YOUR BRAIN CANCER KILLER!! Monday Morning Motivation!  Connect with YOURSELF, your FAMILY, your GOD!

YOUR BRAIN CANCER KILLER!! Monday Morning Motivation! Connect with YOURSELF, your FAMILY, your GOD!

Scot Pekarek your brain cancer KILLER with your Monday morning motivation so I am standing here For a run this morning back on the trails We’re not letting uh cancer slow us down anymore, we’re not letting us just uh, Run my life, but you know, I had this some thought, you know so much of my life. I am as Many, you know, I grew up very poor like if there was a government program We were on it food stamps on it free lunch on it medical systems on it fuel systems on it government cheese living on it Growing up on a dairy farm and we learned the, you know, we learned how to work hard and it was You know, it’s the experience I wouldn’t change for anything in my life But the problem is once I got off the farm I’ve been on this just ruthless and relentless pursuit of like You know making money like I’ve defined how like my worth was by how much money I could make and you know That made me like really good at the jobs I was doing because I was always hungry and always battling for the next thing But it kind of like a part of me wasn’t really I wasn’t taking care of my soul. I wasn’t taking care of like you know remembering who I was and stuff like and you know being on here lake manitoc, this is uh, hallstatt’s Bay You know, there was the this neighborhood I live in there’s this thing called the point and it’s where all these expensive houses were and I was like god I got out, you know I got to buy the most expensive lot, and you know build the biggest house and that was kind of one of my goals and finally I was like You know, what? Why don’t you just be happy with what you have like, okay like appreciate every day appreciate every Leo little moments like this. I mean, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth and You know, I wasn’t Appreciating these kinds of things. So anyway, I mean, that’s the message today among other things I never want to get your ass out and go for a run or do some kind of workout today because you’ll live longer FYI I learned a ton of stunts. Well, let me finish my thought so, you know Take care of your spirituality, you know, like whatever that is, you know for everybody that’s different I get that I’m not telling you you have to subscribe to a specific doctrine or whatever You know for me like how I get close to God is just being outside sometimes and actually closing my eyes Just listening to what’s going on. You take them off or that, you know connect with your with your loved ones, you know You know this cancer thing has part in the French It’s really fucked with me mentally and my wife and you know my kids they know enough but they’re five You know, I’m not gonna tell them, you know I can start talking mortality rates or anything with them which would be really morbid and twisted but the Highest Susie. Hey, Sean, the you know, the reality is is that you know, you just have to like just you’ll have a connection I have a connection with yourself you know start there for a lot of people we don’t connect with ourselves and we forget who we are and I did that I was guilty like you turn in like this miserable troll you start like trolling people on the Internet anyway, so You know spent some time with that, you know, take care of your body Like I’ve learned some just disturbing stuff this weekend about what’s in our water. Hey guys. Look what? Chlorine does your body? Look what? Uh, it happens when you take a shower with chlorine. I mean, there’s things out there We have no idea and I’m going to talk about all these on my youtube channel tumor tales So this will be on the youtube channel subscribe button will be here watch me as I Chronicle this journey with cancer But you know the morning motivational moment today just simply you know connect with yourself be you know Connect with those around you connect with what the universe God and you know just take some time and relax and remember it’s not just about It’s not just about you know Making money or your business or that it’s it’s more there’s way more to life than that And just appreciate I want to share this moment with everybody like this is a beautiful place I have the luxury to live in And it’s even more awesome in the middle of winter because it’s just like cold and bitter and quiet So alright everybody remember every moment for us. You don’t know how many you got let’s let’s whoa

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