What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked

What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked

Once you reach a certain age, unwanted hairs
start to sprout out of your body. They might be on your face, your legs or any number of
other intimate places that you’d prefer to keep bald. There’s just a slight snag, most
people believe getting the razor out and shaving them off will just cause them to grow back
even faster, thicker, and darker than ever. And what about the solitary stragglers? If
you take the tweezers to those little suckers, then lots will sprout back in their place! But is there any evidence that this really
is the case? I’m Stu, this is Debunked and we’re here
to work out the truths from the myths and the facts from the misconceptions. First let’s take a look at shaving, something
I gave up awhile ago… The concept that shaving causes hair to grow
back mightier than before was put to the test way back in 1928, by Forensic Anthropologist
Mildred Trotter. Four men shaved a portion of their faces under
controlled conditions, the naturally regrown and shaved hairs were then compared, and the
study concluded that shaving had no impact on the regrowth. In a more recent study published in The Journal
Of Investigative Dermatology, Doctors conducted a study where five healthy
young men shaved one of their legs each week for several months. The other leg remained
hairy and untouched as a control for the experiment. Other than looking rather stupid in the summer
months, shaving was found to have no significant impact on hair regrowth. So where did the belief originate? Well, it
often starts during our adolescent years, when our bodies are changing and puberty begins
to kick in. Boys begin producing the first evidence of
facial hair, in the US I believe they call it ‘Peach Fuzz’, while us Brits prefer
the slightly bizarre term ‘bumfluff’. Either way after their first hazardous shave
takes place the hair usually grows back fuller, and before you know it they’ve got a full
face of hair… But this is simply a coincidence, because
the time you start shaving is also when your body is going through a series of natural
hormonal fluctuations which lead to the development of adult facial or body hair. The actual act of shaving has no bearing on
this, and this process will naturally occur at different rates for everyone. This fresh hair growth can also appear to
be darker, because it’s yet to be exposed to the sun, or the chemicals and pollutants
of everyday life, that make hair lighter. The darker appearance can also be an illusion,
as you are now seeing hairs dotted against the backdrop of your normal skin colour. So moving on from peachy bumfluff, what about
shaving body hair? Now this can be a concern for both sexes, because when you first shave away unwanted
hair on your legs, back, pits or chest then the regrowth appears to sprout back coarser
and thicker than before. This occurs because by shaving you are blunting
the end of the hairs. You see, a human hair is naturally tapered
at the end, meaning the most visible part is the thinnest part. When you shave, you
are cutting the shaft of hair at its thickest point; blunting the end. So it now temporarily
appears to be thicker, and with the hairs now sticking straight up from their follicles,
that clasp firmly around them, they also seem much more coarser than before. Joar Austad, chief physician at the Oslo University
Hospital uses this analogy: And in fact the portion of hair that you shave
off is not alive, meaning it can’t send any information to the follicle to tell it
that it’s been cut, so the follicle just continues functioning as before. Although, methods like plucking pull the hair straight out of the follicle,
so how does this affect regrowth? “I found a grey hair!” “I was going to tweeze, but if you pluck it, 6 more will come to its funeral.” The fact is, one hair follicle produces one
hair. If it appears that two are sprouting out from the same point, then it is likely
two hair follicles have merged together. Waxing can also change the appearance of hair
regrowth. As repeatedly ripping out the hair from legs and arms changes the actual direction
of the hair follicle by pulling it away from it’s natural grain. This can result in regrowth appearing fluffier
than before. Plucking out or waxing the hair will not cause
more to grow back in its place. Surprisingly, repeated plucking or even waxing can do quite
the opposite. The act of plucking or waxing tears the hair
from its root, and doing this repeatedly can traumatise the follicle. On the human head
if a hair is continuously pulled from an area, then after a while a message will be sent
to the follicle that ‘its services are no longer required’, it shrinks and then stops
growing hair, which could unfortunately lead to a bald patch. On a more positive note, according to Cosmetic Scientist Randy Schueller, plucking out a grey hair could, if you’re
lucky, lead to the replacement one being less grey, as the process that creates your hair
colour is not totally consistent from hair to hair. But generally the safest thing to do in order
to avoid damaging your hair follicle is to carefully snip it off or dye it. Ultimately, if you’re in your adolescent
years then I’m afraid that all that unwanted hair will just keep coming back but shaving
it off won’t turn you into Bigfoot.

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