Why Can’t I Make Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career? | NYT Opinion

Why Can’t I Make Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career? | NYT Opinion

My senior year my
routine went viral with over 100 million
views. “Amazing routine!”
“Best performer in the country!” Along with this came a lot of attention
and opportunities. But I couldn’t
capitalize on them. “One of the biggest stars
in collegiate gymnastics …” “Katelyn Ohashi …” I was handcuffed by the
N.C.A.A. rules that prevented me from deriving any benefit
from my own name and likeness regardless of the fact
that after my final meet I had no pro
league to join. The N.C.A.A. is a billion-
dollar industry built on the backs
of college athletes. How different would
things be for me had I been able
to use my image and name my last
year of school in order to promote
the things that I want to further my future? I want to make sure that
the next person doesn’t have to wonder. “And now there’s some big news
in California” “Gov. Gavin Newsom signed … ” “… their ‘Fair Pay to Play’ bill.”
“It allows college athletes to be paid for their name, their
image and their likeness.” “It’s going to set up
this huge showdown between the State
of California and the N.C.A.A.” “The N.C.A.A. will likely
challenge this in court.” The “Fair Pay to Play Act” is not about paying salaries
to college athletes. It’s about empowering student
athletes to rightfully earn off their individual name and
likeness without sacrificing the opportunity to
get an education. It’s about making sure
if a student-athlete’s jersey is still selling
in the bookstore 10 years after graduation,
that they get a cut. It’s about recognizing
that women only receive 4 percent of all
coverage in sports media, and giving us the freedom
to leverage sponsored deals to break through. It’s about treating
student athletes with the same respect as any
other student who can freely profit off their
talent as writers, artists, D.J.s,
programmers or scientists while in college. Critics say that
allowing student athletes to earn endorsement
income will come at the expense of Title
IX or nonrevenue-generating sports. But from experience, allowing
an athlete, especially women or Olympic sport
athletes who, for the most part are staying and graduating from N.C.A.A. institutions,
to take advantage of unexpected moments like
I had, empowers us to help finally earn what we deserve.

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  1. NCAA needs to be separated from colleges and universities. Until then they don't need the pay. If that's not the case then why don't high school kids get paid? Why not middle school kids? Why not kids? Separate the ncaa from colleges and universities.

  2. It’s the same with music majors! They charge people for the tickets to hear us play, and that money didn’t help us! It should have been used to pay for school not go into the universities pockets! I used to go around telling the theater patrons to demand free tickets because the money didn’t help us directly.

  3. This is why I never liked college football. It always seemed like exploitation by the school with selling tickets, merch and tv broadcasts.

  4. Everyone is just so greedy. Why is it okay for you to make money off the backs of athletes and turn around n tell them they can’t feed themselves or when young woman get older stop paying their medical insurance when they get pregnant. How disgusting

  5. A country that makes money off their college students.. What a beautiful and prime example of a nation. If they don't leave you in debt, at least they leave you with nothing.

  6. And this young lady is why you will be 45 alone with 5 kids all different dads and wonder hmmm why cant i get a man stfu get a job you BUM!!!!!!

  7. The only sports that generate net positive revenue are basketball and football (some barely break even or operate at a loss).

  8. I don't think the players should get a salary, but they should get the benefits of unpaid tutoring, meals, rooming, and other such needs. The majority of the other profits should go to first providing scholarship money to the players as they are the ones earning the colleges the money in the first place, and the rest of the profits should go to improving the sports program and improving the school or lowering tuition. It's kind of sad that college sports is a business but they should utilize the fact that business means profit that could go towards the school.

  9. Probably the worst video I have ever watched. I think what you should take away from this, female sports is probably 1% of the revenue around the world, where as men sports makes up the other 99%. The reason why you won't and will never get paid from this, is that THERE IS NO MARKET FOR YOU.

  10. Unpopular opinion, but I disagree. You go to college to learn and obtain a degree. All pro level sports should be like the MLB, have their own farming system that players can work their way up in to make it to the pro level. All of those levels get paid. The reason the NCAA makes so much money is because fans and people treat it like it's a semi-pro level event.

  11. Tonight at 5 – "Should pre-schoolers be paid for their finger paintings or is it just free child labor? But now – the record dealership deal for a local high school football player has one female clarinet player claiming inequality…."

  12. Ummm how about you got full ride and free room on board plus 4 years of college education where most Americans spend 20k a year on tuition ?

  13. Does everyone just forget about the thousands of dollars of schooling they're getting from the scholarships or what? sure they can get paid but you really think schools will keep scholarships and pay them thousands of dollars???

  14. You don't have to do gymastics for them then. You will easily be replaced by someone who doesn't mind not getting paid

  15. Beautiful woman, very smart, and a perfect body. Good for you for speaking on this.
    NCAA is like Socialism. They want to make all decisions for you as if they own you

  16. I guess a 4 year scholarship isn't what it used to be? LOL
    Then after graduating if you're not pro that means you have to become a regular citizen and earn a wage like everyone else with a degree from college???
    Don't get me wrong. I believe that College athletes should earn a wage while competing because of the time and Devotion to their sport doesn't allow them the ability to get a job to support themselves. But giving these kids endorsements while in college I think it's very wrong.

  17. Men and women lay down thier lives everyday for barely above min wage.. yet people who get free rides thru college want to now be paid for thier time in college… you get a college education or the chance of having one just for participating in sports… look I love Kaitlyn as a athelete… but she needs to understand that she is already being paid for her atheltic ability…. furthermore this was not new just wehn she started participating.. it's been around a long time… why do you think most black boys spend those hours on the court? it's not for the love of the game.. it's for the future… cause they know it is a chance to not have to lay down thier life. Yes folks…black communities teach thier children to pratice sports just so they can get a scholarship instead of teaching then to study in school and make good grades.

  18. I mean, the cost of a degree does not equal the cost of 4 or 5 years of brain injury playing college football. Compensation should be required.

  19. Not If you get a free ride in college, Room, board, Books, And the actual costs to attend class, How much does All that come up to, That She and these other athletes get for Free


  21. I was an NCAA athlete and I don't believe any college person should be paid. You don't deserve to be paid. You're in college. You knew what you were signing up for.

  22. The US has roads that are falling apart across the country, the airports are old, the hospitals that had to be privatized have gotten far worse. We honestly need high speed metros to connect American cities. The sea level will rise within the next 100 years and our weather gets more extreme every year.

    Pro athletes are already grossly overpaid compared to people that are needed in society like scientists and teachers, yet a multi-millionaire that is overpaid for what he does has started this trend in the wrong direction. I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for college athletes because "Murika" loves sports but the US has a lot bigger fish to fry.

    In ancient Rome stupid poor and rich people alike sat and watched sporting events in their coliseums, too distracted to notice their empire crumbling and collapsing all around them. It's time to put more money into education for children in public schools and arts for them as well. Sports will always be around in this country.

    We are easily the dumbest "developed" country in the world, education-wise. Academics waste money on college every year and by the time they get out they will be an overeducated retail employee, doing a job they could have done in high school. Like I said, there are far bigger problems, not even mentioning countries with real issues .

  23. Student Athletes are already paid. everyone forgets the free ride through Collage they receive and the benefits of such a degree in life. Katelyn Ohashi got a degree from UCLA… let that sink in. $42k a year in just Tuition Fees alone to attend UCLA plus costs of housing and eating on campus are covered. full scholarships provide funding for extra costs of college above and beyond tuition and fees and room and board. This includes the costs of books, travel expenses, health insurance (which is required on many college campuses), and supplies (computer, notebooks, pens, for example). full scholarships also include a work/study program for the student to earn extra cash for personal expenses.

  24. Cool. Make all students compete for NCAA money based on who wants to spectate. Nobodies like this won't get any. Men's football and basketball will.

  25. How about this. I think most people would agree that having athletes get compensated for being an athlete at a school of higher education isn't in the best interest of the student. At the same time, I think schools shouldn't profit the way they do by exploiting these athletes. How about the school take in 25% of the total profit (what they would get today). 5% could go towards the athletes who performed at the school, but the money goes into a retirement fund (that retirement fund is forfeited if they go professional and make X amount of money as a professional athlete. The remaining 70% could go back into athletic development programs in the pre-teen/teenager/ high school level, including preventive care of sports injuries. I don't want kids thinking "I want to go to college because they're going to pay me", nor do I want colleges to profit they way they currently have off these athletes.

  26. Profit organization should work one way if you are making money off of somebody and their talents are making profits for everyone else around the one person making the publicity on their talents I think it's a crazy assumption to say that the individual shouldn't received any monies whatsoever

  27. I wouldn't be surprised if the college's (companies) decide to pay them but remove the scholarships associated with them so that the value of getting paid is null. However maybe they students basically become employees at that time and should be given healthcare and maybe even unionize 🤔

  28. Welp looks like California is gonna hold the next few championships, sure does make recruiting easier when your throwing money at people

  29. Big thank you for speaking up! Your comment about not being able to join some professional team after graduation really hit home. It would be amazing for you and others participating in NCAA sports to be able to earn money that could potentially be put towards a future AFTER college.

  30. It's possible for student athletes to quit their college league or leave their school if they want to pursue a professional career. The NCAA is a mess, so it seems reasonable to walk away if you already have a career waiting for you.

  31. I think they should be able to make some money. But only after they take into account the full scholarship to the school first. So if they only earn about 75% of what they are give in a scholarship then no they shouldn't get any money off of it. Or at least only a tiny bit. But if they earn 150% to 200% or more then yes they should get some of that money. After the scholarship is discounted & a little bit more for the schools gamble in taking them on.
    There probably isn't that many athletes who would be able to earn that much then. But for those who do it's only fair they get some of it. Otherwise you're heading towards exploiting them.

  32. Add tickets, transportation, hotel and food. Then add in the scholarships, free campus housing, campus job that's just a paycheck. How much more do you want?

  33. NAH! ATHLETES GET MILLIONS IF THEY DON'T MAKE DRAFT! If you're THAT GOOD. It will still be there AFTER College…College should guarentee above average wages. Where's their PAY TO GET PAID BILL

  34. Football and basketball players are going to have the greatest earning potential with these new rules. ping-pong players not so much. they should treat it like waitress tips. all the earnings from every player in every sport goes into a pool and then everyone gets an equal cut… *holds up 'sarcasm' sign*

  35. Referring to NCAA athletes as "amateurs" is a misnomer. There's nothing "amateur" about college sports. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with rich television contracts, licensing deals and massive gate revenue. The students get little to nothing out of the deal, while NCAA executives get ridiculously rich by holding a gun to the heads of these young athletes.

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