99 thoughts on “WOLVERINE | Logan Bodyweight Workout Short Film

  1. Kick ass video!! I like they way they did that! It's sick to think about, but those few killing effects or striking effects probably priced some where in the high hundreds.
    Still that was a great way to express a personal work out.

  2. Pistol squats 3 X 15
    Single arm chin ups 3 x 10 superset pull ups 3 x 10
    Plyo push-ups 3 x 15
    Wall walks 3 x 5 up and down
    Manual tricep extension 3 x 10
    Hanging leg raise 3 x 15

  3. this is freaking awesome man👌👌👌💪💪💪😍😍😍the superhero workout vids be awesome asf

  4. Been watching, pumping, and learning from you dudes for years now. Congrats on all your success and what a kickass video!

  5. hey guys ., this is tamer from south india , nice video dudes , I loved it, especially the wolverian costume , I like his belt . do more video like this guys., I recommend my friends and more people to subscribe your channel.

  6. Buff dudes really enjoyed this video one question to Brandon what type of belt were you wearing and boots really love the way they look

  7. For those of you who didn’t get the workout because they were too focused on the epicness of the video.
    1. Pistol Squats 3 SETS X 15 REPS (each side)
    2. A) Single Arm Chin-Ups 3 SETS X 10 REPS
    //Superset with//
    2. B) Pull-Ups 3 SETS X 10 REPS
    3. Plyo Push-Ups 3 SETS X 15 REPS
    4. Wall Walks 3 SETS X 5 TIMES (Up/Down)
    5. Manual Tricep Extensions 3 SETS X 10 REPS
    6. Hanging Leg Raise 3 SETS X 15 REPS
    Rest times 30-60 seconds between SETS
    Perform this workout 3 times a week

  8. this actually almost makes sense. its cannon that his healing factor boosts his muscle recovery time as well. he could conceivably boost his own strength noticeably in a matter of hours to defeat a stronger opponent.

  9. Loved the video!! Any chance I can know the same of the music in the background? It's really pumping me up

  10. Just buy some jeans and forget leg workout. It means that for $20, you can work two times more your upper body and still look good, as long you keep your pants on.

  11. You know what? I think I'll actually give it a shot. I'm in the National Guard, currently finishing up drill tomorrow (And I'm prior service active Duty Army, so no crap-talk femboys), and I will do this three times a week until my next drill. Let's see what happens, eh?

  12. Love this workout! Some of it is quite advanced for my strength level but I'm enjoying seeing the progression the more I practice the different exercises.

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