We Now Know Why Hulk Was Injured By The Infinity Gauntlet

We Now Know Why Hulk Was Injured By The Infinity Gauntlet

The mystery of the Hulk’s sizzled right arm
in Avengers: Endgame has finally been answered. The reason the Green Goliath was injured so
badly using the Infinity Stones while, if you’ll recall, Thanos was not is simple. According to co-director Joe Russo, it was
a purposeful choice to continue highlighting the magnitude of the Mad Titan’s strength,
as well as to display how potent the Infinity Stones are when used. In the film, well-adjusted and emotionally
stable Professor Hulk, a merging of the brains and mild temperament of Bruce Banner with
the green, super-strong physique of the Hulk, wielded the Infinity Stones to bring back
the lives lost in Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, his act of service didn’t come
without a heavy penalty: Hulk experienced substantial cosmic charring up his entire
right arm and part of his neck. By the end of the movie, the arm was rendered
pretty much useless. Since he’s presented as one of the most powerful
characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it came as a surprise to the audience — and
even his fellow Avengers — that Hulk took such a substantial hit using the Infinity
Stones — especially since he was deemed most likely to survive the impact of using
Tony Stark’s Infinity Gauntlet 2.0 to channel their power. “You saw what those stones did to Thanos. They almost killed him. None of you could survive.” “How do we know you will?” “We don’t.” Fans will recall that in Infinity War, Thanos
used the stones to snap half of all life in the universe out of existence, with relatively
little injury to himself — though his Infinity Gauntlet was heavily damaged in that first
usage. It was only when he used the Stones again
— to destroy them, this time — that it really took a toll, as he emerged from the
experience with a noticeable hobble and some pretty bad damage to his Gauntlet arm. Russo explained that it was important for
the filmmakers to revisit how the Hulk, for all his incredible power, paled compared to
Thanos. He explained: “We know how powerful Thanos is by his quick
defeat of the Hulk in Infinity War, so this is an incredibly painful experience, to put
on the gauntlet that controls the universe. It permanently damages the most powerful beings
and some of the most powerful creatures in these movies, and very few people can actually
put that on and survive.” Marvel Studios’ head of visual development
Ryan Meinerding also explained that in earlier development, they considered giving Hulk a
more substantial injury in the form of physically shrivelling his arm, but ultimately abandoned
the idea due to technical problems presented in later fight sequences. Meinerding revealed: “When Hulk brings everybody back with a snap
using the Stark gauntlet, they wanted Hulk to have paid a severe price for doing it. The idea of his arm being shriveled and messed
up was where they were going with it initially, and… I pitched that basically when his arm gets
shriveled, he just rips his sleeve off and turns it into a sling to allow him to fight
later on in the film and not have that asymmetry be something that was too odd. In the end, they worked it out fine in the
movie without that concept.” Endgame makes a big deal of exacting cost;
it’s fair to say that Thor and Hulk are diametrically opposed examples of the best and worst ways
to cope with the fallout of Infinity War … “Oh my god! Oh my god!” “It’s so good to see you!” “Come here you little rascal!” “No, no, I’m good! I’m good!” … so in lending gravity to Hulk’s decision
to use the Stark gauntlet, it would have made no sense to have him make angst-ridden soliloquies
like Thor. Hulk’s grasp on the situation, however, did
not suddenly make him more physically able than he was in Infinity War, and it would
have cheapened both movies to suddenly grace him with Thanos-level strength. One of the main themes of Avengers: Endgame
is sacrifice. The film demonstrates over and over again
that the only way to be victorious over “inevitable” defeat is through cooperation, teamwork, and
costly actions that exact a terrible personal price. The Avengers’ strategy for reversing the Snap
was an incredibly complex one, and every action had consequences. It just so happened that some of those consequences
were more painful than others. Endgame’s doling out of terrible prices for
each small victory was poetic and effective. It illustrated that even for Earth’s Mightiest
Heroes, reversing an action as drastic as the Snap would truly require them to be willing
to do say it with us whatever it takes. In a universe where anything can happen and
be undone as is convenient, what makes us care is characterization, and characters who
actually have to suffer before achieving success. In a film with stakes as high as Endgame,
that suffering comes swift and hard even if you’re the Incredible Hulk. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the Marvel
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100 thoughts on “We Now Know Why Hulk Was Injured By The Infinity Gauntlet

  1. they made the hulk a pussy!and the total opposite of what he really is!healing factor and regenerative powers hello! mark ruffalo sucks as the hulk they need to bring back Edward Norton to play the hulk!

  2. The stones were mostly gamma radiation which Hulk was made from so that should’ve negated the damage. Plus Hulk regenerates anyway so no way the damage should be permanent. The disrespect to Hulk and his power has been shameful and it started with Age of Ultron with the Hulk buster knocking out Hulk and continued through Endgame. If they can’t show proper respect for the character and his power then I say leave him out all together.

  3. What they did to the hulk by nerfing him so much in Infinity War and End Game was wack. I didn't like End Game and think it was one of the worst of all the movies. They nerfed the Hulk and Thor while giving Cap and Iron Man huge moments. After the Hulk Movie vs Abomination, they did nothing to show his real strength. I'm done with marvel until Black Panther 2 and Blade

  4. Next looper video “We now know why hot water is hot”, keep up the good work, I see you have plenty of ideas for new videos

  5. Because the writers were a bunch of lazy, unimaginative, masculinity-hating, SJW feminists that had NO idea how the Infinity Gems worked or how Hulk is damn near godlike. Both movies were shit.

  6. Hulk was pussified wholesale.

    One of the biggest reasons why endgame sucked. They disgraced him.


  7. Sorry to say but endgame was a high budget bad movie that had hella plotholes and mad no sense. JOKER 2019 MOVIE OF THE YEAR 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  8. I'm done with their shit with the Hulk. Incredible Shrek was a let down one after another. Waiting for wonder woman 2.

  9. Thanos' gauntlet was crafted by the same cosmic dwarves who forged iconic Asgardian weapons like Mjölnir and Stormbreaker. A better explanation would be that while Tony Stark is good enough to make a working Infinity Gauntlet under time pressure, he just doesn't have the experience or materials to craft something equal to the work of the Nidavellir masters. This additionally justifies why Thanos went to the effort of having the dwarves craft it and then killing them.

  10. Although he wouldn't be able to beat Thanos at his best, they definitely nerfed Hulk. He should have been so much more than a badly delivered joke.

  11. 1:first of all they diluted hulk because to elevate Thanos
    2: Thanos gauntlet was made by uru metal and the etri..hulk wears a earthly gauntlet made by Tony that's that difference

  12. The stones are gama based. Therefore hulk will become even stronger in the near future. If not, then screw the Russo's. Also hulk has a healing factor. Many people dont know that because hulk doesn't really need to heal very often.

  13. the HULK got pussified looked weak asf in the movie👎👎. Only thing about avengers I hated was how hulk was portrayed.

  14. There was one big difference between Thanos using the gauntlet and Banner using the gauntlet. Thanos added gems individually and had power course through him on ever gem added. Banner took on the gauntlet with all the gems all at once and snapped as soon as he could. He took ALL the gems power at once. Tony had the gems adding in fast but he actually waited a few moments before he snapped and it still killed him. Hulk was only alive because of the gamma radiation. I'm sure he will heal. But its gonna take more than a few seconds like people keep saying it should take.

  15. No evidence that Thanos wasn't hurt after using the stones for the snap. Entirely possible he was damaged, and the second use of the stones just damaged him more.

  16. OR the actual reason which is that Russo’s don’t understand the hulks character AT ALL. Hulk should have healed from it period. Whether it took the rest of the movie to do so then okay, but to just straight up say that a character with hyper healing has now permanent damage to his body is fucking outrageous. The hulk has had his head completely severed from his body and grew it back. He’s been eaten alive and completely regenerate his body in 11 mins. This was some straight ass pull bs from directors who have absolutely ass fucked hulk into oblivion. And out of all characters in avengers endgame hulk deserved his rematch with thanos but we were denied our chance to see that. For no reason at all smh.

  17. Thor or captain marvel should use the infinity glove…

    Cz thor is a god
    Cz captain marvel is made frm tesseract juice…

  18. Wow, you just showed that you did not watched the movie if you think that Thanos was not injured by using the Infinity Gauntlet! His arm was destroyed.

  19. Simple.. It's called SOYIFICATION.. Instead of gamma charged blood to flow through his veins all that was flowing was SOY

  20. The Hulk is much stronger than Thanos when enraged, and more durable as well with his ridiculous healing factor. The MCU poorly portrayed the big green on so many levels. The Russo’s did a wonderful job overall, but they really messed up on Hulk. They obviously don’t know the character well enough.

  21. Wait… You, Looper, didn't know how was hulk damaged? You know.. I turned off notifications… Don't make me do the next step.

  22. i still hate the russo bros for not giving hulk some equalizing fight against thanos like they gave heroes that are weaker than hulk.

  23. I like to think the hulks power comes from his anger and because he was professor hulk he didn't have his core power needed to snap and heal himself

  24. Hulk was the only option for the snap back because of the size of his hands. Or else imagine how thanos would try that small stark gauntlet in his big daddy hands!!

  25. No its poor writing on the marvel part. Dont sugar coat it. They contradicted themselves when he said it was mostly gamma . That would have made him stronger more invincible.

  26. And again there is no coherence. Hulk barely can make the snap and Tony with the same tech do the same like nothing (yeah I know he pays with his Life but c'mon…Hulk vs Tony? There are some order of strengh magnitude between them. Like a human against the bottomless pit of raw strengh).
    I liked the movies but relative powers were distorted to please the General public

  27. What is this video talking about?….we clearly saw that Thanos right arm WAS in fact injured he was burned on his arm and along his neck…even more so after Thanos used the stones to destroy the stones…Thanos said " it nearly killed me"..Hulk recieved the same injury perhaps even less as the Stones had gamma energy .

  28. " you saw what those stones did to Thanos" quoted Hulk….so why is this video saying Thanos wasn't injured????

  29. Thanos easily defeated Hulk because he had the Power Stone at the time. I think on a level playing field, Hulk would (should) have won.

  30. Captain America seemed stronger then the hulk Iron man and Thor was stronger then the Hulk. Why even have the Hulk in these movies

  31. When thanos snap half of papulation was finish n stone r destroy so then iron man use last snap to finish the thanos army so why stones r not distry

  32. My question is what happened and which soul was taken to the soul realm when professor hulk used the gauntlet. Banner or hulk??

  33. They apparently they never did any research on The Hulk. He is the one Thanos feared the most and his strength is controlled by his anger. He has carried the gauntlet in past comics. Stan Lee said if he made any one stronger then The Hulk or Thor it would have to be stronger then God and Stan Lee refused to do that. I was really disappointed on how wimpy they made The Hulk in all of the movies.

  34. Or it could be that The Gauntlet created by tony wasnt strong enough to contain the recoil like Dwarf Star metal was. I blame Tony lol

  35. This did not explain why he did not heal. What it comes down to is the MCU is not Marvel and not even close. The hulk might as well be blue in the MCU and they would think they did nothing wrong. Russo brothers were the wrong choice.

  36. Tony Stark would be the first man died from snapping infinity stones and manage to get out from the soul realm by his intelligence.

  37. What has change with the Hulk is that he is not angry anymore. Anger had given him the power to tap into his strength. Although he is the Hulk his powers don't seem unlimited anymore.

  38. My personal thought when I saw it was that Thanos took each stone to his gauntlet one at a time. When the avengers built theirs it had all the stones in it and he tried to take it all in at once. Just my personal thought of why it injured him that severely.

  39. The new hulk movie coming out shows Banner re-submitting himself to a gamma explosion and taking the hulk to the next level……true barbarianism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I need to stop you right here, I'm only 10 seconds into the video and already you're wrong. You day Thanos did not hurt his arm using the gems? Are you serious? Did you not see him in Endgame with a shriveled up arm after using them a second time. Do your job or someone else will do it for you.

  41. They dropped the ball harder than you think. Hulk said the gauntlet was flowing with gamma radiation. If anything the Hulk should have become supercharged and possibly berserk they really dropped the ball on a possible World breaker Hulk to appearance. It would have made the final fight that much more badass!

  42. You're wrong and so are the directors have they forgotten what their movie was about already. Thanos was able to control the gauntlet because it was made by the dwarves and enchanted to control the power of the stones. That was the whole purpose of having it made so it wouldn't destroy him. Stark's glove was not Enchanted it was just a glove holding the stones. Anybody could have worn The Infinity Gauntlet the reason it messed up Thanos. Is because of the amount of energy it took to wipe out half the universe.

  43. I feel like Iron Man handled the gauntlet a LOT better than any of those other guys did. How about a video on that bs.

  44. I have 2 questions: 1) why Tony Stark created a gauntlet that can fit both a human and Hulk/Thanos sizes?? 2) where the hell does the mass of the gauntlet come from when Hulk waers it? I mean it shifts and transforms and it basically doubles its size…

  45. Hollywood takes way too many liberties. The Hulk's gamma irradiated body heals itself at a huge rate. He would not have developed injuries the way he did in the movie.

  46. these channels like looper and a million others like them will keep barking anything whether it makes sense or not… stupidity at its peak.. some people move on but not these channels

  47. Why do these guys keep explaining things about their movie that doesn't need explained, its not that deep nor complex

  48. This is probably too hopeful, but if Marvel somehow gets full rights back from Universal, they could do more with him. And based on the new Black Widow teaser, they are experimenting a bit. Seems there were a bit of spy elements in her movies instead of just superhero action stuff. Maybe do a less action based one truly delving into his past and mind. Or, even though this seems even more unlikely, try horror. Hulk's current comic proves he's perfect for it since he is a monster after all. Maybe give us some Joe Fixit? Honestly my unpopular opinion is, I'd trade Hulk action for some development on his issues rather then smoothing them over like nothing happened like Endgame gave us.

    Edit: New idea. They could go the comic route and have this Professor end up being just another personality that think's it's Banner. I'd honestly love more to do with his DID and stuff. It's one of his most interesting traits from the comics that the movies glossed over.

  49. Everything about Endgame is just lazy. The genre of Captain America is one the Russo’s absolutely nailed, but I think they bit off more than they could chew with these 2 films. Doesn’t help that they were shot back to back.

  50. Should have got 2003 hulk. He was way more powerful than this puny fake hulk. He would have laughed at thanos in infinity war.

  51. Apart from the snap, hulk wasnt needed through out the film, I wish he was still struggling to bring him out like he was in infinity war, and at the end when Bruce emerged from the rubble, he spots thanos and hulk goes nutts and forces his way out for round 2, angrier than ever.

  52. i really hated professor hulk in endgame. the way he spoke to thor was so disrespectful. he suggested thor was scared of thanos. scared? thor was the one who nearly killed thanos, who immediately came after him face to face in wakanda, and overcame the six infinity stones to lodge stormbreaker into his chest, then proceeded to push it further in causing thanos considerable pain. he is face to face with thanos, staring at him, intimidating him. thor is not afraid of him. and once thanos clicked his fingers to do the snap, after he was searching his chest with concern to check stormbreaker wasnt still lodged in there, so actually thanos was scared. thanos was dead, and only got out of it by clicking his finger to do the snap-so a get of jail card. but thanos had really been defeated by thor, as thor used the element of surprise with perfect timing. and thor attacked thanos from the air. unlike thanos who cant really fly, thor is a massive aerial threat, able to fly many times faster than captain marvel.- although in MCU, thor unlike captain marvel struggles in space. though this is definitely not the case in the comics where thor is regularly flying through space using mjolnir for extra speed, and able to fly thousands of times faster than light speed. thor then was the one at the start of endgame when they track thanos, thor crashed in and deals with thanos efficiently, chopping his arm off with the gauntlet on it, and finally chopping his head off. again, no fear. so thor rightly says that he is the only one who killed thanos twice. and in the final battle thor is totally battle ready, determined and fearless, fighting thanos head on with iron man and captain america. thor never flinches away from facing and fighting thanos. and in getting his vengeance on him, he is perfectly willing to die. so professor hulk is a dick. and then when thor lightly grabs hulk's shirt when thor mentions thanos and a plan to undo the snap, hulk tells thor 'please take your hand off me', in a calmly superior manner, taking an authoritative stance over thor. i really hated the way he did that, and the tone of his voice, and it was really unnecessary for hulk to do that. i mean was thor lightly grabbing his shirt and telling him not to mention that name, was hulk in any danger there? was hulk really so sensitive about his personal space? no, it was professor hulk being an egotistical prick again, except hidden in a veneer of calm superiority. i loved when he went to see the ancient one when they do the time heist, professor hulk again asserts himself with calm superiority over the ancient one and tries to grab the timestone off her, and the ancient one isnt having it, so punches the hulk , grabbing banner out him. we see banner is still the same. a nice guy. so this professor hulk combination of banner and hulk is really creepy, because it isnt bruce banner. so professor hulk is humbled. as he should be, i dont want to see professor hulk again.

  53. I think it was because he tried to bring back Widow. It couldn't be done, so the strain of trying to force it caused him substantial damage. Destroying the gems was extremely difficult, so that too was extremely damaging to the wielder.

  54. Hulk is my favorite Marvel hero and it's really sad how they gave him so little action. The same can be said for Infinity War. Really the only good hulk movie was Ragnarok…..and maybe Age of Ultron….

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