day
like you know 15 minutes 30 minutes just so we can you know pat ourselves on the
back and when we do it we go to a gym and do certain movements with the
weights and we just repeat those exact same movements or you go over torque to
a machine and the Machine only allows you to interact with it you know XY is
the amount of ways and we do that but you know it’s not like we’re having to
be chased by a crocodile so we’re having to run in zigzags to get away or
something like that like we that’s not our normal routine just as a disclaimer
I’m not saying go wild in the gym I want you to be safe and using proper form
okay another thing that I want knowledge is the evolution of the shoe
because way way back then we were always barefoot and now you know we moved on to
sneakers and through that there’s been more and more advancements like with
shock absorbing cushioned material within them which brings comfort and it
helps let’s say if you have you know bad knees and you don’t want that high
impact and you want to perform well I get it but that’s not how it used to be
for us humans right now you guys are probably so confused because essentially
like the information I’m giving you seems to devalue calf raises and I’m not
saying that calf raises are still great I feel like it’s important to give you
guys this information in this history about human development and let you guys
have a choice so you know I hope this work out like in general this video is
inspiring you to workout and especially those calf muscles to stay sexy and you
know but it’s ok if you want to do the standard calf raises or you can just try
these other workout routines that I’m throwing up here on the screen now I do
have some two products that are kind of like the best of both worlds and it
keeps you indoors in case you know it’s real hot or real cold outside but first
off I have this extra thick yoga mat so if you wanted to do a bit of jumping on
here it does lower the impact so to me that’s the best of both worlds and then
I also want to recommend this trampoline now according to their research the best
way again to go about it is barefoot however do not wear socks with this yoga
mat and especially the trampoline because it does get slippery take it
from me I don’t why are you falling and suing me it’s all I’m saying also I want
to show you how you should be jumping because again this is from personal
experience where I kind of wanted to do like incorporate calf raises into my
jumping routine so I was on my tippy toes and bouncing and I rolled my ankle
I’m so silly luckily I have toddler like ankles and so it’s really hard for me to
sprain my ankle and I just figured I got off balance and I need to be more aware
so then the next time when I tried to hit the tippy toes like I really
concentrated on keeping my form and I still rolled my ankle so you know what
just don’t do that instead I recommend kind of like a hop skip alternating
bounce oh hey welcome to day 14 glad you made
it this far now I can’t really say that this challenge was easy based on the
fact that I just ripped my calf muscles to shreds as I had talked about earlier
but it was quick only two weeks it was doable I I know that the before and
after pictures I’ll throw them up on screen it’s kind of hard to compare
because I know different settings different Lighting’s and I’ll admit I
was really bad with that okay I will but coming from me I see my body on the
regular sometimes I’m naked and I was looking down the shower flexing my legs
checking myself out and I was like dang first off against the white backing of
my shower I will say my tan is still intact I am still rocking a bronze but
then secondly I think my calf muscles have gone bigger like can you just tell
from this angle that they’re sexier like look at that look at that okay well
these are short shorts let me get the measuring tape out though and we will
know if the numbers say anything thirteen inches on the Left thirteen
inches on the right thirteen and a quarter on the Left flexed thirteen and
a quarter on the right flexed you I don’t know about you guys but I’m kind
of impressed because I didn’t think I was gonna get any results in two weeks
like I figured this workout challenge was just gonna be entertaining to do but
like my final words to you was gonna be like hey look there’s no results
obviously you can’t just workout for two weeks and have these expectations of
looking swole or something but I mean based on the fact like I visually think
there’s a change how do you explain the numbers because on day one when I
measured like the circumference of my calf muscle I remember that it was the
same number when I measured when the muscle was relaxed and flexed and now on
day 14 I’m dealing with two different numbers as a result so when my muscles
relaxed it got smaller the circumference so I don’t know if this is a sign that
the workout itself makes your legs leaner because I know it can be other
factors but then how do you explain about the measurement going up when I
flex so obviously I built some muscle up and it’s crazy because so many days I
had to skip because of you know my calf injury and and let that heal but also
when you workout it consists of you ripping the muscle and so then when it
heals and repairs itself it’s supposed to be thicker and bigger and stronger so
obviously I just tore it up so good I just shredded the muscle that I guess it
just ended up showing results when it healed I don’t know and I’m happy I did
this workout because I know if any of you girls are watching you we’re
probably similar we don’t have a lot of time to work out so a lot of times we’re
researching you know how to grow a booty flat stomach you want an hourglass
figure you’re getting those hips going and that’s great but I think so many
times now we forget about doing the calf muscles like even doing squats works out
your quads which is so great but then again we’re still forgetting our calf
muscles and that is what we love to flaunt you know in our dresses and our
skirts and even our leggings when we have the wedges going yeah
that little hump do you know this little lady lumps okay
anyway so thank you for watching do subscribe to join the fam BAM because we
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I don’t really know this timer Alec and it’s gonna be twenty twenty like a whole
new year I need to like up the level you know so let me know give this video a
like and yeah so I love you I mean it bye guys

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  1. First she makes u cream then she gives u a history lesson (8:10) about human calf muscles and evolution, god i love this channel

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