What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Dinner | Antoine Vaillant’s Dinner (Not Chicken!)

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Dinner | Antoine Vaillant’s Dinner (Not Chicken!)

this is Antoine Vaillant Canadian IFBB pro and this is what I’m going to eat for dinner 300 grams of rice which is already
weighed right here and tenderloin and you know what might as well add
something special for the video there you go
how’s that looks more like a dinner alright so once again a little bit of
butter if for some reason steaks taste a lot better if you cook them in butter I
don’t know why they do I have my my my diet here
I always even if I know my diet by heart I’m like I double check every time just
to make sure oh it’s eight ounces I think we won’t
have enough but usually what I do if it’s ground beef I just measure it then
I keep the extra or if it’s steak sometimes if it’s a little bit over under
offseason I don’t really it’s the only thing that
I’m not super precise with the rest of the things like salmon and chicken all
to the gram and to the ounce but my steak meal a little bit more or less because I
don’t want to save like a little piece in the fridge you know I like when it’s a little bit uncooked
inside so I’ll do this medium or medium rare medium rare but as I’m not the best
steak cooker so sometimes it’s like oh it’s well-done oh well so I just eat it
anyway but I like I like when it’s like juicy you know that’s the best I’m gonna
do I’m gonna make it nice I’m just gonna make it nice in the plate this special event today you know usually always eat in my Tupperware or Pyrex containers I
never eat in the plate but because you’re there the YouTube person on the other
side of the screen I’m gonna make something nice ???? you know
like I always have rice in the rice cooker so I always got rice precooked
faster more convenient and the rice cooker always makes a good job and never
fucks it up this is what a bodybuilder eats for
dinner eight ounces of beef in the form of a steak here 300 grams of the white
rice and a little bit of bell peppers to add some color in the meal thanks for
watching please subscribe to the channel see you next time

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  2. Has there ever been a featured pro athlete that would make a meal for the Muscle & Strength crew? Yeah it’s rude not to, dad’gun’it I would cook for y’all!

  3. I guessed cubed chicken breast and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't. I can't stand when people choose to / have to eat meals like: rice, skinless chicken breast, Italian dressing, frozen peas.

  4. This was in his full day of eating right? Didn't he also have salmon and rice for dinner? Or was that meal from another day?

  5. I wish I knew how to cook like that lol. I might do it once every couple of years. I got a question for you too. Since you guys are always the pros, do you have any idea where they get the 120lbs+ dumbbells that aren't circus style?


  7. Best delicious and muscle building ….and Antoine best as always…..more Antoine videos …good job muscle and strength ….

  8. I don't normally eat on plates but when I do it is normally on camera and on a special occasion because I am on camera… he is me in a nutshell.

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