What’s in My Gym Bag | Gym Must Haves

What’s in My Gym Bag | Gym Must Haves

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I’m doing a what is in my gym bag video thought I would show you what’s in my gym bag I rarely ever clean it out so this could be interesting but just wanted to point out some things that I always have on hand. I workout just wanted to point out some things that I have always have to point out some things that I always have on hand because I work out almost every day so I thought I would share with you what’s in my bag first off make sure you get a gym bag I did not have a gym bag for like ever quite some time because I don’t know why but I didn’t and I just bought one last year for the first time and it’s been awesome because I can keep my stuff in that bag I don’t have to like think about where everything is all the time and it’s just always there for me for whenever I’m working out so I got this one for like 25 dollars on Amazon just an adidas bag and it’s perfect and would recommend getting a bag so what’s in my bag is obviously a good pair of tennis shoes I recommend getting fitted for good pair of shoes before I got good shoes I was always getting shin splints and I always had knee problems and hip problems but once I got fitted for some shoes that were specifically for me and my feet and just my body type it’s been a game-changer I really don’t have any pain anymore and it’s been awesome so I use Asics but you can use you know any pair that works for you if you go to a store they can fit you for it they’ll see you walk on the treadmill and they’ll make sure that you get shoes that work for you so my next item is some deodorant obviously you want to make sure you’re smelling nice when you are in the gym so you can use it before and after I always use it after as well as before because I work out at lunch and I can’t shower between you know going back to work and working out so sorry that’s gross to you but that’s just my schedule I’m not going to wake up in the morning and work out so I always work out at lunch so I always put this on afterwards so that I don’t smell bad and then to go along with that I always have some perfume I spray myself after I work out because again you don’t wanna smell bad at work just as good as shower right so I also have started bringing a towel and some face wash because I like to wash my face after workout now because just trying to get rid of some of these zits so I use a towel and then I also am washing my face with coconut oil a lot lately because I feel like it just really makes my face really smooth and cleans really well and you don’t worry about all kinds of who knows what in face wash I don’t really know it just I just really like it so I use coconut oil and I just scoop it out of my big jar and put it into my small little mason jar take it with me in my bag I have a swimsuit in here I rarely use it but I always keep this in here because I was swimming a little bit whenever we did have a gym membership we used to have a gym membership we don’t anymore but I just haven’t taken it out because I just keep it there once we do have a gym membership again if I can go to the gym and I decide I don’t want to do the workout I planned I can just go for a swim and go along with that I have some goggles in here so these goggles in their cases goggles and this is in its case so does it get messy all of that so almost keep my goggles in there so I have an abundance of socks in here which some of them are dirty, some of them are clean I don’t really know but I’ve got all kinds of socks in here so one time I forgot socks and I had to work out without socks with my shoes on and that wasn’t very pretty and it didn’t really feel that good so now I always have socks in my bag, an extra pair also have a swim cap this is like kinda gross sorry ya don’t really use that ever also have an armband because I was running a lot last year but I don’t really use it as much anymore I’m use this thing if you run a lot I would recommend keeping an armband in your gym bag so that you’ll always have it on hand in you decide if you decide you want to go for a run really nice to just keep your phone in this while you’re running so you don’t have to hold it or like sneak it in your shorts like wrist band, no an elastic band cuz gets really sweaty and stuff so you just keep this here while you run that’s perfect and you don’t have to worry about holding on to your phone or even I guess you’ll really have to be running or walking you could even be doing another workout too she would keep your phone on your arm it does like kind of fall off sometimes like it doesn’t stick like 100 percent and it also gets a little tight sometimes but it works I don’t really use it that much anymore but I would definitely at least get one and keep it in your bag and um I usually have like an extra set of clothes like a tank top or a pair of shorts or something just in case I would forget one day or something also like keep an extra sports bra in there there I don’t really have one in here right now i don’t think but I do have some shorts in here also I have a hair clip so yeah I need one of those especially if you have hair like mine that’s crazy and it’s really curly and really frizzy I also keep this in there at least one headband because whenever you’re working out especially for me you have crazy hair you get sweaty up here and you get like curly Q’s over here if you wear this while you’re working out then you’re not gonna like have the crazy frizzy hair and it can just keep it a little bit flatter so that when you take it off its not as crazy yeah I also have a lock so if I go to the gym or somewhere and I need to put my bag in the locker I can lock it up and I don’t have to worry about like keep my wallet with me or taking my bag with me out there so I can just lock it up and not worry about it oh the most important one is these headphones these are bluetooth headphones and I’ve talked about this before in another video I think and also my Instagram these are like the best thing ever like I wish I could like I don’t even know sell these everywhere tell everyone about these in the whole entire world because they’ve been a life changer for me they don’t have to hook up to your phone and they just connect to the Bluetooth on the phone and it does have a little bit of a cord but it doesn’t have to connect to your phone so it has a cord but they connect to each other and you just put it in connect to your Bluetooth on your phone and this has a little clip and it just clips right onto your tank top and you can run you can do burpees you can do bicep curls you can just do anything you want and you don’t have to connect it to your phone so I recommend getting a pair of these especially if you work out a lot even if you don’t work out a lot and you walk sometimes or you just run every once a while this is awesome because you can put your phone in the armband our arm use your bluetooth headphones and they don’t have to connect and you can just be free and it comes with a nice little zipper bag and don’t worry about them getting all tangled and all of that I got these on Amazon for like $20 I think they were on sale depends on what kind you get but this is Sound Peat’s and they’ve been awesome I haven’t had any problems you do have to charge them if I just make sure you charge them like once a week maybe even once every two weeks I don’t really charge them that much but make sure they’re charged and love those so I think that’s it so that is it that is what is in my gym bag I hope that you enjoyed all of those things I hope that you learned something and maybe found something that you don’t keep in your gym bag or something you didn’t think of before so if you guys have anything that you think I should keep in my gym bag let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about anything let me know don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I upload videos every single Friday and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Gotta have a gym bag lol I got my vitamins and hella shit. Check my channel and let me know if you subb to it and I'll do the same

  2. Where did you get fitted for shoes? Did you go to like an Asics store, or just Finish Line or another similar shoe store?

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