Workouts For Older Men LIVE

Workouts For Older Men LIVE

Hello. Hello. Hello, guys. Welcome to this
live broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Older Men LIVE.
I am Skip La Cour. I’m so glad you are here joining me for this live
broadcast. Hey, make sure that you are on my email list. I’m going to post that
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updates and a whole lot more. You want to make sure you do that especially if
you’re an older man with a busy, productive life. Hey, I’m starting my 12-Week
Fitness Transformation Journey. Make sure that you join. You want to click the link
that I have down below. 12 weeks with me and more. One-on-one coaching, accountability, group coaching sessions.
Right. Click that link at Watch the video. Read all about your benefits that you’re going to get.
All this time with me to take your fitness to the next level. Read the
testimonials about all the men are a little bit older busy, productive lives
looking for that certainty and confidence with their training. All the
testimonials. What they have to say about this 12-week Fitness Transformation
Journey and what it did for them. Then, fill out the questionnaire. Fill out the
questionnaire. Tell me where you are. Tell me what your goals are. Tell me
what you’ve tried in the past. Fill out that questionnaire. I’m going to reach out
to you. When you get a text or a call from the 925 area code, that is me. And
then we can talk. You and me. We’ll talk for 10 or 15 minutes. We’ll decide if this
is a good fit for you, alright? You don’t need to decide. Fill out that questionnaire. Go click that link right now. Fill out that questionnaire.
It will be nice just to talk to you. And then we’ll decide if you want to go on
the 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey after that. Alright, it will be nice
to connect. Physical, mental, emotional growth. That certainty and confidence that you need to take your body and your life to the next level. Join me for my 12-week
Fitness Transformation Journey that is specifically designed for men like you
and me. A little bit older with busy, productive lives. Alright, guys. Have a
great day. Have an outstanding day. Have an awesome day. Think BIG! And think
BIGGER then getting bigger.

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  1. I'm 57, well seasoned years. I don't feel old, and I dont LOOK old. I don't look like skip, lol, but I'm just getting started.

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