Hello, everyone! We’ve already arrived to Rotterdam where we’ll hold a small 2-day seminar Olympic weightlifting. yeah…small..27 athletes there. Yes, small or not such a small seminar We’ll teach the guys how to…lift. Or maybe they will teach us. Watch this video. Aleksey, where are we? And we’re in Rotterdam again. And again we have a 2-day seminar. We’ll eat what someone has brought us and after that we’ll go to work. – Bon appetit!
– Thanks! Hi, guys! On the first day we had SNATCH, today we’ll have CLEAN&JERK. A good team gathered The most of them are from the ELEIKO team guys who represent their country at the international championships and many amateurs. A very good training level – all of them. And we’ll show and we’ll talk about it in this video. So, doesn’t it look like TOROKHTIY logo?) And we’re already in the gym. There’s a Crossfit zone, they’ve also made a separete Olympic weightlifting zone. Quite a big gym. They have what to show. As usually with their traditions. Here we’ll have a lecture on biomechanics. At the every single seminar we do my training first then Sergey has 1 – 1.5 hour for the lecture where he explains about how we lift laws according to which we lift and why should we lift in the following way. In the slow motion. A bit further we have a room where we’ll work out the movements with PVC. Here you can see it. Ваш кофе, сер. Спасибо! And the second room was made for the Olympic weightlifting. They’ve placed here 8 platforms and they’ve also made 2 small platforms for beginners it looks this way just rubber but it’s quite enough They have all the necessary equipment here. Plates, bars, collars, small plates – everything’s here and enough. Working hours: 6 AM – 11 PM They have Olympic weightlifting classes when people come to work out together under the guidance of a coach. They also have a chance to work out on their own and, of course, clean up after oneselves. Everything should be under control. There’s a camera thus, they can watch what’s happening in the gym whether someone got pressed down accidantally.

15 thoughts on “WEIGHTLIFTING seminar in ROTTERDAM / A.TOROKHTIY

  1. Удивительная страна.Вообще нет пробок.Только вернулся из Амстердама

  2. Душевный видос, Алексей!
    P.S. Когда видео про китайский швунг?

  3. На 1:12 Алексей отпрыгивает назад в уходе, как это победить?

  4. I do love the symbiosis between CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting; on one hand CF made popular to train compound movements with barbells and therefore raised the interest in WL and increased the number of WL practitioners; on the other CF values the top tier training from stars like Aleksey, which can live through the sport which He loves doing seminars around the world in which He's truly appreciated. Everyone wins.

  5. Очень классно снято )) Эмоции участников показаны очень качественно !!

  6. Мне конечно не учить Торохтия но мне кажется немного короткий подрыв в рывке

  7. Никакой полезной информации – сплошная реклама себя любимого.

  8. Какой потрясающий ролик !!! Кстати именно с ваших видео я начал заниматься тяжёлой атлетикой ! Спасибо Вам !

  9. Алексей,дайте хоть глазком одним взглянуть на пару слов из теор.части?!..
    ошибки тех кого вы видите,это наши ошибки..что вы там им говорите,поправляете,то и нам чертовски нужно знать!)

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