Tell you what. How would you kill a cow? How will you kill a cow? You’re a natural meat eater. How do you kill a cow? You’re a natural meat eater, you don’t need to use weapons. Lions don’t use weapons, do they? Exactly, but then, they’re natural meat eaters. But, as a natural meat eater… Exactly. But, as a natural meat eater, you shouldn’t need to use guns, or knives, because you could kill the animals yourself, naturally. No, no, because if you’re a natural meat eater… You’re not though. You take a lion on. Fight a lion, who’s the ultimate predator? No, but you, you can… That’s a device. Yes, but you are not a natural meat eater. The word natural means nature. You’re not a natural meat eater, because you’re using guns. But you don’t have to eat both. But you don’t have to. But you don’t have to. I can, I can eat a dog. I can beat up a child. Just because you can do these things, doesn’t make it moral to do them. Yeah, okay, so how do you morally justify killing an animal that doesn’t want to die? No animal wants to die. No, but can you? All it takes is simple logic. All it takes is simple logic. If you inflict pain on an animal, they avoid pain. They don’t want to have pain inflicted upon them. They have a preference to live their life, like you and I do. What right do you have to take their life from them? It’s not how the world works. That’s not an answer. How do you morally justify, how do you morally justify killing an animal that doesn’t want to die? That isn’t a moral justification. Yes. But they don’t have to. How do you morally justify taking the life of an animal that doesn’t want to die? That’s not true. Yes, it is. But that doesn’t make it moral, does it? But it doesn’t have to be that way. No, it is changing. This is why we’re here. I don’t know if you are, but the world is, the world is changing. You’ve got, Nando’s has vegan burgers, GBK has got vegan burgers Yes, but they didn’t used to have vegan burgers. They do now, because the world is changing, because there’s a demand for it. Yes, but there is a demand for vegan food, because there are move vegan people coming into existence. Okay, great. It is changing. Yes, but it’s changing. It is changing. But why… Yes, yes people will still eat meat, but the world is changing What moral justification do you have to take the life of an animal that doesn’t want to die? An animal, an animal has a preference to live their life . All animals, dogs, pigs, cows, chickens, have a preference to live their life. Irrelevant, irrelevant. Irrelevant. We don’t have to eat meat. You don’t have to do it. People in China eat dogs. So, if I choose to eat dog, is that moral? How do you humanely kill an animal? What does the word humane mean? The word humane means having, or showing, compassion or benevolence. You can’t respectfully kill an animals if they don’t need to die. And you didn’t respect them when you killed them, did you? You cannot respect an animal if you’re taking their life form them unnecessarily. But you kill them? Yes. But you kill them. So, say I have the utmost respect for dogs, but I kill them? If someone rescued dogs from a shelter and then killed them, would you say that they loved them? But the animals you kill aren’t in pain. You kill them unnecessarily. You don’t have to. You can make a living doing something else that doesn’t involve killing innocent animals. Why? Why? Why should you… Why do you think you have the rights to take the life of an animal? But we don’t have to. Well, take a child to a slaughterhouse then. Take a child to a slaughter house, let them see a cow being killed, and tell them that that’s normal. So it’s horrible? Right. But it doesn’t have to happen. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s horrible because it’s wrong. It’s wrong. Yes. But most of these people won’t kill the animals themselves because they don’t think it’s right. You ask… You do, but you’re an exception. Most people here, most people here won’t kill animals. Yes, but most people here in Britain won’t kill animals themselves because they don’t think it’s right. What animals do you farm? Okay Yep But the fact that you farm these animals isn’t natural in the first place. Until they die. Mate, I don’t doubt that you look after your animals. And I’m not saying that you’re a bad farmer. But, if you kill them you don’t respect them. What I’m saying to you is you may give them a good life, but you kill them. But you kill them. The only reason you l;ook after them is because they are profitable to you. If those animals didn’t make you money, you wouldn’t be looking after them. Why don’t you kill the dogs? Why don’t you kill the dogs? But what’s the difference between killing a sheep and killing a dog? But that’s only your perception of them. But, the only difference is… But why does the dog get to live because culture has told you that they’re a pet? What’s the difference? Yeah. It used to be culturally normal to have a slave. Slavery was culturally normal. But would you have said… Why? Just because it’s culturally normal, doesn’t make it moral. Yeah, yeah. They’re alive, they feel pain. That’s all that matters to me. Yep. How? So how did sheep survive for thousands of years? No, what’s nieve is thinking that animals are here for you to kill for an unnecessary reason. That’s what’s nieve. You don’t have to kill animals. And you don’t have a moral justification to do so. You don’t have to do so. Yes. There was a farmer recently that gave away £48,000 of cattle because he was vegetarian, he inherited the farm. No, no, they got given to a sanctuary. They’re in a sanctuary. He didn’t sell them, he could have got the money. He could have got the money. Yes, what a lovely chap. They’re in a sanctuary. They’ll live until they naturally die, like we will. And like all animals should be able to. You can farm other things, what about organic vegetables? What about vegetables? Well, farm them instead. Do you not think the planet is dying? IT’s not sustainable any more. Yeah. But why stop there? Why stop at cutting back? Why not go vegan? Look, it’s irrelevant We don’t need it, that’s the thing we’ve already established, we don’t. Well, we don’t NEED meat. We don’t need it. People don’t need it. Buddhists, hindus, you know, have not eaten meat for thousands of years. They don’t need it. None of us need it We evolved from apes that were plant based And maybe ate like, some termites of something. The original beings we evolved form were vegan. We began eating meat when we needed to, for necessity. It’s irrelevant. It is. Because we don’t HAVE to. We don’t have to. We don’t have to. You don’t have to put a non-human animal on the same pedestal as a human, you don’t ahve to do that. All you have to acknowledge is that the life of an animal is worth more than your taste. And if you acknowledge that, that’s all you have to do to understand why you should be vegan. You don’t have to see a sheep the same as you see a human. It’s irrelevant if I believe that. You don’t have to. Mate, you can go living your life thinking that you’re superior to non-human animals, that’s fine you just don’t have to kill them. That’s it. But you can make a living elsewhere. What we need, we need subsidies from the government, to help people transition. It’s not going to happen, but that’s what we need. We can work together to make that happen. Because you want to make money in the future. The world is changing, whether you want to admit it or not, and you yourself said that people need to reduce their meat consumption. so if people go by your logic, that means that you will still be losing out on business. So what we should be doing as vegans and as farmers, is working together to create a world that exists for both of us. And that world is a world where you can farm, but you farm vegan plants. So we get to eat vegan, we get to help the world, save the animals, save the environment And you get to keep your job. That’s why the subsidies need to go to people like you, to create a vegan farm. Not yet, but we can get there. Yeah I know, I know. But I’m saying, we’re not against you. We’re not against you inherently I think what you do is wrong, but I do not think you’re a bad person. And I want to see a world where you get to keep doing what you’re doing without harming others. We come at opposite ends of the coin but inherently, we want to see the same world the world where you get to live, and still do what you’re doing, which is farming, but a world where these animals aren’t having to pay the price for that life. Thank you. It is changing. It is, it is changing. And I don’t want you to be in a situation without a job. I don’t want that to happen to you. And I’m sorry we’re in a situation where people feel under pressure, because they feel that they’re going to lose their money and stuff. Realistically, we can live in a different world. It may seem scary, and it may seem like a big, drastic change from what we have now, but realistically, it is possible. It’s possible, it’s possible. It’s good to chat. The thing about this is the only way we change, is through having discussion with each other. Even though we might not always agree with one another, and it gets heated, we can disagree, but it’s good to talk. And I appreciate you talking to me. I’m sorry for being angry, but we’re passionate. Yeah, it is.


  1. In native culture they use to say a prayer thanking and asking the animal for forgiveness. Not to justify it, but i think that is respectful.

  2. I heard something the other day that the older generation will not understand why it is that the newer generation doesn't want to continue the same trends as them and they don't seem to understand that its because we don't have to that we don't . For example I hear the media saying all the time that the diamond Industry is crashing cause young people dont want to buy them … well of course because we understand that itd not NECCESSARY to do it get in dept so that you can show someone you care for them. Same goes for the housing market people dont want to be tied down or turned into slaves for 30 years to pay for a house that you only go an sleep in at night and your never their to actually enjoy it. What I'm saying is people are having a conscious change and I want to thank you for continuing to spread your message while reminding in a state of zen. Keep you the good work !

  3. We don't have to eat meat but it's oh so yummy ! Yummy yummy steaks and burgers ! Yum yum yum ! Some bbq ribs or fried chicken ! Why would I want to live without all that yummy meat ?

  4. This vegan is a complete moron! 😂🤣 trying to create shit content based on telling us meat eaters that we're wrong for eating what's natural for us humans

  5. “ we need subsidies from the government”
    Veganism is also a political agenda I do not endorse. This is one of the many policies that’s vegans are trying to impose.
    There are way more important things to do with our time and money.

  6. If u are vegan stay vegan.Do not force people to be a vegan.Its their choice.Being a human we have the choice to eat whatever we want.So stop fucking tell people what to eat you motherfucker.

  7. Wait..what?
    "Vegan plants cost a fortune."

    Seriously? Are there any non-vegan plants I don't know yet? 😂 How can it cost a fortune
    when you just plant the plants and giving up the animal farming which costs a fortune? 🌿 😃 You save money bro! 💸

  8. Idiot do you know what the food chain is? a plant is alive why would you eat it at harvest just let it die naturally. I bet you think it is ok for people to kill there babies for economic purpose but oh no dont kill the cow for any purpose. Just deal with the fact that your arguement is beta-based and a waste of time at best. "See look they got veggie burgers" well go eat one and be happy someone put one on the menu to make money off of vegans and take your hair out of a bun or transition already into a shim you are half way there.

  9. My family thinks that if I go vegan:
    -I'll get every disease that existed from the beginning of time
    – I'll go bankrupt because dear God vegan food is soooo expensive, just look at the price of beans or potatoes…
    – My protein is dead immediately
    – nutrients are not a part of my dictionary now that I am vegan
    – The girl next door who is 30 went vegetarian and couldn't have children so surely that will happen to anyone who goes vegetarian and God forbid vegan
    – I will die 0.00000000000000001 seconds after going vegan
    So how do I argue against two angry parents who think this (above) about me going vegan and don't listen to anything I say and they don't want to see no videos or documentaries…. I tried everything pls help :/

  10. “Sheep immediately try to kill themselves right from when they are born,” so we can kill them…umm parenting is basically just trying to keep a mini human hell bent on killing themselves alive!!! Baby humans are the same a baby animals, that’s all I get out of that 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. You need vitamin b12 from meat….no other worldwide source is consistent that man could have survived…beef liver has everything .

  12. So our ancient ancestors ate meat that had certain types of fatty acids in them that developed our brain and where we are in society as a people today. So with that being said if our ancestors had not eating the fatty acids from the meat would we have the intelligence that we do today??? probably not. I tried to go vegan that was the dumbest shit and I actually done it for 2 years

  13. Only a Godless person thinks like you. I bet you are all for a women's right to choose. Save an animal kill a baby? Argue for a babys right to live.

  14. I hate it when people ask : What can you eat at all?

    What can't I eat?
    There is Plant Milk
    There is Tofu

    If we have the opportunity not to harm animals, we shouldn't do it.

    If someone asks me about nutrients, I think : Do you ask yourself what nutrients you take?

  15. Fucking twat talking about animal rights and morals yet doesn’t believe in God!

    Where did morality come from moron?
    Atheists believe in evolution,
    Evolution teaches us that we are all animals in the animal kingdom, evolving from one species to another,
    So if we are animals then why are you surprised when we behave like some?

  16. What do birds of prey do about not having the weapons to open and eat a turtle? They pick it up and drop it on rocks to crack it open, they are then able to eat thanks to a very smart idea?

    Why are we any different with the type of weapon we made thanks to being smart?

  17. "I'm a natural meat-eater."
    Yes…because killing an animal with a gun or a knife and then cooking it's flesh because you will become sick if you eat it raw is natural and morally justified…yep

  18. You were respectful and I think you made excellent points and asked great questions. Every animal has the will to live- it is innate. I really like that although the farmer was cursing, you did not resort to that. It seems that the farmer eats meat for economic and "it has always been this way," reasons. If you love your animal, you won't kill them. People that love their pets don't go around killing them. The only difference regarding why people eat sheep as opposed to a dog is because of the societal construct. In China, people eat dogs and many Americans judge them. But many Americans eat cows. Cows are worshipped by some people. My point here is when it comes to eating animal,s eating one instead of the other is not more moral. Anyway, I could go on and on. WELL DONE, Ed!

  19. Dear vegan,

    Right now, your caveman ancestors are thinking "I fought cave lions, chased down mammoths with a spear, invented cooking with fire, lived in a cave, and survived the ice age, so you could insult everything we did? Ungrateful twat."

  20. As someone who has always had an omnivorous diet i can't hear that and not hear willful ignorance. We learnt to do these things because we don't have the natural weapons. You can't argue that an inorganic tool is the same as a tool the lion is born with. The point you are making is obvious but he doesn't want to think of the implications of what you are saying.

  21. 1:11 many farmers use methods to kill a animal quickly and pain free, therefor they don't feel pain upon dying.

    Edit: also, by eating meat it provides protein, vitamin B and E, iron, zinc and magnesium. Protein functions as building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

  22. 1. What do you mean "you're not a natural meat eater" or "a knife is not your natural weapon"? When did knives become supernatural weapons? I understand that there's a temptation to separate what is anthropological from what is natural, but anthropological is a subset of natural.
    2. We don't look for moral justifications for actions and then allow them, rather we have liberties that are limited when reasons are provided. There's no need to justify gay behavior in order for gays to be able to live. So instead of asking people "what are your moral justifications for eating meat" it would be more reasonable to give people your reasons why it is immoral to eat meat and see their responses.
    3. I understand that many people base their morality on gut feeling and that comes in handy when you're putting forward the argument that "few people would kill an animal themselves", but I think morality should be reason based. I don't see why killing an animal for food is wrong. Really. If it's okay for a lion to kill for food, it's okay for humans to kill for food, as long as it is economically and nutritionally more advantageous for us, otherwise it's not just immoral, it's dumb. Suffering is a neurological process, a response to external stimuli. All things that we define as "living" have 3 things in common: reproduction, metabolism and reaction to external stimuli. Suffering is the manifestation of the latter, which is innate for all living things. Plants react to external stimuli, just in a different way than animals. Now the fact that we don't know what it's like to be a plant doesn't prevent your logic to include plants in the list of things we should not "torture by killing".
    4. Meat is nutritionally more advantageous. At least according to our evolutionary history. The fact that cars have the problem of bad emissions does not mean we must get rid of cars, we can just build them in a better way, which will come with time. We can go a better way about the the meat industry to solve economical and environmental problems. Just globally switching to greens and veggies is not going to be so nice and simple, there are always hidden problems.

    Stop trying to be fancy.

  23. Humane killing sounds so stupid, Yes it is horrible to slaughter living beings, maybe you still want to eat meat but No it is Not necessary

  24. You're a very nice, moral, and decent human being, Ed. Thank you for setting such a good example, you are inspiring. 🙂 I have compassion for the farmer and I think it's good you both had your discussion. It looks like that conversation had an impact on him and his way of thinking. I'm glad you both were on better terms in the end there, and thank you for being compassionate and loving toward him. That's the ideal way to interact with other human beings and bring about civil change 🙂

  25. Vegan's should show a little more respect to none Vegan's because every vegan comes from a none vegan ancestor who payed the way

  26. I am a vegetarian trying to be a vegan those 6 last months. And I'm so happy with my life now, I talked about this with people that are close to me and some of them are considering to go vegetarian.. even my boyfriend changed his mind after he saw what was happening to these animals in the movie "earthlings" . I want to mention that he was a meat eater before and he would disagree with me, but after when he saw the truth he felt so sick about our system so he just quit eating meat. Humanity CAN change. There is a change and there is no doubt about that.

  27. This Veganism shit is worse than communism , they are always right and the establishment need to be destroyed by "moral motives". They dont want to create a better society for individuals , they see you as a
    vehicle to spread an ideology , they will fill you with emotions , and when you convert you will follow only the "vegan logic" blind and
    politicized just like a communist that only read and study others communist thinking , they cant even imagine they could be wrong admit that is like changin culture its extremly difficult.

  28. Lost respect for that farmer when he started throwing insults like, “fucking hippies,” around. He lost the moment he started thinking with his emotions rather than his actual brain 🤫

  29. Lame arguement:. It is how the world works. So we shouldnt stop human trafficking then because it is "like an economic business model" bellend just spouting word salad to try and justify his morally void stance. There is also a massive world wide demand for child sex slaves because some humans have sex with children (maybe they shouldn't be called humans but technically…). I am very impressed that you continue to discuss with this funny man 🙂

  30. We eat meat and we are happy ,that’s our live it’s natural
    Why you taking b12 Supplements that’s not natural !
    Even plants has feeling so why u kill it to fed ur self !
    Vegan myth

  31. i really love EE, ,me 20 yr vegan. if someone asked "how do u know the animal doesnt want to die?" , i'd say to myself, lost cause, move along.

  32. If you died around a pig, it would eat you. Wolves abandon any ‘weak’ wolf to preserve the strength of their pack. Sharks eat their own babies. Male lions sleep 20+ hours a day and make the females do almost all the work. A lot of chimpanzees have ripped their owners to shreds. Most of the animals we think ‘love us’, don’t actually love us, they just act how we want them to act so they can eat.

    I have been steadily eating less and less meat over the last few weeks due to some of the documentaries I have watched. They are horrific. However, it angers me because I realize that I am not enabled to go about that process genuinely, instead I was forced into it based on guilt and emotion. That doesn’t sound bad, but those two things is what keeps the churches in business. Guilt and emotions.

    The biggest issue is free will. You can’t tell someone they are free to do what they want, then get mad when they make a choice that isn’t holy. Yet, on the opposite side of the coin, you can’t just let people do horrific thugs without intervening. At the end of the day, what you call planet earth is a shit show. There are secret space programs. Black budget military tunnels, that enable what you call aliens, and various other beings to navigate this place unseen. Your TV is brainwashing you, and putting unimaginable things in your mind. There are thousands of snuff cults and sex trafficking rings in America. Amongst many other things.

    In summary, fuck the world, live your life, and stop trying to fix a place that will always SUCK. There are websites on the dark web that enable you to buy cookbooks that show you how to COOK PEOPLE. There are websites on the dark web that enable you to watch people get tortured. If you think this is bad, keep your innocence while you can.


  33. Its the circle of life. Do you think every prey wants to suffer the pain of death from its predator. you dont have to eat meet. thats fine. you also dont have to decide what people's morals should be. as the ultimate predators on earth i dont think humans need to justify their side of choice of prey. go interogate a lion or a gorilla about its morals. it the circle of life.

  34. If you were to try and survive in the wild off of only plants, you would be malnourished. When you go buy all of your vegan food from the grocery store, it is coming from all around the world, you wont find all of these plants in one region. Primitive humans as well as apes diets most definitely were consisting more meat than plants.

  35. Stupid, stupid vegans. Before their time we ate meat. Killed chickens, birds and fish. As a hunter I deeply respect the life of a deer, I provide for my family. I'm a chicken farmer. We need protein! Over time without eating meat, our body's will start to break down, and animals will over populate and eventually start to grow for human. The animals will start to eat the human race. Hunters, fisherman, trappers, keep the animal population in check for the rest of the world. I LOVE MEAT, STEAK!! MMMMMMMMM

  36. I’m not really one to talk about religion, but the Bible says that people shouldn’t kill, that includes animals. The Bible also says that we shouldn’t eat animals with hooves or wings. So either way it goes, in the eyes of God, the farmer is wrong. And just because the Bible said God gave Man dominion over animals, there are scriptures that say that people shouldn’t eat animals with hooves or wings, that also includes things that comes from them.

  37. He didn’t even want to talk about the moral aspect of things. I wouldn’t have blurred out his face. 🤣🤣🤣

  38. That’s the farmer’s problem, he’s literally picking and choosing what’s right and wrong….. straight dumbass. 😂😂😂

  39. I was expecting for him to throw a punch or something. He was super in control the whole time. Now vegans are being called "hippies' lol

  40. "It's horrible but you gotta get used to it"
    This is so sad. This is exactly what our parents taught us, taught me, and that farmer, when we as kids didn't want to eat our dead cow burger. I hope the situation will change.

  41. I'm sick and tired of these fucking douche bags with their high and mighty bullshit, thinking they can impose their 'cult' on others…shut the fuck up and fuck off you self righteous halfwit.

  42. what's really crazy here is that anyone who watches this video can absolutely understand that there is no logic in the wordS of the farmer.
    he doesn't make one single point. not one.

    and yet, like 98% of the population on earth agrees with him. even if they know he's wrong, they agree.

  43. Aye Maine this white boy is way to annoying I would catch this nigga if he pulled to my block if he started talking about sum eating meat is bad.

  44. Who’s decides moral? People. Morality is subjective. His logic about rape vs killing an animal is redivision’s classic pro vegan argument. Yeah all you vegans go rape someone and see what happens to you. You’re delusional and unrealistic. Your vegan morality is irrelevant. It’s not about morality we don’t eat meat because it’s mostly right meat consumption has nothing to do with morals so the fact that you bring morals into the argument is crafty. You vegans hide behind morality like a shield use it as a crutch when morality is built on sand. One day it’s here the next it’s not. Humans are the gods of this world we decide what is and what isn’t you’re wasting your time trying to free animals.

  45. The irony is that he keeps saying g we don’t have to kill animals and eat meat well w don’t have to eat vegetables either. Plants feel pain too. Plants have been here longer than humans and they feel pain they are highly evolved so I ask you vegans WHAT MORAL JUDGEMENT DO YOU HAVE THAT MAKES IT OKAY TO KILL PLANTS?!

  46. That dude is one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen…
    "I love animals"
    "…I respect animals"
    But you're killing them. Where's the love and respect in killing them?

  47. haha i knew that farmer who changed and stop beef farming his name is jay lovely man used to go there to his farm with my dad me and my father talked to him a lot and then his stoped beef farming jay did not like it at all we gave jay alternatives and now his is so much happyer i really respect him for doing the right thing, i used singing to the cows and they raly liked it come and watch me for hrs cows are such a beautiful animal i used to cry every time i looked into their eyes knowing what was go to happen to them they looked back even come to comfort me like whats up whats the matter but it never happend i am so happy

  48. Ed is right, the world is changing. When I look at this farmer guy, I see my old self, the person I was just over a month ago! I had the "I like my meat medium rare" attitude.
    This guy probably went home and thought about the talk. He might not change tomorrow, or even in a years time. But he will change! Just like I did.

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