Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs

Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs

What I’ll be performing here is behind the
back barbell shrugs. I actually prefer these better. For me they’ve developed my traps
better than the front barbell shrugs have. What you want to do is have the barbell behind
you and just shrug it up. Pretty much bring up the traps to your ears, focus it on bringing
it up as far high as possible. Continue this for about 8-10 reps and 3-4 sets. Focus on
flexing the traps when they’re on top and then stretching it out when you bring it down.
Also remember the weight should just be laying on your fingers. You shouldn’t be using them
as, you know, kind of curled up for the biceps or anything. This should just be focused on
being used for the traps. Continue this motion for about 3-4 sets. And that’s how you do
behind the back shrugs.

26 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs

  1. Looks good to me, with a nice explanation. I also like how you do the lift with minimal weight so that you can stress form and talk through it easily. I hate it when guys let their egos get in the way, and post videos of lifts with what seems to be close to their max weight, and they're gasping and grunting through the explanation. Nobody cares how much you can lift!!!

  2. A Cam bar works so much better. Doing it behind your back doesn't allow you to use much weight. Using a straight bar in front makes you tend to lean a little forward. The Cam bar allows you to hold your hands at your sides while your 'shrug' with your traps. You can use a lot of weight with good form.

  3. @FinalFan0 hey i got the same when i first started. but i got the ass problem solved! i bend my knee a little bit and pinch my shoulder blades together. this exercise is great to work your middle and lower traps which require pinching your shoulder blades together.

  4. @StokedBeastMotoDr try putting 3 plates on the bar and slowly contract. your grip will give out before your muscles do. so finger tips make no sense i mean unless u dont want to grow

  5. do them on a smith machine so you can move your hips forward and get your ass out of the way and straps or grip hooks are a good call, use them only for the heaviest sets so that you can still build grip strength while ramping up to your max weight sets.

  6. i like the build of this guy, it looks like something that can be achieved natural, but with a lot of dedicated work.

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