[WR] Super Mario Bros. Any% Speedrun in 4:55.646

[WR] Super Mario Bros. Any% Speedrun in 4:55.646

20:16 was when someone found out a way
to do it for humans so like people have just found easier ways to do old tricks
I guess but the things that are remaining are kind of different like all
the tricks before now like bullet bill glitch flagpole glitch, 1-2 clip they’ve gotten
like- bullet bill glitch which was like okay just find a frame rule that the bullet
bill shoots on and then figure out what frame to jump on like that’s it then you
get to like flag pole glitch and it’s like okay just find a set up so that
Mario’s subpixels are good and what frames to jump on. 1-2 clip is like
make sure subpixels are good, figure out what frames to jump on when to push
left and all that but the things that remain aren’t just like find a sub pixel
set up and jump on the right frames they’re like do a very complicated
series of inputs there’s not really any knowledge you can
obtain- like some setup that makes 4-2 easier to get the frame rule it’s
just like so impossibly hard to do the inputs. mmm, we gotta go fast. that’s… perfect. well executed. in other words, we went
fast time for the bullet bill… please work!
I don’t know if that was a lag frame or not I don’t think it was but we’re just
gonna roll with it we’re just gonna do our best from here on out okay come on dude holy cow yes! yes dude! Yes I did it holy cow! I almost knocked my chair over but I did it! holy cow that was exactly what I wanted
to do oh my gosh we did it guys! oh my gosh yeah it’s .67 unless I got lag frame in which case
it’s .69 but I don’t think I did. It happened so fast I was playing so bad
today I was like today is not gonna be the day and then I started hitting 1-2 and then I started hitting 4-1 and then I started hitting 4-2 and
then I finally got past 8-1 and then I just played the rest of it I
don’t know how I did that 8-4 but that was exactly what I’ve wanted to do
all this time somehow we did it happened I don’t know how it happened today of
all days but it did Oh I’ll show my console and stuff oops okay pardon the mess but here’s my console
that I play on where did my controller go here it is there’s a whole bunch of
controllers here right now I just got back from agdq so things are still kind
of messed up but here’s my TV it’s not great at capturing this bright CRT
here’s my controller we’re gonna push B go back to the title screen maybe I can
turn down the brightness I don’t know here here I’ll turn it down okay there’s the TV we can push B to
make the world go up now it says 5-1 we’re gonna push start we’re gonna push
some buttons Mario jump I can’t in the angles so bad start button a button. I don’t wantany dumb YouTube comments about me not playing on console cuz that’s what I’m
playing on now it’s super dark real official hardware yes we did it friends
we did it and that is probably the last smb1 any %
PB I will ever get at bare minimum I am satisfied with this PB forever I don’t
know that there’s anything that makes me desperately feel like I ever need to
improve this I might do some runs at some point just if I feel like it but
this is pretty much a goal time I can be satisfied with forever

100 thoughts on “[WR] Super Mario Bros. Any% Speedrun in 4:55.646

  1. I've been speedrunning this game for several years and I'm happy to say that I am completely satisfied with this run!

    I'm not done playing this game yet though- I'll be running some other categories now. Follow me on Twitch to see me set some more world records live!

  2. I liked the previous reaction ("I cannot believe it!") better, but I understand it was after 3k attempts and not after 9 😀 GG (sadly I missed that stream)

  3. How come you weren't sipping cola every stage?
    I thought good Mario speedrunners are supposed to casually do frame perfect TAS jumps and drink cola at th end of every stage.

  4. Wow apparently I haven't been subbed on this account…no wonder I'm not getting the notifications for these. FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello, Mr. Kosmicd12.

    This is a message from the official Speedrun™® council of YoutubeCommentors©.

    It has come to our attention that your supposed World Record recording of Super Mario Bros for the NES (1985) contains use of illegitimate tactics, and as such you have been disqualified and your record has been struck from the records.

    The offenses include:

    1. Passing through numerous enemies at various points in the recording, such as at 1:10 or 3:38.

    2. Skipping the flag animation at various points in the recording.

    3. Completing the stage 8-2 (3:51) despite Mario not entering the castle.

    Your video has been issued disciplinary dislikes and comments from people who have no clue what they're talking about our employees, as is procedure.

    With regards,

    Rodd Todgers, Chairman of YoutubeCommentors©.

  6. always nice seeing a grown-ass man crushing the game i couldnt beat as a kid in weeks probably.. if i ever even made to the end ..

  7. I have so many questions:
    -Why he was not dying to the piranha plants?
    -What that bullet bill glitch even suppose to do?
    Well… only two questions.

  8. Crazy to think that a category that's been runned over and over again for so damn long yet somehow still new wr are being set. Like shit this is almost TAS levels of perfection, good job man!

  9. OUTSTANDING WORK Kosmic! Congratulations! Absolutely insane to think about the progression of this game and the marginal improvements recently that have gotten this game to where it is today. Props again!

  10. You see know one in my family really knows how a game works with its Pixels and frames and
    Hit box or collision but is talks my launguge.

  11. I really get the "exactly like i wanted too" part.
    There is no better feeling than doing what you intended perfectly. Only happens few times in your life.

  12. Is there literally no way to save time on 8-2 when you sit on the step for a few frames? Seems like there has to be a faster way but i know little of how optimized the game is currently.

  13. you call it a pb, i gather from the title its a wr, who held the preveious wr? what was the time? how much did you beat it by? will someone take it? a little context goes a long way

  14. It’s insane that this game is still continuing to be improved on.. I know it’s because of how hard it is to get dem frames but man people are dedicated

  15. Where exactly was the time save? I saw a +0.1 on 4-2, but havent perfect runs already been completed with the same trick?

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