What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Another ATHLEAN-XPRESS Video this time breaking
out our good friend here. Welcome to the anatomy lab. I’m going to show you today exactly why the
Behind the Neck Shoulder Press should be avoided at all costs. I’m going to show you exactly why with him.
In the meantime I don’t have a name for this guy. He’s going to start appearing in a lot more
of our videos to help you guys learn the concepts I’m trying to tell you. So shoot a name for him down below. The best
name will win. Meantime let’s get to the action. I’m going
to show you the two different versions of the Shoulder Press. And then break down on him, why one if far
superior than the other. Ok, so as you can see on the traditional behind
the neck Shoulder Press, the thing I want you to notice guys is the position of the
elbows in the frontal plane. What I mean is this plane right here. On the
side, behind the neck Press you’ll see that the elbows are pointed directly at you. As I do the Press in the side by side here,
you can see how they stay in that plane all the way up. Ok, up and down. I’ll show you on the skeleton why that’s not
a good idea. When we want to do the Press right, we have to get those elbows forward. We’ve got to put them in what we call the
Scapular Plane. Again I’ll show you why that’s so important on the skeleton. But the elbows have to come forward about
30 degrees. So that when you’re looking from the front here, the bar still travels obviously
up and over my head. But the elbows are angled towards you guys
here as opposed to here. You can’t see the corner of the elbows. Here you certainly can,
alright. So again, side by side you can see the two
different variations in the Press. I’ll show you on the skeleton and prove to you exactly
why one is again, far superior. Now guys, let’s step into the lab here. Here
first of all for the guys that said, Jeff you don’t smile enough. This guy will be doing
more smiling for you than you will ever imagine. As a matter of fact, that smile will never
change, I promise you. But let’s look right here. There’s two thing
I want to show you on this skeleton. Number one, we’re looking right down the barrel of
the joint. You can see right here, that this is the ball
and socket joint. Here’s the ball, here’s the socket. This socket is facing me right here at this
angle. Which is 30 degrees again from the frontal plane, from the exact side of him,
right. The key point there guys is that it’s not
facing this way, so when the ball tries to move inside the socket, it moves naturally
in this direction. Which again is a 30 degree forward arm placement.
It’s not moving out here. It’s not facing this way. So that’s number one first and foremost. I’m
going to take you to the other side to explain just what impact that has on the rotator cuff
and the tendons in your shoulder. Alright now let’s take a look at the important
thing. As we move the shoulder up right, as we elevate our arm here in this scapular plane,
where the angle of the bone is forward here. You can see that this muscle here, this is
the attachment of the supraspinatus, the rotator cuff muscle. That it’s getting clearance. It’s allowed to come all the way up even as
we come all the way up to the top, it’s clearance here. It’s staying away from the roof of the
joint here, the acromion on top of the shoulder, ok. Watch what happens though when we take the
arm out to the side. If we take the arm up and out to the side, first of all. You’re externally rotating the shoulder, ok.
And when you elevate it. Look how much that tendon gets slammed into the roof of the acromion. That is impingement guys, that’s impingement
in action right there, as I raise this arm up. I don’t care if you don’t think that it’s
hurting you now and that you’ve been doing this exercise for a couple of years and it
doesn’t bother you. I promise you, this grinding, over and over
and over and over and over and over again, is going to eventually wind up catching up
to you. And remember, you’re no good if you can’t
get in the gym at all, right. Progress is only made when you’re healthy enough to actually
step foot in the gym. Alright guys, so there you have it. Another
ATHLEAN-EXPRESS Tip for you. He felt bashful, I took off the shirt so he
wouldn’t feel so bad. In the meantime guys, the important thing
is we’ll break out the anatomy if we have to. We will put the science back in strength if
that’s what it takes to get you guys to start training the right way. Alright, first and foremost, I want you to
train safe. But I can tell you, when you train safe and
you allow your muscles to work the way they’re supposed to, you protect your joints at all
costs. You will start lifting more and you will start
seeing better results. And that’s what ATHLEANX is all about. If you guys have not already come onboard,
then do me a favor. Head to ATHLEANX.COM right now, check out
what we have over there. It’s the 90 Day Training System. It puts the science back in strength to allow
you guys to get bigger faster and stronger by training the right way. Putting biomechanics back into the equation
and letting you train the way I feel you’re supposed to. Alright guys, leave your thumbs up and a comment
below and again, a name for this guy. He doesn’t have one yet. If I do pick your name, I’ll make sure and
acknowledge you down here, in a future video of course.

100 thoughts on “WORST Shoulder Exercise (WATCH IT TEAR A SHOULDER MUSCLE!!)

  1. A little late to the party, but a good name for that skeleton would be "Stephen Curry" since they both seem to have the same physique. xD

    sh width or wider and no higher than nipples, kinda like the first half of a snatch or clean
    JIM STOPANI https://pages.jimstoppani.com/smith-machine-upright-row/

  3. If the socket is facing one set direction but the bone part of the arm where it goes into that socket is spherical…what difference does it make becuse a sphere has the same shape no matter how you turn it…example if you put a ball in a cup, the ball can roll however it wants in the cup. Now that joint is a synovial joint..the only thing holding it back would be tendons and ligaments..

  4. Cant the stress on the rotator cuff actually be good? Cause i mean: you use it or lose it right? Talking about the endurance etc. Of the rotator cuff.

  5. Would this happen with just a lateral dumbbell raise also? Or just the behind the head overhead press? Working on rehabbing my shoulder currently :/

  6. Although I agree bnp is bad, his reasoning is not correct, you're supposed elevate and retract the scapula (and have good thoracic extension)

  7. So guys does this mean that cuban presses are bad for you? Since during the upward rotation phase the elbows are to the side and then you're pressing up, it's kind of similar to a behind the neck press. Can someone clarify?

  8. I didn’t even watch the video because I know this guy is goin to talk bad about behind the neck presses. The fact is that they are not bad for you unless your someone that has bad shoulder posture, in which case the problem is YOU, not the exercise. There is absolutely no proof that shows behind the neck presses are bad for you.

  9. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to relieve shoulder shoulder pain try Seans shoulder fixer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

  10. the info is really helpful! I was doing it in wrong way! Really thank you for providing this valuable information!

  11. i push more than you weigh on the behind the neck press and shoulders feel fine.. all the old school guys used them and they never wrecked a shoulder. if you lack the flexibility, are doing it with bad form, or are acting stupid with the weights then yes it is bad..

  12. I wish I'd watched this sooner. Been doing complete upper body workouts 3 times a week with a lot of shoulder press reps. Yesterday I finished my 1st session of the week and for the first time my right shoulder is killing me. I do my shoulder press from the sides because I saw a different workout video that told you to do this 🙁 never again! Thanks Jeff.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cnyRkZTtoM What about this man saying that it is imposible to impinge while pressing? Does that mean that this is false info?

  14. 3:15 LOL, whoops! I have indeed destroyed both of my shoulders! Will they self-repair? The damage seems chronic. Right shoulder now has a tendon or ligament knocking into stuff in the wrong place and the collarbone attachment is sore. My left shoulder seems to have #labrum damage – when I stretch my arm up & back something aches, then when I return the arm to a normal position the pain quickly builds up & starts to burn with increasing pain! Took about 2yrs, like you foretold, Jeff, 3x per week training – I was doing great.
    Now I've had to rest from weights they've actually gotten worse – I guess the exercise was at least keeping them mobile.
    Wasn't sure it was caused by behind the neck press, because I first noticed agonising pain holding the barbell behind my neck for squats, but now I see it was the cause. I was actually doing in front/behind neck with alternate reps. Oh. 😭

  15. Here can I get your opinion on this. Do you think doing over head press and bent rows are enough arm work. When doing compound lifts only added to those flat bench squat dead lifts. Because I want to increase my bench. Thank

  16. Love love love these.>>>ur2.pl/1182 Perfect for lifting at home and a better price option then just continuing to buy a set at every weight when I need them. Easy to quickly switch weight, not too bulky (though takes some getting used to), and gotta love the free Amazon shipping for such a heavy package!

  17. I love athlean-x but it took nothing to realize Jeff is doing the exercise wrong and that’s why it’s injurious. You have to retract the scap and push back, not straight up. If you keep scaps contracted the natural line your body will follow makes this clear

  18. I've done behind the neck presses for 20yrs at the beginning of my shoulder day and never had an injury or pain, so why I understand what he's saying from an anatomy standpoint, I'm not convinced it's bad because I've certainly gained size and strength from this exercise while staying injury free.

  19. I find the klokov press puts my shoulder in a less painful and more natural range of motion than the strict press or the push press, I think it just depends your wingspan and build.

  20. Ive been doing behind the neck presses for 40 plus years. Never had one day of an issue or pain. The only side affect was big round delts pain free. I built big delts and never went over 100 pounds. High reps, slow reps and partials did the trick all drug free. And by the way that was the only shoulder exercise i ever did. The key is not to go heavy because you dont have to. Serge Nubret build probably the greatest physique of all time with light weight and higher reps. You get more muscle activivation and less injuries that way.

  21. The best lifters in the world use Behind the neck press to assist with their performance. Surely this can be done if mobility is good. Otherwise all the best Olympic lifters like Klokov are doing everything wrong

  22. The weird thing for me was I always did my presses to the front. med width. and my elbow always naturally tracked the plane you suggest, but it still delivered some impingement soreness brought on by improper weight cycling. Surprisingly, behind the neck press, no lower than base of skull, is what I did to rehab them, clearly at a lighter weight. Not bashing the vid, just trowing out, my real world.

  23. I have been feeling pains when I do that move. I wish I had known that before I went to the gym yesterday. 😒 That move hurt my shoulder and not, I’m taking anti inflammatory medicine and can’t work until it’s recovered

  24. What's the name of the red thing on right side where he is showing the muscles around the shoulder.?

  25. I really appreciate the use of the skeleton and rubber joints. You cringe seeing it and I'm currently working my way out of it. Wish I have seen this before.

  26. There's an older exercise people seem to be doing again called the Scott Press. Any opinion on that being bad for the shoulders?

  27. I’m here because I popped my shoulder using a rope on the lat pull down cable trying to do face pulls. Went a bit too far.

  28. What about Olympic weightlifters who are in this position alot when they do things like behind the neck snatch push presses, snatches and overhead squats. Are they damaging there bodies or is it ok if they have the proper shoulder mobility.

  29. Thank God for this just two workouts of shoulder press with elbows out and I was in pain, this is gonna save me

  30. bro i did behind the neck press 1 time. it fuked up my neck en upper back. it hurts man. i cant even lift my head when i lay down. going to the dochter tommorrow

  31. What about Ed Coan and Charles Poliquin recommending behind neck press? I think Anorld was also doing these… Any situations that these could become ok to do? Klokov did as well.

  32. I don't care as long as it feels good to me.
    Just keep wrist and elbows verticle and rest the bar on the shoulders after each rep like a squat but Don't flare the elbows too far back but verticle to the bar and you should be just fine.

  33. most ratedIndian fitness youtubers r spreading wrong information about behind neck press !!! And they arguing that its good. Thnk u for real knowledge Jeff..😊🙏😊

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