WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Day in the Life | FAT BURN : HIIT, cardio, PUSH DAY

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Day in the Life | FAT BURN : HIIT, cardio, PUSH DAY

Hello, it’s wednesday, we just woke up Today, we decided to film you
the kind of breakfast I like to do in the morning It’s pretty simple It’s kind of a milkshake I put 1 or 2 bananas, I add peanut butter, 1 or 2 scoops of whey protein, some organic hazelnut/chocolate spread, that you can replace with cacao powder, in some macadamia nut milk ! Macadamia nut milk is a bomb ! Can I try it ? It’s good, isn’t it ? It’s great, yes ! As soon as we finish this, We are going to go out to film an ab workout ! Little performance in the background.. I was waiting for it !! Come on, let’s go now No, no, come on.. ! It’s cold in here ! But it’s coooold Your haircut ! We just finished to film you the ab workout video, It was published sunday, And now we are going to go back home and drop off our stuff And go out to do 30 min of cardio ! And then tonight we will do a push day at the gym, Chest, shoulders, triceps ! 10 kg, my raincoat, It’s cardio time ! I can’t see you ! What did you say ? I can’t see you ! We did 30 min of cardio We almost burn 500 calories with my weighted jacket, I walked pretty fast, and ran, and did 4 sprints I did 10 sprints, I come back really slowly, so 10 sprints, and 10 slow returns So here it is, it feels good, Now we are hungry ! Oh yes, we are starving ! We are going to show you ! Let’s go prepare lunch So we just got back from our little cardio, And we are starving, I already cooked in advance some polenta, that I would like to cut in square shapes, and grill in a stove So I am going to show you what we are going to eat ! I did my polenta in the morning, And I put it in a deep baking tray, So I have like a big pancake of polenta ! And I am going to cut it squares and grill it in the stove Here are my squares And I am going to grill it in the stove And we are going to grill these too, I don’t add anything, I directly put them Seb is going to eat polenta, vegan nuggets, and salad but I am not going to eat polenta, I am going to eat these vegetables balls I cooked yesterday, that I am going reheat, and salad ! I will show you the plates ! Bon appétit ! Bon appétit ! Little dessert, the same Soy yogurt, I put 2 different ones, and my homemade granola ! Seb is in the shower, let’s go see him, Why is there no light in here ? Mr takes 3 hours to get ready… I just got out of shower I am going to shave, and try to trim my beard because we have to do ID photos I am going to try to do something clean because I am not a barber Let’s go Did I do big holes there ? Nooo, it’s okay.. No, it’s not okay.. I am an idiot, I took off from there .. I swear to you it’s fine Stop No I promise you Look at these two sides No, it’s okay I only see that What do you think ? Yes ! Well, final result It’s great Are you sure ? It’s way better than before Well done sir ! Let’s go, I am going to get dressed Because I am.. NA-KED Here is my beard I don’t if we can see.. Because I set the camera and the tripod for clem’s size ! That’s why I am like this ! I just put this top I think it’s okay for the ID photo Do you see my legs ? Yes, of course Well, I am ready Come on stop, it’s becoming awkward I put on my new jacket I bought in Madrid It’s the brand “KLING” I had never heard of it It was a small shop Its K-L-I-N-G It’s like a bomber You bastard.. ! And it’s japanese style With “sakura’s” flowers on it And I think it’s perfectly sized the length is perferct And beneath I have an Uniqlo top, and a jean from Zara Which one do I put on ? these one ? So ? I choose the 3 You need to take off your glasses Let’s go to the gym We never give up We are going to do chest, shoulders and triceps We will film you the workout See ya I put my towel under my sweatshirt so look like I am distorted That’s it ! Let’s go home That’s all I had to say !

21 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Day in the Life | FAT BURN : HIIT, cardio, PUSH DAY

  1. U r so cute. So sweet … Plz tell me workout for belly pooch … After my C.section … It's my first msg plz plz plz reply me I m waiting…

  2. Relationship goals… I love you two. I like that you workout and travel together, it's like you're strong as individuals and even better as a unit! Keep inspiring others! Thanks for another great video!

  3. Clémentine ta coupe 😍 😍 j'adore! 😊
    Vous, vos recettes, vos training, votre joie de vivre, le combo parfait pour une vidéo au top! Continuez vous êtes géniaux!
    Ps: vous ne seriez pas en Bretagne ? ^^

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    It's call Fit at Home – Workout Challenge
    Please check it out 🙂

  5. C'est vraiment cool ce que vous faite et ce que vous représentez !!! Vous êtes au top, continuer comme ça, c'est vraiment un plaisir de regarder vos vidéos💪

  6. hi guys I have recently downloaded freeletics there r many workouts like Aphrodite.ares,athena and so on I want know how to follow these workouts for how many days or weeks hope u suggest me with Good answer.😘 loads of love from India

  7. Super video, vous prenez beaucoup de temps pour les réaliser, mais du coup la question subsidiaire c'est… vous bossez toues les deux ?

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  9. Wow this video is so motivating!!!! Your recipes are so simple yet look delicious… but my one question is how do you manage to work out so often with a busy schedule? I work every day until evening and sometimes I am totally drained to go to the gym, or I get discouraged from seeing a lot of really fit people… Thanks for the videos!!

  10. I'm so inspired by you two, I hope I can encourage my partner to workout .. I hope you guys speak in English please…..please …please

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