Weightlifting seminar & My training session in Austria (Viena)

Weightlifting seminar & My training session in Austria (Viena)

This weekend we are flying to the seminar in Vienna. The guys who were at the camp in April, they wanted to organize a seminar in their gym. That’s why they invited us. We always welcome everyone and now we’re going to them! It’s going to be a good and deep sleep for an hour and a half. Hello! – Hi! How are you doing? – Perfect! Now we are going to the gym. Today we will have an interesting training with the athlete, who is engaged in MMA. I will do a workout for myself, and then we will be preparing for tomorrow. Hello! How are you? Alex, who is that guy? Now we’re going to do a kind of something for the King Kong. 4 times 120 kg deadlift, 4 times 60 kg thruster, 4 strict hspu and 4 burpee pullups. So, 4, 4, 4 and 4. We’re doing this in two teams of two people. In total for 12 minutes. Have you already tried this kind of thing before? No, I haven’t! Alex, you’re looking so fresh! Well… yes, I’m probably fresh. Today was a good day, even though I’m quite tired of a combination of the trip, the workouts and the interview. Anyway, everything discharges very much. Therefore, now we need to eat something as soon as possible, and then have some rest. The funniest part of this video is … FOOD! I feel like I’m doing better now! We’re preparing this area for training. Have already connected the projector, laid out the merchandise. The territory is large enough, there will be around 22 people here today. Everyone will be enjoying this hot day! And yes, this is the flag we gave the guys 2 months ago at the camp. They promised that if I come to them, they will hang it here on the wall. So I am here and the flag is here too. The first part is done, now it’s time to go and eat something delicious. And after that we will connect the movements. The group is really nice, everyone has good mobility. This is someone’s first time, but their results are quite good. For example one of the guys, he does the snatch for the second time in his life, and he is not bad at it. Let’s see what’s going to be in the evening. All right, it’s time to eat! Everyone got his portion. Today we’ve got a small set of carbs, a little bit of protein and different vitamins. Is it so much for everyone? Probably not, but I chose my portion. Enjoy your lunch everyone! Why didn’t you eat it all, Alex? It’s called “gluttony”, Yuriy. You shouldn’t do it. I stopped right on time. And, as I see, your elbows are a bit in ketchup, aren’t they? Will you take this piece with you? Yes, I will, we’ve got a cat over there. I’ll eat it on the plane tomorrow. Everyone had a good lunch and now they’re experiencing some kind of a suspended animation. And I have to energetically pull them out of this state. And when they start to lift, they will pull me instead. Are you satisfied? Yes! Yes! Yes!

17 thoughts on “Weightlifting seminar & My training session in Austria (Viena)

  1. It was amazing Seminar. I am so thankful for you. I did learn many thing and I did my new Snatch PR on this day.( from Min. 10 on the video)
    Thank you! 🤝👏💪

  2. its sad to see that serious sport has gone "fashion"
    Now every idiot wants to be a UFC-Fighter, and even Crossfitters want to achieve "weightlifting"
    Once called sacred Sports have gone…..
    Seminar is good…but the clientel is just the regular 0815, which has no relation to anything of it.

  3. При рывке мешает ремень,это ошибка или как то можно избежать ?

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