85 thoughts on “UPPER BODY WORKOUT (Back and Biceps – TOTAL MADNESS!)

  1. Awesome work out, can't wait to try it. Also, the audio is out of sync from the moment you finish the circuit.

  2. Interesting to me was how you divided up the body: 1) back/biceps, 2) chest/shoulders/triceps, 3) abs/core. I recently saw a chart dividing it  — or, at least, dividing exercise days — this way: day 1) chest/back/abs, day 2) shoulders/arms/forearms/abs, day 3) lower back/legs/abs. (Interesting that they group lower back with legs.) I'd like to see some analysis of how these sorts of divisions are made.

  3. Hi Everyone. I have been working on my chest for over 6 months now, but never scored. Trust me I have been doing all these effective training based on Jeff's technique. So I started to believe if that has something to do with my genetics. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

  4. Good for cardio, not for muscle mass obviously.  If you go too fast on this, form will be lost (aka Crossfit).

  5. lol, love how i see this right before i leave to go to the gym to do… back and biceps of all things. awesome vid

  6.    Although I can appreciate the challenge, I think I'm too old for that stuff.  Besides………what's the big hurry for ?   Some of us enjoy working out too much to rush it quite that much.   Great job though Jeff.  Impressive exhibition.   

  7. I've been using some of the exercises you've been posting and love the results so far (a good burn).  I'm not strong enough for this workout as you have it set up yet but I'll give it a go regardless.  Can't wait to hit the gym ")

  8. Finally, professor JEFF CAVALIERE got himself a little tan !!  Jeff has always been extremely defined, but he's always been too white !!  IFBB Pros look incredible on contest day because of their deeply tanned skins, usually from ProTan lotion. 

  9. It looks like a great workout and AtheanX looks like a super program. But I have too many injured that are restricting my movements. Knees, a shoulder impingement that never healed properly, and some sort of bicep pain that came out of nowhere and seems to be getting worse. If it weren't for those things I'd be all over it. Love the concept of metcons with traditional bodybuilding exercises. Next lifetime, Dude.

  10. Hi Jeff! Love the your videos, learning a lot from you, thank you.
    Please could you do a video on training frequency, how often should you train each body part. I appreciate it, thank you.

  11. Hey Chef! Could you please post a video about the right overall shoulder posture (in training and normal life). I had a shoulder surgery and I think you're the only physio therapist who could bring me back on the right progress line.
    Thanks !

  12. Please help, big problem holding me back from getting big. When I go heavy, my joints hurt and at times I have caused small injuries on my self that have lasted a week or so. How do I solve this? I was doing a work out going for 8 reps or just under due to muscle failure with like typically 3 sets sometimes a few more. I figured go lighter and swim. Any suggestions?

  13. hey jeff, how are you doing?
     can u please make a video on broadening the wrists ……..will really appreciate

  14. Hi Jeff Are your existing guys gona be given this workout in its entirety as well or is it only for new customers

  15. That's intense really struggled on the 2nd set of pullups to keep up had to lighten my weight for barbell as well but arms are a tingling now

  16. Hardgainers video please.  With footage like this of doing actual sets with proper failure and intensity.  Thank you.

  17. Hey Jeff, have you heard of/tried the Turkish Get Up? (TGU) My old gym teacher in high school told me this was an exercise real men do.. Any thoughts?? Of course form is precise when doing TGU's and i love increasing difficulty by trying a straight bar, find engages forearms alot more

  18. Hey great vid, just wondering if you'd be able to put up a video for a full body workout using just dumbbells and bodyweight as that's all I have available. no bench, do have a pull up bar but nothing else. I find it hard to work out every part of each muscle with just dumbbells and me.

  19. Okay, I am looking forward to trying this one!  If this tanks Jeff, I am expecting to be sore, for a few days afterwards.

  20. hay jeff would be good if these video x4 in partal… your training workout A++ have just finished ATHLEAN ZERO an now AX1 an I cant wait. thanx jeff

  21. You must hate yourself to think you have to do that to get in that kinda shape, enjoy killing yourself in the gym!!

  22. Jeff, Can you give us a sneak peak of your "TNT' series? I REALLY want the Shoulder TNT because I am unable to gain mass in my delts. The only thing holding me back from buying it is that I don't understand what Im going to pay for. Thanks.

  23. Jeff is, by far, the most knowledgeable fitness guy I have encountered, in the world of YouTube. This video must have been made before he figured out the "energy leak," thing.

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