شو عملت من الصبح لليل | يومي الكامل university day in my life

Hi guys Welcome back to my youtube channel If you’re new here, my name is Natalie and I just woke up guys I’m so tired I usually wake up so early and I have my coffee in my living room I sit and chill but today I woke up a little late so I have to get ready faster I have uni in.. exactly 50 minutes so I’ll only put concealer to look less tired a little bit here and yeah how are you? how’s your week going? so this will be a daily vlog which means I’ll film a full day because I wasn’t able to film anything all week I ran out of ideas and I wasn’t really doing much now I don’t have enough time because in two days actually tomorrow, the vlog must be up so I decided to film a daily vlog take you with me throughout my day more detailed I usually film a week in my life and I show you a little of everyday so today you’ll see a full day that’s going to be exciting so guys sorry but I want to put some music and because of the copyrights on youtube, you can’t listen with me so I’ll be right back so I’m ready to go I’m wearing leggings with a t-shirt Do you remember I got this t-shirt I think two vlogs ago and I said that I’ll wear it on days when I don’t know what I want to wear so the time came! and today I’m taking my laptop with me you always ask me on instagram Natalie you’re going to uni, nice outfit details but where are your books, where’s your laptop, where are your uni stuff? of course I usually take my books but today I only have one class, so I won’t take my book just for one class so I’m going to take my laptop I’ll write all my notes on it and yeah let’s go! I’m right on time so I’m done with uni for today, I only had one class for an hour so that was a waste of time I’m kidding, it was very interesting I had a marketing class and now I’m back home I want to remove the concealer and blush that I have on I have an eye lash extensions appointment so I’m really excited because it’s been a while since I last did eye lash extensions last time was a few months ago in Lebanon the nice thing is that they’re coming home, and I love home services, if you already know so yeah that’s what’s going to happen today so I removed everything on my face and I’m starving I ordered a man’oushe, I love man’oushe and I’m waiting at the door, that’s how much I’m hungry guys the smell is amazing so my eye lashes are done I love how natural they are, I did them more natural than when I did them in Lebanon because I’m just in that natural mood and I love them they’re so pretty I was so tired! I slept while she was doing them, when she finished she literally had to wake me up anyways I think I’m going to take a nap now it’s 11:30 am so I think I’m going to nap for half an hour why not! It’s still so early so I napped for 20 minutes only! I don’t know how I woke up after 20 minutes only because I know myself, if I nap more than 20 minutes there’s no way I’d wake up so I just changed my top and now I’m going to exercise in the gym downstairs in the building I’m not excited, I’m tired but I thought it’s a good thing to do to get energy because today I have a dinner wait let me sit, it’s a long story so basically my sister Dodi that you all love so much is coming from Lebanon today she just arrived 15 minutes ago so tonight we’re going out for dinner all together she came with her friends and I’m also going with my friends and we’re going to have dinner so I’ll take you with me of course but first we must go exercise and we need energy to go out today because Natalie that you all know is an old woman and she directly get tired at night fun fact so I finished gym and now I’m drinking my protein shake with banana, I love banana there’s a motivating quote on my shake it says:” the grass is greener where you water it.” so I’m having my oats with peanut butter banana and mango and my coffee water and I’m working and I have to start editing so guys it’s time to get ready it’s still early for dinner, it’s at 9:30 pm but I want to start getting ready now, why is the camera that high? so what was I saying? I want to get ready now and go see Dodi because I miss her a lot I want to sit with her before we go out for dinner since I just did my eyelash extensions, I can’t put water on them or anything liquid so I won’t be doing a heavy eye makeup so that I won’t have to clean deeply and ruin them so I’ll just do a normal eye look very simple the Farsali liquid glass to prep the skin oh my God guys, I miss doing makeup tutorials! why I’m not doing them? It’s because I don’t accept it on myself posting a tutorial if it’s not perfect and I still don’t have a ring light now I’m filming for you on the natural light but the quality wouldn’t be good because the natural light keeps on changing and I don’t want to post anything on instagram that I’m not a 100% satisfied with so I’m waiting for the ring light, I hope it eventually arrives today I’ll apply the beauty blender foundation guys I don’t know if you feel like watching a tutorial, I don’t know why I’m doing a tutorial not a tutorial, it’s just a get ready with me the shade looks a little orange on me but it’s fine we can make it work, with the concealer and all this part is so tricky because I really feel like using Natalie Beauty products because they’re so good and I’m always using them off camera but because I have the camera on now and I didn’t launch yet I can’t use them yeah, thought I’ll tell you I did this simple glowy makeup look bronzy eyes I put a little bit of glitter and highlighter on my eyelids and since I’m in a chill mood I thought I’ll wear a red lip to spice it up a bit I love red lips, it’s been a while since I had a red lipstick on so now I want to go to Dodi’s I can’t wait to see her, I missed her so much and I’m going to vlog with my phone for the rest of the night and this is my outfit If you realized that I’m loving wearing baggy jeans during the night and not dresses and such especially because I’m still so white as the mozzarella although I’m wear this top and I look so white but it’s fine because honestly being comfortable is a priority for me and I feel so comfortable in such flowy jeans so now I’m going to see Dodi, I sent her a message and she’s in the hotel Dodi is here! so now we’re sitting in the hotel rooftop and then we’ll leave you’re posing for a picture? so guys I’m back home and I’m doing my night time routine and I want to go sleep so I’ll end the vlog here because it’s a daily vlog I should end it today If you liked the vlog and you’d like to see more daily vlogs write down in the comment section and of course more suggestions on what you’d like to see more on my channel thank you so much for watching I love you all and see you next week

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