okay looks like a decent part of me it's difficult any milk sorry camera is it okay now my name is Minnie to sound to you and I'm actually competing and the figure portion of this strokes does happen in today and you're up from sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry yeah yeah so for our drive here to tell me to pee mmm oh they get like I don't know anything about these contests are they different classes or this body building this body building there's figure there's bikini so there are different postures and which for you can be a medium figure medium figure yeah and that's why is the high point so you're how taller I'm 53 spice tonight gets girls that are 5 35 thank you there's a job sympathy it's all tan stuff you put on it cast yeah you cast net thank you

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  1. @BMOPwnsTD no, nothing to do with the net.. it was a joke – we are self employed freelance and give business cards out. We are YouTube and Google Partners….19th most viewed in Canada –

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