Why Do People Hate Teal Swan?

Why Do People Hate Teal Swan?

Try to conceptualize of what
we often call God or source as a unified consciousness. Try to imagine that
it is all there is. It might not be as easy as
it sounds to imagine because your brain is designed
for the physical world. Which is a world of singularity. it’s not designed to be able
to comprehend oneness. when the brain thinks of
one, it thinks of a thing. but the minute you
think of a thing it implies that thing is separate
from everything else. Even if that something else
is just empty space or air. that thing has a definition and
it has a beginning and end. But can you stretch or mind enough
to imagine a consciousness that has no beginning
or end? a consciousness
so all inclusive that there is nothing in existence
that is not part of it? now imagine that
this source has the thought:
“What am I?” you can think of
this thought as the birth of the awareness of
self consciousness within source this thought is differentiating
by it’s very nature and it is a direct
contradiction to oneness. just that one thought cracked
the universal oneness. That was the first time that source
began to feel the torture. that there was nothing for
it to be in relationship with. The second it created a
fracture within itself, it perceived itself
as isolated. it’s a loneliness that is so ineffably
painful it comes with no words. This illusion of separateness was a kind of
tipping point after which all further fractures
within that oneness no longer perceived
the oneness. They only perceived
self and other. This was the birth of ego. Which is a sense
of separate self. And this was the
birth of relationship. It was also the
birth of attachment. Different aspects of source
became like enemies. They couldn’t see
themselves as one. They saw themselves disconnected
from one another. And so they began to devour each
other and run from each other. They began to
push and pull. You can think of
this tipping point as each fragment running from
its true self and true nature which is the totality
of source. Therefore source gave
rise to an idea. That idea is the
concept of mirror. If something refused
to see itself, and didn’t know
what or who it was, and continued running
from itself. The most obvious way
to stop this pattern, as well as to create expansion
in their consciousness, would be to trap it in a way
where it could see itself. And so the universe
created a trap for all the fragments that
had occurred within itself. As a way to heal its
own fragmentation Become totally self-aware. And put each fragment in the position
to inevitably re-choose integration. This time space reality
that you’re living in that you call
life on earth is part of this healing trap
that it laid for itself. Which is the real
reason that earth is often referred to
by other beings as the prison planet. This universe which
earth is a part of was designed as a 360
degree mirror hologram. Everything in your
external life is a perfect reflection of
what is inside of you. The main difference between
a typical bathroom mirror and this mirror hologram, is that when you look
into a bathroom mirror the reflection is
just a reflection. It is not a real being
in and of itself. In this mirror hologram called
life, on the other hand, the reflection and what is being
reflected are both equally real. In this way source
consciousness could make it so that everything
in existence can experience a 360
degree reflection of itself simultaneously. The superpose for this was
so that source or God, the collective consciousness could come to know
itself completely and by doing so
return to oneness and then to the state that
exists beyond oneness. This mirror hologram design
influences the laws by which this time
space reality operates. For this reason, the properties
of this mirror design have been called by
the people of earth The Law of Attraction. It has been called this because
they have noticed things. Such as, if they focus on something
with their own mind, it shows up, in the
external world. This idea of the pain
of deep loneliness not being caused by
the absence of other but by the loss of
wholeness in one’s self has great implications when it comes to us
as individual people. A cell when it divides off of a
larger cell is a copy of the first. It is similar to the
idea of a fractal. if we explore this mirror
hologram deep enough, we would find that we are
no different than source because we are fractals of
source consciousness itself. This means that the
very same fragmentation that occurred within source is
exactly copied within us as well. This means the fragmentation
in the external world is nothing but a mirror
of the fragmentation of your own internal world. There is an amplification tool
that source has used, a catalyst if you will, which speeds up this
process for self actualization within it’s own fragments. Which remember that
you are one of. That is to create a mirror
within a mirror. That is what I am. I am a unit of consciousness
designed specifically by Source consciousness for
the sake of awakening the fragments within itself
that are called human. Most people walking
the planet today show up as
single elements within the 360 degree
reflection in someone’s life. Not as a mirror within the
mirror hologram itself. To insert an embodied mirror
to a time space reality where separation is the
dominant perception. is to insert the embodiment
of oneness into a time space
reality of separation Oneness is to treat all things
when combined as a singularity. And so I love to
tell the joke that being the embodiment
of oneness I am also the biggest
ego in existence. I am the embodiment
of source’s ego. But this means that you will
only be able to conceive of me to the degree that you
can truly conceive of this reality of source
and the process of fragmentation that
it went through. Therefore because you
are a fractal of source, I can also say that you
can only conceive of me to the degree that
you can currently truly conceive of yourself. It is a bit dangerous
to expose myself as an embodied mirror
for many reasons One of those is that when
people do not understand what a real mirror is they
automatically assume that what I am saying is that
nothing is ever about me it is about what people
project on me. This is the shadow
understanding of a mirror. People have used the law of attraction
to deflect in this way for years. People will watch this, think that they
too are mirrors instead of part of the
mirror hologram. And by doing this
actually slip away from self-awareness
by deciding anyone who reacts
to them, is just seeing themselves as well. It is yet another
trap of the ego. What I am actually saying is that everything you
see in me is in you. But I am also saying, that because
I am an embodied mirror And thus the embodiment of
oneness. It is also in me. And as an embodied mirror, I am aware that what
they are seeing, even if it is only a
limited part of me, is not just
part of them, it is part of me. I am aware this is a very
difficult concept to grasp for most people’s
state of awareness. It is, for lack of a better
word, a mind twister. The first enlightenment is
a personal enlightenment it is to realize fully that you
are part everything in existence. The second enlightenment
is to realize fully that everything is
a part of you. The second nullifies the first. With the first enlightenment,
you can walk the earth thinking that you are enlightened
and everyone else is not. With the second enlightenment you
realize that everyone in existence is part of you
and therefore even if one of those people
is not enlightened than you cannot say that
you are fully enlightened. And your work as a teacher
for enlightenment begins. By dedicating yourself to the
awakening of all ” other people” Because you no longer
see them as other people, you are dedicating to waking
up all parts of yourself. To understand the reason people
react to me the way they do, You have to study the way a human
behaves in front of a mirror. People become
massively polarized. Most all people who step
in front of a mirror do not see all of
themselves in it. Especially not anything more
than their appearances. They have spent their time trying
desperately to change themselves to be whatever they
believe is good. So when they step in
front of a mirror, They instantly focus
and fixate on what they dislike the most
about themselves. Other people, may have
been telling themselves that they are hideous and
have resigned to that fate. In which case, stepping
in front of the mirror they are most likely
to be surprised that they are in
fact not hideous. They will see their own
beauty for the first time. And so, people who come across
Teal Swan (my embodiment). Will also react this way. Just like when you step
in front of a mirror, You will see the thing you
are pushing away the most within yourself. This could be what you judge as
your beauty or your ugliness. You will see whatever brings you closer
to the current reality of yourself. You will see whatever needs to
be integrated into your awareness. So you can become more
unified within yourself. And more grounded
in reality. And more grounded
in reality. to the degree that
you polarized by identifying with being
a helper or selfless Most likely you will see me
as a self-centered maniac. If you could not
cope in this way by changing yourself to please
those who shamed you for your self-centeredness
and continued to be ashamed of
being selfish. So that selfish became
your identity, you don’t see yourself
clearly either. By stepping in front
of the mirror you will see your
own selflessness. You will most likely see me as a person
who is endlessly giving to others. And who’s team, posts
images of me all day long against my will because it’s
just the reality of social media. If you suppress reject
and deny your sexuality, you will see me as someone
who flaunts my sexuality it will bother you
immensely. If you suppress reject and
deny your significance, You will see my significance
and idolize me for it. If you want to understand the
reaction that anyone has to me just imagine them in
front of a mirror, Those people who dedicate
their lives to hating me Are those who hate
themselves the most But who are currently denying the
fact that they hate themselves. Those who love me
the most to the point where they have dedicated
their life to my mission, are usually those who also
hate themselves the most but who are not
denying it at all. What they are denying
is their own goodness. This is what they
inevitably see in me. And everyone else falls somewhere
on the spectrum in between. Just because you tend to see in
me whatever you’ve suppress, doesn’t mean that’s all
you could see in me. It’s simply that like anyone,
you focus on the parts that stand out to you
the most in the mirror. This applies to everything
about me. Even the reason that I will
be perceived as female to most people walking
the earth even physically. This is because I am not only
a mirror for the individual, I am also a mirror
for the collective. And what mankind has suppressed,
denied and disowned the most in themselves is
the polarity called female. I am here to revolutionize
this world. Not one thing
within the world. Rather the entire social process
upon which this world was built. I’m here to revolutionize it because
it enhances fragmentation. Socialization is the process by
which humans teach each other what parts of themselves
are acceptable and good and which parts are
unacceptable and bad. This by its very nature is
a system built on shame. And because of this it maintains
and solidifies the human ego. It maintains separation and it’s the
mechanism for internal fragmentation. It causes people to split
their consciousness apart, and therefore, Source
to fragment further. It causes people to deny reject and
disown parts of themselves. To understand more about this,
watch my video titled: Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease) People are taught through
the process of socialization that the inclusion and owning
and acceptance and loving of these parts of themselves
will lead them to all the negative things they
have been threatened with. Especially the rejection
of them by society. Which is to threaten,
not only, that their needs
will not be met, and that they
will suffer, it is to threaten
their survival. Most people still operating from
this, separate from what is bad, and only identify with
what is good mindset. Come to spiritual teachers, and self
help experts and psychologists, specifically to learn tools
to make them good. They come to feel good and
get away from anything they have consciously or subconsciously
associated with badness. Including negative
feeling states. By doing this the fragmentation
within them is exacerbated. They’ve become addicts for spiritual
or self help Novocain. They are not
seeking healing. They are not
seeking reality. They are seeking a
better feeling reality. They are seeking
temporary relief from the actual wounds
within themselves. Most people do not
want a mirror They do not want to
admit that they’re angry. And to know exactly
why they are, and what to
do about it. They would rather
attend an event or read a book,
or watch a video that makes them simply
feel less angry. Or do an activity that
helps them deny anger. Look at what I
ask of them. I ask of them to do
something that is completely counter intuitive
to their programming. I ask them to become
aware of, admit to, include, own,
accept and learn from these parts of themselves
that they have been taught are bad. And then act in the
best interests of them. I am telling them that the
consequences they have been told will come from doing
this, will not happen. The opposite will happen. But in asking
this of them, I am still asking them to risk
experiencing the very things they have been warned
would happen. If they did embrace
those things. Every negative consequence they
think awaits them if they do. Including the loss
of their lives. I’m asking them to choose
to feel more unsafe Than they’ve ever
felt before. I am asking them to
do the opposite that they were taught to
do by their family system, their cultural system,
their religions their education system,
their society at large. Most people are only ready
for that kind of approach when they have
nothing to lose and perceive themselves
to have already met with all the consequences they
are trying so hard to avoid. When people have rejected,
denied and disowned parts of themselves, they
stuff those things away like hiding monsters
under the floorboards. they associate them
with badness. Ironically because for
thousands of years humans were at the
greatest risk to their safety at nighttime, they
associate badness and unsafety
with darkness. So someone like
myself who specializes in knowing of the unknown
and unconscious. The accepting of
the rejected, the owning of
the disowned, the seeing and feeling and
hearing of the denied, is felt to be unsafe
and because of this is felt to be and
seen to be dark. I am perceived as
dark and scary to anyone who has stuff
parts of themselves that they associated with bad,
under their floorboards, and has dedicated themselves
only to what they associate with
goodness and light. These people do not
trust themselves at all so they will also not trust
my embodiment Teal Swan. They live in a constant
tension of knowing these monsters are under the
floorboards and could get out. They feel the shame that they
could not get rid of them entirely. Being near a teacher who
only speaks of things that reminds them of their
goodness and that life is all ok, and that they’re
a light worker, who cause them to forget
about those monsters and makes them
feel good, that will make
them FEEL good. Being their Teal, causes
them to feel the opposite. It causes them
to feel and see and hear those
monsters presence because they are still part
of the reality of them. Instead of feeling
those monsters, and being brave enough to face
each monster and integrate it, it feels safer to flip into
a state of defense. It is easier to feel that by
reflecting those monsters those tender parts they
are trying to avoid, and by encouraging
them towards what they have already decided
is bad and will lead to demise Teal has in fact
hurt them. And so a fragment of
their own consciousness designed to protect them,
wages war against Teal. it protects them
from the mirror by making the mirror a horrifying
and evil and dangerous thing. Imagine a person who smashes a
mirror when they see their reflection because they are
unwilling to accept it is even their reflection. they get a sense of their
own goodness, in this case, by denying it, rejecting it and
disowning the entire mirror. They get a sense of
their own goodness by making the reflection a bad
one, and they the good one. They not only avoid
their own monsters by not looking at them
and denying them, they also manage to
silence their awareness that they even exist, by
seeing themselves as good and Teal Swan as bad. And even more good by
trying to destroy Teal. The villain. This immediately allows
them to become the savior, for other people
( the victims ) who had come across Teal
and be misled as well towards those monsters
instead of away from them. I am here to change the way that humans
have thought for thousands of years. And very few people are
going to get it at first. Many will diametrically
oppose it at first. Everything that I choose
to directly change whether it is schools or
jails or healing institutions will be changes according to
this commitment to integration which is currently opposed
to the entire system of mankind’s current
method of socialization. The entire structure of human
society is designed around this damaging separation
causing concept, of bad versus good. I am here to teach people to
integrate darkness and light, good and evil. I am here to bring an
even more sophisticated understanding of what
Christ taught. Which was that the
highest act of Christ is to choose with
one’s free will to take Lucifer as an equal
and valid part of itself. That the highest act of love is
to take everything in existence, as part of yourself. Because this is the most
ultimate truth anyway. So knowing this, you know how to use me for the
sake of your own awakening. The only question left is: What do I see in Teal? What does that
say about me? What part of your reflection in
the mirror are you focusing on? Transcribed by: Tanya Duarte

100 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Teal Swan?

  1. Hate is a strong word.

    I don’t think anyone actually hates you.

    Fearful of some of your ideologies? Yes. Concerned for others? Yes. Triggered by seeing your ego so strongly, including in this video? Yes, definitely.

    Some of your biggest critics are not hateful people, they just have a cautious nature and the behavior at your house towards others has caused concern. Also the illusions of grandeur that you feel you are above others is truly what bothers people most.

    The hierarchy of souls exist within you and I am not sure how to get that out. I am a teacher soul who is trying to awaken the collective out of that now.

    I have watched those videos and heard the stories of how you treat people around you. I have watched your criticism of other spiritual teachers even.
    There is unity that exists that you don’t exactly “feel” towards others.

    But nobody truly hates you, Teal. I can promise you that-feeling highly irritated by you and rubbed the wrong way is not exactly hate.

  2. – I am the Architect. I created the matrix. I've been waiting for you. You have many questions, and although the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand, and some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also irrelevant.

  3. I wish this video had a different title, because the content is SO good, but it took me forever to click on it because the title just feels more like gossipy high-school crap, which does not at all reflect the brilliance in this video. I don't see this subject as being specifically about Teal, so maybe a better title would be, "Why Do People Hate You?", or something similar, because what Teal's explaining here applies to anyone and everyone. We're all mirrors. We've all had haters who seem to dislike us for no valid reason at all, and helping people understand where that's coming from is really important.

  4. People hate Teal because she speaks to the inner self- and a lot of them do not want to hear it.
    Her methods and explanations of thought patterns have helped me far more than any doctor or friend ever did. I am happy to say I turn to her videos whenever I’m stuck on something. “The Completion Process” was and in sure will forever be the most important book I’ve ever read in my life. It took me on a journey through my own soul. I still have work to do, but if Teal’s goal (as she says here) is to bring more minds to self awareness, well, that’s absolutely what she’s done for me. For sure.
    She makes you answer your own questions. I love it.
    Thank you Teal for your videos. You do not have to spend the time on them that you do, but it is much appreciated. ❤️

    I cheered throughout this one! Spot on, as always. 🙏🏼

  5. That's not it, Teal, I just didn't like that you said vaccinations cam cause Autism. It shows that you don't have a clear understanding of what Autism is… you know, aside from the spiritual mumbo jumbo.
    I'm a fan actually, not a hater. I take what works like emotional healing and don't take the woo literally

  6. I am proud of you for thinking about this so thoroughly, Teal Swan. Something that might help your mission: Will the meshing of "good" and "evil" make it so that nothing has a consequence, for like killing someone, or going to war? I think making the things we are most scared of within the fragmenting structure of society very clear will help a lot of people understand why waking up spiritually is so beneficial. Also, does being a part of a whole make us less significant? As in, the person we are right now does not matter because we are just a small drop in a big ocean? We would disappear, never to be seen again, in the ocean. I hope this helps.

  7. This video has some good philosophical points to consider. The bit about your own perspection creating the mirror to which you judge others as bad or good made me think. I also agree that society nowadays focusses too much on exploiting fragmented minds to get things done

  8. Teal, you are amazing. Your message is crystal clear, thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the ones who are not ready to understand!

  9. For people who don't get it.
    This mirror is an emotional mirror not a physical mirror!!!!!!!
    It's about our reaction to the world.

  10. Oh Teal, actually I found out…and I am aware of this too…people are “hating” on you because you are claiming exact words to be your own when there is proof they belong to others already.

    Carl Jung’s famous quote is “what you resist..persists.” and you say it often in Shadow Work videos.

    You never ever quote him or any others you take information from while you study online as people in the house have said. You must learn to address other teachers who use those exact phrases or ideas.

    I am concerned for you. I think you can become a neutral benign force to MORE people by acknowledging the people you borrow ideas from.

    Intellectual property is important to all souls because it is an expression of themselves as Divine sparks of consciousness.

    You can not continue to take that from others..this will lead to a decline in your followers and ultimately trust in you.

    May this help bring some reality to the situation of hate towards you that can be easily solved with stopping the practice of plagiarism of other spiritual articles and books.

  11. Your nervous energy will not allow you to stop talking. Real truth will come when you can be silent and experience within. It sounds like your reading from a book faster, than the words can come out. This new age stuff is just so out of date and corny now, we were into this stuff 40 years ago, had a laugh and moved on. This must be all new to you.

  12. Since I have become more honest with my self, I feel the deep truth of Teal's words, feelings and absolute honesty of everything she say's. You are an amazing wonderful being, thank you with my deepest gratitude to you Teal.

  13. My mind is open to thoughts 💭 upon thoughts 💭. They take me away. I like to listen to her and talk as I think. I stop and listen and absorb her. I looked within as deep as I could go . I always heard my primal voice from deep within. Her words are part of my mind that I don’t understand really. She has a deep vision. Sometimes I wonder how old she is? How many books are in her head? Self image comes from within. I am separated from her but she explains stuff to me. She is more mother. I wonder what she would be like without child. She speaks for her heart within herself and goddess. Goddess made me a knight so I can help her be heard. She speaks truth about the heart and truth. I never met anything like her mind and spirit together. Those who know themselves most don’t need a mirror even if they live in one. My man mind killed her heritage. I am here to be silent for her voice to be here and heard.

  14. If you listen to her voice and how she carried the message over it has nothing to do with ego but merely a calling from her heart for all that watches her vids. She is not attacking anyone. She did this vid from her heart. And if you really get the message you would understand that we reflect our negative belive back at her just by watching her vids. Cal is made to be contious of self

  15. This is fucking brilliant~ too deep for most to understand….wayyyyy to deep. The birth of ego and mirror description is flawless. Eloquent words spoken beneath a voice of truth, perhaps I think she is channeling many guides…Not everyone will embrace such depth out of fear they may loose control of all they have to survive on…

  16. I am gobsmacked at the thought of anyone hating you. If anyone does you can be sure they hate others and probably themselves. Good luck to them.

  17. First time I saw Teal, I idolized her for her beauty and I was wishing I would look like that too, I also didn't understand what she was saying and couldn't concentrate and I didn't feel that she had anything important to teach me that I don't already know. I didn't care then, but now I'm watching ~5 videos of hers per day and healing my shadow aspects one after the other in rapid succession. Now I feel a little different. I see many, many similarities between the two of us, somehow I feel as if she's part of my family, or as if we're sisters and sometimes I get the feeling that I could easily see through her eyes if I would decide to do so. I still idolize Teal's beauty but I feel like I'm not far behind anymore. I still idolize her wisdom and the work she does for humanity, but I still feel close to those achievements, and hungry for more information. I want to be like her, but in a different and personalized way. I want to follow her example in accordance with my own path and I feel like I only need to learn a little bit more to get there. … Am I wishing that I could work for/with her? … Do these feelings mean that she's part of my soul family?
    Dear Teal Swan, I love you like a sister <3

  18. So, basically, there is no good or bad, everything is acceptable in the eyes of God, and Teal is the chosen one. I don't hate you, but that's a lot to ask of someone to believe in.

  19. Not saying Teal is doing this but the mirror concept can be used as a fantastic gaslighting technique. One that my ex boyfriend used on me all of the time. "Oh, you're upset about what I've done…what does that tell you about yourself?" He suffered from narcissistic personality disorder.

  20. Think you for being the mirror. You have reflected to me the strength to stand in my storms and accept them instead of running.

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  22. Nothing is inherently unloveable or unacceptable. If you are so irritated by any part of her personality is because you reject that same trait within yourself and you can't stand seeing the reflection, it's because you have a wound that is triggered by her presence or her actions. Your rejection towards her is not justifiable upon any part of her personality or her actions. It says more about you and your pain than it does about her. To talk as if your hatred is justifiable because "something is wrong with her" is abusive and highly unconscious. This is projection, this is something all of us experience, with many people. And it's not about those people that we find irritating, it has nothing to do with them in the first place.

  23. Because on the one hand you tell people they can have whatever they want then on the other hand tell men and women how they are and what they really want based on their sex.

    Well what if my desire is a relationship without gender roles?

  24. Youth is when we're at our most physically strong (mostly), and when everything is on hyperdrive. Age brings a quiet perspective. Even hate is love, interrupted. I didn't realize my brain was replaying Glass Tiger's "Don't Forget Me" song as I was watching this. Am I picking up on Teal's brain's motivation for this video in the song? Am I picking up on the haters' brain's complaints? Am I picking up on anything? Do I have free cable? No matter what anyone 'thinks' of Teal, the reality is that she is a person with a video camera and a youtube account. Ahhh truth! Enlightenment; chop wood and that's the final for all of us. Namaste.

  25. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the prolific amount of guidance and wisdom that comes from Teal. But knowing of the mass amount of haters as well as devotees, I feel that perhaps the fragmentation she teaches of is also present in her: a strong part that loves herself grandly (and is reflected in the throngs of admirers) and also a presence of self hate that this contingent of people with nothing better to do are so eager to reflect back to her… Some people are just polarizing though, and that’s their burden to bear. For what it’s worth, this video is the most elaborate and eloquent SHUT DOWN I’ve ever seen. I’m wishing integration for all of us~

  26. When I first popped into one of your videos I found myself unable to take my eyes off you. I felt like there was nothing I would rather do then just look at you and listen to you talk. >< A weird sort of absolute contentment.

  27. What's the problem with Teal? No problem, she is just being herself. What's the problem with followers? They put their absolute trust on a human being, someone who makes mistakes and is still evolving just like everyone else. I see her as a checkerboard, she is neither one or the other, she embraces both light and darkness, but in my point of view you're either one or the other. And that is just my choice of seeing things, just like she has her unique way of seeing things. So my point is question everything no matter which guru you listen to and take only what you believe will contribute to your personal growth and discard what your intuition tells you is not for you or what did not produced the expected result you wished.

  28. Did you go to school for all of this various knowledge you pretend to have ? Did you talk like this when you asked “do you want fries with that ? Hologram ? Prison planet ? Other beings , squirrel turds are less nuttier than you .

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  30. Cleopatra Snow here doesnt have any clue why people hate her…because she does not live in reality, she creates her own reality and it never includes admitting that she leads a cult, is mentally ill or is an evil liar. Her argument in this video is the equivalent of "I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say to me bounces off and sticks to you"

  31. I like her message, but I learned not to confuse the messenger with the message. I don’t care who tells me it, if it resonates with me I will use it .

  32. I don't know why people are skeptic when it comes to what you say. It feels like old known forgotten wisdom, and I know that many things you say are inherent in our old innocent way of understanding the universe, before we got corrupted and further fragmented.

    This video puts Genesis, The brave C.G Jung and holy books and scriptures, it puts them not in new perspective, it puts them in the perspective were they were meant to be in the first place.

    Well done Teal, great content.

  33. Because you are a heyoka empath at the very least. You reflect aspects of them to them that they do not want to see in themselves.

  34. Because dark energy likes to fight the light. Not knowing it’s the same source … fighting the oneness.

  35. I see in you the two sides of me. It helps me to understand, a wake up call for me to integrate, I have been having troubles remember the word integrity for the past 2 years , I say this because if my English as a second language. I looked and looked to google for the word and got frustrated trying to remember that word until the last few weeks I remember the work because this is what I needed, integration. I used to be afraid of dark energy or maybe I still do, I pray that I only accept what’s from the light. Now I know what I have to work on INTEGRITY that’s the word which I see it as INTEGRATION . Thank you Teal you have been so much help in my awakening I have respect for you and honor what you do you have been through so much and wow you are a great warrior! Namaste

  36. I never comment,  but there is a first time for everything. All I am going to say is that I have listened to many of your videos and everything you say resonates with my inner knowing and I know it to be true. You are gifted with knowledge, wisdom and understanding beyond the majority,  hence the resistance you find in the world. Its is as it is and as it is meant to be. Be at peace with it and don't try and change it.

  37. Ok, if we wish to get 'really' deep… well first of all I'll admit my own failings. Sexually repressed… 'yep' pretty certain on that one! However society is not very kind at all, when it comes to some men's sexuality. Then we are all a reflection of ourselves… something I am working on? However Teal, yes you are a mirror for other people, but if I am honest… I feel you take too much to yourself. We are "all" mirrors for each other to varying degrees.

  38. Hatred is itself a corruption of Love. Its illusion. Maybe people have attempted to expose you because you are dangerous to the weakest and most vulnerable of minds. People want to defend others, that is a natural impulse. So why not speak to that instead of using projection as the default defense? Why be defensive at all? The fact that you use your name in the title is extremely revealing.

  39. whale eye just haven't scene any evidence of her Psychic ablitiys other than that she's still koolaid eye guess 4 a Gemini

  40. It makes me cry… because how she explains these things with such an accuracy and logic.. and it's soooo beautiful to see that! The last three questions are soooo valid!!! This truly was an eye opening video… it's just true and good! Thankyou Teal for being this mirror.

  41. I see your significance and I see your messages as something very important to spread, even if in our own words. I often felt like being a negative mirror to others and it used to bug me. I know they are reflecting myself back to me. I don't see my significance or whats my real purpose it feels like being all over the place and don't know how to become aware of it. it feels like something similar than what you do with another flavor, but how do I get to it no idea.

  42. Wow! I love the question at the end!!

    I've always noticed how reserved you seem and it bothered me. I feel stifled when I watch you speak. Now it's obviously the mirror. I've been shamed for being expressive (physically, vocally, emotionally). It's something I wish I could let out more yet I hold a lot back in public.

  43. In spirituality if you understand "Who am I" you will never feel anything which comes at you. Because "I" is not a specific physical structure. So it doesn't matter who hates or loves me.

  44. Let’s tame our tongues & really listen to what she’s saying. 👏👏 I get it. Good job Teal. Been watching you for a few years – never commented – but I knew I believed you because I saw you in many parts that reflected my own hologram mirror experiences. So naturally I resonated and felt relief that someone had guts to do something about it and expose that .. “what’s in you already exists in me.”

  45. Who ever hates you is an Arsehole! I love you that's all that matters to me! I think you're deep. Your books and videos are eye opening.
    P.s change the title to why people love teal swan please!

  46. She has fallen, like most of us who experienced massive amounts of repetitive trauma, into the lucifiric temptation.

  47. I think what Teal says is absolutely correct. I remember when I first came across her videos (about 3 years ago) I thought that she was very dark, scary and that "there is something off about her eyes" (as a lot of people have mentioned before). I also thought that she was "too sexual" to be a spiritual teacher. So I stopped watching her videos and completely forgot about her. Two years later, I stumbled upon her videos again and to my surprise (after progressing on my spiritual path and doing inner work) I got a completely different impression of her. Teal no longer looked dark and evil to me but instead appeared deep and intelligent. Teal also no longer appeared "too sexual" to me but instead appeared to be in touch with her femininity and in control of her sexuality. All these perceptions just so happened to coincide with the fact that I have started to be more open and accepting about my own sexuality as well as more accepting about the shadow aspects of my psyche. When I first saw Teal's videos I was too focused on being "positive" and rejected aspects of myself that were not that. In conclusion, I think she is right. Teal acted as a mirror to myself for the aspects that I have rejected. Once I integrated what I have judged in her, my perception of her drastically changed.

  48. Watching your videos have really helped me as I have been going through an excruciating situation. Thank you for giving me new ways to understand and survive what is happening.

  49. I've never thought that Source needs help. At least the knowing about it might help to boost energy if this journey feels very hard at times. I'm wondering how it felt before coming here. Was it energetic: "Let's do this!" or was it: "Ok, let's do this, again." 🙂 I hope you don't feel alone.

  50. The people who are against her give no empathy and compassion towards her as she does to everyone else. Understand her as a person. Be yourself and what is your point in trying to tear her down. People always need something to hate. Her work heals and thats all that matters. She is trying to help you and she isnt going to tell you what you want to hear. Its obvious that you would want to reject the deeply rooted pain you feel. She is so helpful in brining all that pain outwards and healing your soul. I feel like so many people look over the most important things. You dont have to agree with everyone and everything but when you follow the path of letting go of resistance see where that will take you. Follow YOU. And she is a person just like us so how would you feel if your negative comments were aimed right at you to the mass degree they are at her.

  51. First part of this video is amazing but I think from 5 mins on is just what everyone does really we conceive of everyone through our own ego.

  52. To simply say: people will hate what they don’t understand is an over simplification of human thinking. It’s simply not true. It dispenses with the Idea that people want to and try to seek understanding in concepts or people they dont understand, a lot of people anyway. To say: people dont understand me, then they are haters of mine. Is an extreme exemple of defensiveness and intolerence of criticism. There are many exemples of people who have been kicked out of teal-tribe for simply share things they dont agree with about teals teachings. Teal has also stated that all people reflect peoples shadows inumerable times. Still she insists that she came here as an embodied mirror, arent we all? I think its arrogant to say that ”because people dont understand me, they are haters”, is a strategy that everyone could deside to adopt, and there would be no resolution. I dont hate teal swan, i dont wish her any harm, but i dont agree with her in a lot of what shes saying. I know that many who criticise her dont hate her. And no, i and a lot of people who criticise her, do not hate her. And i dont like the fact that she says that everyone with this perspective hate themselves. Its undermining to these people, including myself. She also doesnt know this. All the best.

  53. I acknowledge your intellect and beauty. I respect you as a person.

    I'm not a fan of you because of how you come off in videos. Very closed off and dare i say stuck up? But wtf do I know? I'm nobody. Carry on, fellow human.

  54. Something more real…

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