Turning Our Gross Garage into a Beautiful Home Gym | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

Turning Our Gross Garage into a Beautiful Home Gym | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

Previously on Omg we bought house basically when you’re building a home Basically. It’s all about space-saving right it depends on what types of workouts you do And now that we can come outside instead of having to get up even earlier to drive to the gym. It’s really cool getting big Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we could make how will it turn out? Omg, we bought a house Kate door coming Welcome. It’s such a big day, big day . We got garage today .To finished . We got garage to finish today Our gym / spa / our , our spa ? Our outdoor, TVing area, blah blah blah. Were off to a great start . Our gym our spa /R our TV area TM area Great that long day so give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t yet Be part of our creative werido family and let’s uh go outside. I don’t even know what I just said ok! You guys saw those beautiful floors we put in the white walls the white painted rock Ceiling those with shingles or gym is like trick down now We got our prx performance system like the treadmill we built an amazing hotel gym in our garage But we still wanted to be multifunctional We want to be able to go out there and sit out there because it’s just a really beautiful spot in our back yard be like an indoor outdoor yard to hang out in when we have people over countertop seating area a Seashell Hybrid workout chill area Definitely want to have a conversation area in there, and we’ve been loving working out here. So yeah now. We need a place to like sit and enjoy But also like if I want to just come out and put my feet up and watch a game Whatever happens, but yeah, I feel come on put your feet up watch Some reality TV. All right we have less you countertops No, let’s put the crystals on before any furniture because we’re gonna be up on the ladder Oh he can again alright so from the glorious vintage Whitewashed Ceilings that are going on in here Gonna hang our chandelier It’s actually the chandelier that we used to have in our dining room for in here We just had to have it rewired and retain so that it can hang lower There’s so many, Little Doodads on the chandelier wipe these off You you you know real life. I want to go Joey’s putting on the cups to the chandelier I think my job’s hard that’s not a good look for you If you think your job is too hard, why are you singing now? Wait, gilly we need our fear mana you guys remember we put up in our dining room like what three years ago these finger condoms Are killing my circulation can you just please appreciate how beautiful? Mrs., please appreciate how purple my thumb’s are those little finger condoms to put on the crystals make sure they ain’t get any fingerprints well I don’t know where the finger condoms are still practicing unsafe crystals All right, you know this channel is Gonna get pregnant here Some work some don’t I don’t know we’re just testing some matching it looks like some bolts Go out at different times And you trying to get the matching ones joey these were the bows who were in there this bull was too big This bulb is too small this bulb is just right. I mean you guys know how it is It’s it’s difficult to always be matching My eyebrows don’t match why do my chandelier bulbs have to match? We have so many crystals to do good because I have plenty of stuff to do why I mean crystals. Don’t worry scoville trees Yes, trading. Go trees Gladly Joey can go do this fine. I? Have no idea where the instructions are for the chandelier swinging no idea where exactly the crystals are supposed to go It’s hot hazard Crystal extra again This is a really fun job though guys dealing these crystal They’re faceted and so beautiful and they create those prisms rainbows on the wall like I’m very okay with this job. It’s a pretty Chic setup for a gym think it’s such a beautiful contrast the ross ceiling and then we have this like Bellini chandelier it is quintessential juxtaposition You walk into a gym. You see a chandelier, and you know those people mean business But the one thing you guys aren’t seen today. Which is something. I think we’re gonna do is install a whole wall of mirrors we’re gonna have a cut the mirror company come in and Install it so that it’s all fitting perfectly around the already installed weight machine that’ll eventually have like one of those full walls and mirrors so you can see yourself pump and iron and Kate can see yourself dancing, so while Kate finishes putting on the crystals. I’m gonna get the little countertop Kitchenette area Thingy you don’t really need anything like a sinker stovetop or anything like that back here It’s more so just to have the surface style and use and the storage inside the drawers in the cabinets, and then of course The fridge that is basically Gonna be where Kate’s drink fridge is Gonna Go because it’s too far for her to go inside to get a cold beverage She has to have a drink fridge in the back also, eucalyptus towels because I just really want that it’s cool. I’ll enjoy it She’s gonna put eucalyptus towels in it. She’d better be the one restocking those Waited oh, I love that medium gray tone. We don’t really need like a big normal-sized countertop So I got some shallow depth cabinets that come with legs you can adjust and level thank God because guys this is garage is Totally unlevel I mean it was built almost a hundred years ago and things settle especially with earthquakes and stuff like that There’s about a million problems That have to be solved with this whole situation 1 million That was very accurate I like about what it said a little bit. I’ll get it Don’t really want to be putting anything on a sloped countertop. So thankfully Joey will be able to level it out You wanted the big the big the big man or Jammer Which throws everything off you mean the big fridge? Yeah? This is hardly a bank, but There was a smaller one that would have fit. Why are you telling me this like I didn’t plan this entire thing with you Well I plan this butcher. I just want to show you what I’m doing. Yeah, please Joey You’re doing I built a really cute little stand for the fridge so that it all evens out I’m Gonna Let the fridge you slide in the cute stand And you pick it up a little bit more. Well, they’re wobbly I’m gonna kind of cut tetris this fridge situation cuz it’s a different size and the cabinets go back to your stay I’m gonna make a custom toe kick. That’s gonna go under the cabinets and then kind of duck down under the fridge It’s that way the top of everything is pretty level I got some solid wood for a countertop that I’m just gonna cut down to size Shelley Yeah, you asked me to help you and I are still measuring I got stuff to do Any in a countertop with 69 inches wide by 16 inches deep so I’m just gonna measure that up clamp down some straight edges So that I can get a straight cut on them for this guys I want to make sure there’s no Nick’s or gouges in it because you want to be a really clean edge So I actually got a finished blade. It makes a finer cut so you have less Imperfections in the cut and I’m also Gonna use some painters tape to just Take down on what I’m cutting just in case because it’ll keep everything flat while the sauce going over it and will minimize any extra splinters that might happen Yeah, you saw it. I saw it here first. Are you anchoring this to the wall? Yes? I’m Asking scatter top is good A little kitchenette this is perfect We got one thing of cabinet doors that have drawers inside And then another bank of shelves and they’ve got the cabinet doors on them and they’re a beautiful kind of medium gray tone which is playing off the grays that are in the Bamboo floors that we have the Eco-friendly sustainable Bamboo floors and the floating shelf to be grave, you could do that too sir. Thank you Yes, I got work to do a sea shelf. I’m gonna decorate Do you do a conversation? Like you know where you can get cozy. Yeah This is the first area to do a little seating setup Yes, of course area rugs are perfect to designate space So there’s really soft shag rug with some splashes of color in it is the perfect thing to center a seating area around what? You oh my gosh, just small little rug in the world oh Like a you rat joey sees a rug and it’s time I guess for a tunnel kate thought she could get away with rolling out a rug Yeah me I mean and especially a small cute rug like that like good. You’re my small. That’s a small run I’m coming in okay, but he’s so sweaty. I mean it. We haven’t installed the air conditioning out here and yet How about we do blow me away? He wants me to blow one on him. He wants me to blow on him So there’s literally a rug cut all this was Marta’s like a rug pass out with Joey. Just squawking at me It’s beautiful. It feels good – we could stretch on this rug this could be our stretch I want to make this rug better is if this room wasn’t 90 degrees so I gotta finish putting that Acs ah? Get on up Joey you got an easy-To-install It’s California. It can get toasty we’re gonna go ahead and bring in some temperature control when you don’t have central A/c You have a couple options one of them is a window unit kind of an eyesore They take up a window But what you can also do is you can do these? Wall-mounted units that are also gonna be a lot stronger than those window units, and they’re just a little bit cheaper They kind of are more up out of the way, so I found this cool brand online called Mr.. Cool. My eman I was like you’re Mr.. Cool, Mr.. Kay, and they sent me one I’m gonna try putting it on it supposed to be pretty easy to just mount on the wall so the Ac that comes with a very long amount of refrigerant cooling Electrical wire all the stuff that’s in the little Thing clearly I have no idea ones. I’m out. Okay. Don’t let it bend. Just feed it through Okay, well it’s loose. You have to feed it through though I just feed it through as I’m pulling push it like let that side of your hands holding fall onto the bike I mean, it’s it’s not gonna unfurl like you’re gonna have to unfurl it on the other side okay, just Put it through the hole okay push it through push Okay, well do so go fix it. Go is it Done Ben. Oh? It’s just gonna mount onto the wall on the mounting bracket that we’ve screwed into the studs now. We will be able to have Climate-controlled work out some of the Ac you know they’re around a really simple floating shelf So that way we can put some plants and stuff by the window But a bing bada boom but a shelf so this shelf is perfect a little low profile moment I can style it and have some design elements over there alright, so around the world. We’re do it’s really cool furniture We got our blue. I think they’re like velvety Kate probably those it’s like a micro suede Fabric kind of velvety they have a nice high back So they’re really like comfy to sit in it can place them wherever you want No conversation area is complete without a little table something to set your drinks on this cocktail table is perfect just a little round lacquered white top within a wire kind of Geometric base that has some airiness some negative space going through it. It’s just it’s perfect for the flow of the space I Get to stock the fridge. I have an array of coconut water Some protein dreams you know things you might want on hand while you’re working out refreshments the letter the water fridge Remember Lemon Wanna, remember how much joey loves on the motor here cup of coffee me, too, okay? I don’t drink coffee You are what do you drink lemon water? Lemon water, it’s my thing in this house. I want it to feel really like you’re walking into a Five-Star resort just take water and lemon, but you got to cut up just right They’re gonna start selling my lemon water some omg lemon water Call it : gem ins oh N oh My lemons so to prep our chilled scented eucalyptus towels I am just saturating some clean white washcloths and of course I’m doubting this water with a lot of drops of essential oil Just going to saturate the towels and wring them out and then roll them up and put them in our beautiful fridge to chill Do you want us to keep any? chicken in the fridge All right, okay on top of the countertop I’m just gonna style some plants beautiful vases crystals you guys know I have an obsession with Crystals this amethyst is So gorgeous. It’s honest, and it’s just as such good vibes I need to have a crystal nearby on the cocktail table and placing some really awesome coasters These are like black and white striped marble I love bringing in a little bit of the graphic element because we do have so much black of the Exercise equipment around I don’t want to ignore that fact so bringing in little bits of black and white kind of justifies those other Necessary black elements that we in the gym. I love to meditate I really honestly don’t do it as much as I would like to and I feel like it’s also because I don’t have that perfect Place so this pouf is a hoop of my dreams because it isn’t a floor poop where you’re like Just supposed to put your feet on it, or you know sit around like a lower table. This is like a giant Poop and it’s braided jute fabric looks really durable, so obviously we can sit on it while we’re working out as well We can move it around It’s really like lightweight, but I’m just gonna add some little fuzzy things cozy things and you better see me meditating on there I love the yoga mats easily accessible too because we can take them and go out onto the pergola and do some outdoor yoga on a beautiful day so that an array of Planters these are all indoor planters beautiful tones of green and kind of bluey teal and a sort of dark Grey we’re going to set this big palm on the stand and that’s going to be in the corner oh This gold cactus face is the cutest thing ever you guys know I like things that have a little sense of humor one small this little old Cactus when you pop plants in a pot that doesn’t have a Drainage hole you want to make sure you put some rocks down at the beach Because that aerates the soil and creates drainage so that your plant won’t get all waterlogged and Moldy once I fill up the potting soil around these plants. I’m also placing some decorative rocks on top I just really like that look for indoor plants because you’re gonna have the exposed dirt And it’s just like a it’s a more finished look I loved wall hangings because it’s an alternative to a framed piece of art or photograph, so this wall hanging. It’s great It’s an woven it’s got our accent color of the dark blue With a little bit of the white which you see on the walls, and it’s just a nice soft texture Amongst all of the other like harder workout equipment. It’s just bringing in a little softness waiting in the color Palette back there All the grays weights. It’s kind of like box Hands color Palette We might put mirrors behind The treadmill as well and do a molding piece like we might kind of do an L shape of mirrors but for now I want to put a framed piece of art on the wall just something that has a little Text reminder of what the space is supposed to represent for us which really is relaxation and health I’m taking this beautiful handmade piece of paper It is just a deep blue it has texture on it And then I’m taking the wall paint that we use just a pure white wall paint and a brush. I’m just doing a cursive breathe lowercase cursive It’s a very obvious just reminder to breathe. Oh, you’re working out That’s always good, and yeah, one-hit wonder because I don’t have another piece of paper it’s just be nice to open those doors in the morning and see the sign I love it. I love it against this darker blue color It’s bringing kind of our Accident blue color over to that corner of the room so and I just leave it there I don’t know if we’re Gonna do mirrors There for now. It’s great Absolutely.i is only appropriate that we end with a celebratory workout the room is done show us your moves jelly. I’m ready to work out Don’t be sad you pull them out to the gym Make it work now assume. Oh, oh Joey You need some lemon water don’t yell Remember when you said you wanted this yeah straight out of the picture Voila thank you kay for bringing in love and war what a sweetie with that lemon water I mean who doesn’t want to work out and then have? So much all right full circle. We had lemon water in the kitchen Now we’ve got a lemon water in the gym The last thing I do is the yard The finishing Gotta be the landscaping and the foliage which we will do stay tuned really should girls live in trees That would middle of a sentence Lemon Trees, do we need multiple. Do we need a eucalyptus now fridge Yeah, I may just have to include a water fountain I Love it. I really wanna hear from you guys. I think that it’s just it’s a perfect blend of like peaceful and Energizing and now they’ve got the ac it’s climate control so all is good in our hood Thanks guys subscribe by the way next video yard yard Yard heard it here first your yard heard it here first. We’ve got some foliage ooh, I bought a chAinsaw Real stuff like lighting to do outside. Oh my gosh, so still lots to do so We’ll see that you’re watching well, you creamer is I Go get myself a towel Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh uh no, I don’t know

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