Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Push-Ups

Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Push-Ups

What I’ll be performing here is the Regular
Push Ups. Again, it’s good to go back to just the basics here. What you want to do is make
sure your hands are about shoulder width apart, keep good posture and once you’re brought
up or your knees down, unless your female then you could do with your knees down. What
you want to want to do is control the weight, come in down and up. With this exercise, the
good thing about it is that you are using your own body weight so it’s easier than having
additional weight to push. And you want to make sure that you control your posture and
you want to do about three to four sets and eight to ten reps. The good thing about the
push up, it works out the triceps, your back as well as your chest. And that’s how you
do the Push Up.

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