TRUTH ON ABS – Ab Workout & Activewear Try On!

TRUTH ON ABS – Ab Workout & Activewear Try On!

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activewear collection make sure you guys check out this promo if a lot of you ask
me questions about my stomach this video in particular is gonna be more about
pops and I get so many questions what do you do about your abs how did you get
them plus we’re gonna be doing an ab workout today at home that you guys can
do to build core strength what ABS really are how your stomach
really works how belly fat really works I’m gonna show you guys add workouts
that I love to do with the gym and that have helped my stomach look better the
like a girl watches though please don’t mind my hand tan it’s just I really
think it’s the dry skin right now no matter what I do I’m moisturized with
cream and everything and for some reason it’s just I feel like all over social
media people make these really crazy promises and you don’t have to go to the
gym to get abs you can just take this and you can get abs and just again
always gaining knowledge about how things actually work is everything I
actually posted something on IG which I wish I could find out maybe I can go
back in my archives it says everybody has abs you do everybody does I don’t
care if you’re 200 pounds I don’t keep your 160 I don’t care if you feel like
you’ve never seen an app on your stomach in your damn life let’s say you’re at
120 you’re probably going to see if you keep
doing these workouts you’re probably going to see a big difference in your
abs in your stomach everything’s gonna be more define why because someone at
120 pounds probably has lost the maximum amount from their stomach if you’re like
me 120 is thin but it’s sin for someone who is 5 foot 1 right the lowest I’ve
been is 127 and that’s when my stomach looks the most defined because that’s
when my belly fat was at its most lowest every single one of you that is watching
this video has abs whether you have seen them or not they are there always
describe it as and I’ve heard other people describe it as this imagine they
are these heavy curtains on top like right in front of you right those
curtains need to be removed in order for you to see the light come through the
lengthy ups you haven’t gone up or just lowered in general you’ll start to see
them peep through and people will say well even when you were at Lake you’re
close to like 140 which is what I’m close to right now I believe I’m like
I’m still around 137 I still see your abs and you’re not even like at your
goal weight so here’s the thing everybody is different social media will
say if you do this or do that you will lose fat in this area impossible record
that somewhere write it down impossible promising people that if you
do a certain thing that fat will come off your stomach and I’m like this is so
bad to be promising people it’s definitely not a good practice for me to
be like preaching that to you tell me you guys Oh after this I work on today
you guys are gonna get abs it’s for me to show you guys what you can do once
you get to that stage I did not start doing our breakouts until I was a lot
thinner because I knew there was really no point I needed to get my body fat
down even if when you don’t do Abrego to guys my abs are coming out once again
because my body fat was lowered that’s a perfect example of everybody is
different for me in particular I lose my stomach fat is the first will actually
first is my face but my stomach fat also comes down along with my face that’s why
a lot of people are like you know even at this weight your stomach still
good because that’s me that’s how my body functions so number one there’s no
workout in the entire world that can target fat loss in one area when you see
people doing arm workouts and their arms get toned people think aha okay so I did
a bunch of arm workouts and that’s why my fat went down there as you’re working
overall that’s why your fat went down maybe that person in particular gets
weight loss or has more weight loss in their arms why do you guys think all
these like Fitness influencers they all look completely different some of them
have shredded shredded ads they have abs for days other girls are very very lean
just like the other girls but their stomach is not crazy crazy shredded
that’s because they’re not focusing on that area they don’t want shredded abs
you do have the control also to a certain extent but with body fat this is
how much control you up nada you have no control of how or where
your body fat comes from okay or it comes from like the last place is my
arms okay it was the last thing to go and I know I’ve spoken about this but I
still get a lot of you guys messaging me saying how did you get your stomach like
that the truth is you have to just keep going
doing these workouts are best when you ready have lowered your body fat by a
certain percentage in the past when I’ve done a Bracco’s I’ve actually felt very
swollen in this area and my belly fat was still there I still had a lot of it
there was no ABS to be found because number one the body fat count was not
going down number two I still had belly fat so how do you want the ABS to come
out when the shield is in front of it that’s how abs work okay you have to get
rid of the fat shield on it like in the front you have to get rid of this shield
first the more and more and more you get rid of this shield the more and more and
more your stomach looks toned and the more and more and more your abs look
better I never want to come on here and say do this I work out and get abs
there’s just so much more to that that I feel like I’m actually going to do the
opposite and ruin what I’m trying to prove this
another thing that’s really really really key so important I get a lot of
messages saying my no matter what I do my belly fat will not go down that goes
back to you can choose where your body fat comes out from number two you just
need to keep going some of you say you know I have really
really skinny like stick legs but then my stomach my body fat on my stomach
does not want to come off so again you do still need to keep going
unfortunately everybody is just different again I never want to lie to
you I never want to say all girl then there’s something wrong with you no
there’s nothing wrong with you it’s just your body and how your system in
particular works that’s the major problem with social media they make you
feel especially with society that everybody needs to look this way but the
fact is only like 5 percent of you can look that way not everybody has a figure
8 figure not everybody has this curvy voluptuous big hip figure some people
have larger hip dips some people have smaller hip dips I have smaller ones if
I keep working out and losing my body fat the hip dips are gonna get a little
bit more noticeable why because the fat is coming off of them I’m like you guys
were you guys want abs I want my arms to be thin but it’s very hard for me to do
that I have to keep going to the point where I’m like 115 for them to be like
super super thin you might not get this like 100% perfect body that you have in
your mind but that’s why it’s important to accept your body for what it is if
you have large hip dips you might have to accept that if you have a stomach
that’s very very difficult to lose body fat on you might have to accept that and
the sooner that you accept these things the sooner we’re all just gonna learn to
love it love each other in the way we are that’s something I’m okay with will
I ever have those like really tiny chicken arms maybe I won’t and guess
what I’m okay with that it’s all about being realistic it’s all about knowledge
and understanding how things work and how your body works and just reminding
yourself that not everybody is going to be the same you are completely different
than me some of you reach out to me and say my body works exactly like yours
does and that doesn’t surprise me because
there’s going to be people that have the same type of system as me so hopefully
that helps you guys kind of understand and I feel like the sooner we just
accept this truth the closer we’ll get to being more happy with ourselves
there’s Matt over here which I can’t link this for you guys this odd brother
which again I got on Amazon and we’re just gonna be using one 10 pound weight
so if you’re a beginner you can cross your feet just like this whole whole as
far as you can if you can go really really low like all the weights for lies
make sure you’re not like curving your back like this or bending up with that
make sure your back is straight so try to do about as much as you can honestly
but trying to do both six of these and do them for three different sets try to
keep your core really nice and tight while you guys are doing it okay this
one I love doing at the gym get your feet underneath and this is what’s gonna
help when you’re coming back up I grab your 10-pound weight while keeping the
abs tight but anytime you’re adding resistance giving that extra effort but
if you guys don’t want to do any just do these if you want to I’ll add workouts
are serious but I love them they’re like so challenging really it’s all about
doing as much as you can because again it’s about setting small goals really
just focus on you actually doing the workout putting in the effort I can’t
believe I’m talking to you guys through this like this what you can also do is
kind of hold in between right here make sure your back is straight make sure
your back is not curved like this never do this keeping the tummy and nice and
tight over here and if you guys even go like this it’s gonna be even harder do
you can put on some shoes like a normal person but I would like to be barefoot
you want to keep your back leveled again not curving it then you’re gonna move
the weight over here no one said this was the mesial now if you’re an absolute
beginner what you can do is cross your legs like this at the back again just
like the out roller again keep your back straight not too like this and not like
this at all where you tap your shoulder well
holding in your abs to make sure you’re always flexing them this time you’re
going to put your elbows up like this lift one leg don’t bring it down all the
way and switch legs you really want to feel it so go nice and slow don’t be
like this again always keeping the abs tight don’t forget to have some water in
between you’re allowed to have some water don’t kill yourself no I would
like to call this the rowboat this one I do too and I really feel like y’all
dying it put your hands behind your head this guy up and you’re gonna go towards
it and try to go as close as you can to the knee really tighten those ABS
together imagine I’m hugging each other none of y’all can tell me you’re not
done that is a really good ABS circuit workout that you guys can do it’s really
strengthening up the core I can barely talk again you guys can do this workout
with anywhere and also link down below these guys these are really good to have
at home these little pieces of equipment because some days if you can’t make it
to the gym some days to be really honest I can’t just want to be at home and work
out that’s how Steph gets this gut right you don’t know the thing and don’t
forget what I told you perhaps the truth all right babes that is basically it for
this video I hope you guys enjoyed my fat Lennox haul and kind of an overall
chitchat about abs I have a boo-boo haul that’s coming out you guys a brand-new
one I have chien haul that’s coming as well what we can tell you guys and if
you guys have not checked out my wedding in a day make sure you guys check that
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so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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